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the best cheap tablets under $200 - cheap graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-05
the best cheap tablets under $200  -  cheap graphics tablet
You don't have to ruin the bank in order to buy yourself a new tablet.
There are a lot of budget options, and if you're willing to compromise, you can easily get one of the best cheap tablets today for less than $200.
Cheap tablets have grown rapidly in the past few years, and their prices have continued to decline as smartphones grow larger and enter the tablet market.
If you feel cash strapped now and have a limited budget, here are the best tablets you can get for $200 or less.
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See a list of the best tablets we can buy
To be frank, many of them are not much expensive.
Amazon Fire HD 8 ($80)
Julian Chokkattu/Digital trend is a very affordable tablet. The 8-
Inch display has a respectable 1280x800-
Pixel resolution, the board contains 16 gb or 32 gb of storage space for MicroSD cards, with stable battery life.
It is also equipped with Alexa for fast voice search and commands.
If you just want a tablet to read, play and watch videos, then this will do the job.
Our Fire HD 8 view is that you will get more out of it if you invest in Amazon's ecosystem, however, you are limited to Amazon's Appstore, it is understandable that this fact will disappoint some people.
Amazon does offer a cheaper Fire 7 tablet for $50, but if you can extend to HD 8, we strongly recommend that you do so because it offers a lot of small improvements, these improvements really increase when combined.
Fire HD 10 is also a bargain for $150 if you want something bigger.
Asus Zenpad S 8 ($180)
If you're buying a cheap Android tablet, you should definitely look at the well-received Zenpad S 8.
Asus has been one of the leading manufacturers of Android tablets since the beginning, and the specifications of this tablet are very good. You get a quad-
Intel Atom Z3530 processor core, 64-bit, clock frequency of 1.
3 GHz, 2 gb RAM and 32 gb storage with MicroSD card slots to add more.
It also has a 5-
Megapixel main camera and 2-Millions of pixels agofacing camera.
The best thing is, there's an 8-
An inch screen with a resolution of x 1536 pixels on 2048.
This tablet will serve you well if you want to play games and watch movies.
This is a stylish tablet that feels more expensive than the actual price.
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 ($130)
The reason this tablet stands out is because it has innovative rotating brackets on the side, which also allows you to make the impressive 8-
Megapixel camera.
The versatile stand will support your tablet in the landscape, but it also has a hook if you want to hang it. The 8-
Inch screen has 1280x800-
Pixel resolution, there is a 1.
Built-in 3 ghz Qualcomm processor with 2 gb of memory.
You can get 16 gb of internal storage, but there is a MicroSD card slot for expansion.
The large 6,200 battery gives you plenty of power and it runs Android 5. 1.
Because of that stand, it's a bit heavier than a tablet of the same size, but it's perfect for watching movies on it, and it also provides nice sound through double frontFor the speaker.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 ($128)
This is a portable tablet with good construction quality. it is cheap and provides a good combination of specifications.
As the name suggests, Samsung's cheap tablet has 7-inch display.
The resolution is 1280x800 pixels, so this is good for reading.
It has a decent four
Core processor internal belt 1.
5 gb of RAM, which is standard near this price point.
You only have 8 gb of storage, but there is room for a MicroSD card.
The battery life is very good.
It's unusual that Tab A 7 also has A decent 5-
Megapixel camera, and 2-Millions of pixels ago
Face the camera, so if the camera is important to you, it's a cheap tablet.
Huawei Mediapad T3 8 ($140)
This aluminum tablet comes with 8-
1280x800 monitor
Pixel resolution.
It has a Snapdragon 425 processor inside, 2 gb of RAM and 16 gb of internal storage. There’s a 5-
Megapixel master camera with 2-Millions of pixels agofacing camera.
The battery is a decent 4,800, running Android 7.
Huawei EMUI 5 0 nougat. 1 on top.
This is a good home tablet that supports the control of different users and parents.
And a 10-
The inch version of this tablet has the same specifications, not much. Lenovo Tab 4 10. 1 ($180)
10 tablets. 1-
An inch display below $200 can't be laughed.
The resolution is only 1280x800 pixels, but the two sides of the display are double front-
The top edge faces stereo speakers. There’s a 1. 4GHz quad-
The core processor, 2 gb of RAM, and 16 gb of internal storage space provide space for MicroSD cards.
Rated voltage of the main camera is 5-
Millions of pixels, and a 2-Millions of pixels agofacing camera.
On the journey, there is also a 7,000 battery up to 10 hours.
It runs Android 7.
1 Lenovo app out of the box.
To put it simply, this tablet is absolutely cost-effective.
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