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the best tablets of 2019 - best tablet with pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
the best tablets of 2019  -  best tablet with pen
The best tablet you can buy now is Apple's iPad Pro (11-inch).
This powerful device has a solid battery life, sports gorgeous, silky and smooth 11-
It features fashionable and modern design.
We have over 100 tablet reviews and digital trends are perfect for making judgments you can trust.
We tested tablets for several weeks and delved into their functions and limitations to find the essence of this crop.
While if you're already living in Apple's ecosystem, you'll get the most out of Apple's iPad collection, it's not a prerequisite for iPad ownership.
If the iPad Pro doesn't match your needs well, there are other powerful options in this range, but there are also some innovative options for running Android and Windows.
We have a good budget, too-
Conscious, for the sake of the child.
These are the best tablets you can buy now.
Why are you buying this?
The IPad Pro is a stylish, productive product that is good at everything. Who’s it for?
Tablet enthusiasts, creatives and super users.
Why do we choose iPad Pro (11-inch):With slimmed-
Apple's redesigned iPad Pro is a beautiful device that can be packed on the biggest screen without being too clumsy.
The Home button disappeared and changed to Face ID. Apple's proprietary Lightning Port finally gave way to USB-
C, it provides you with more accessories and peripheral options.
While the internal components of both models are the same, the iPad Pro comes in two sizes, offering 11-inch or 12. 9-inch display.
Our choice is 11-
Inch model, the screen is enough to complete the task, but the tablet is not very difficult to handle. The 11-
The inch model packs 2388x1668 pixels and has benefited a lot from Apple's promotional technology, which raises the refresh rate to butter gradesmooth 120Hz.
If you need a lot of raw power, the iPad Pro is your tablet.
Apple's A12X bionic processor has eight cores and a neural engine for fast machine learning.
Whether you're editing images in Photoshop or directing the Army in Civilization VI, the results are unbeatable speed.
Storage has grown from 64 gb to 1 tb, but prices have risen sharply.
As with previous models, Apple recommends you get 10 hours of mixed use from charging, or get 9 hours of mixed use if you choose a model with a cellular connection.
Now, the Apple Pencil can be connected via a magnetic connection and can be charged wirelessly, but it will cost you an extra $130.
In addition, the price of the iPad Pro itself is also rising.
The price of the Smart Keyboard has also risen this year, $11-$180inch model.
In addition to the fact that iOS is expensive and limited for those looking for a desktop replacement, we are disappointed that Apple has removed the headphone jack.
But even with all this in mind, the aesthetics, original features and long term features of the iPad Pro
Long-lasting battery life gives it a place in the high-Pantheon
Performance film.
There's almost nothing to do with this tablet and you can't find anything better at all.
Why are you buying this?
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the closest Android tablet to copying the iPad Pro, with an absolutely gorgeous display. Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants Android
A replacement for the IPad.
Why do we choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Despite some strange design flaws, the Galaxy Tab S4 is the best Android tablet at the moment with an absolutely gorgeous display.
No tablet screen in the world can match the 10 of s4. 5-
Inch Super AMOLED.
It also supports HDR content (
Companies like Netflix and YouTube are now growing).
Even check non
HDR content on S4 2560x1600-
Pixel display is definitely a pleasure.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor (
Chips that support popular flagship smartphones like Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8
Although it is relatively old, it works well, and 4 gb of RAM is enough to keep the tablet humming happily.
It is equipped with 64 gb or 256 GB of internal storage, but it can be extended with a MicroSD card if you want to download a lot of things.
The four speakers of the tablet are very loud with cameras in front and backthe rear-facing, 13-
The Pixel camera is able to record 4 k video at 30 frames per second while 8-
For selfies and video chats, the megapixel front camera is good enough.
Samsung paired its custom experience interface with Android 8 Oreo, and it works like a charm. Split-
The screen function is better than ever and there are a lot of simple tricks to learn over time.
Although the tablet won't let you remove some bloat software, the software here is usually very good.
There is also Samsung's DeX interface, which gives you a desktop feel when you connect to the keyboard dock, which works best if you add a Bluetooth mouse. Although it does have some strange quirks.
The 7,300 mAh battery makes it easy for you to spend a busy day and longer, and can be charged in less than two hours.
The included S-Pen stylus interacts smoothly with the screen of the tablet, with the attention of candidates and artists.
The downside here is that the price is too high
If you're primarily looking for a laptop experience, then Samsung's Chromebook Pro or Microsoft's Surface Go is both cheaper and probably more for you.
Tag S4 is a great choice if you are working on Android devices.
This is a solid step forward from Tab S3, but this high price may stop you.
Why do we buy this for our Samsung Galaxy Tab s4 review?
The IPad Mini is a perfect combination of power and portability.
You can take it anywhere and read or watch the show easily. Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants a smaller tablet.
Why did we choose the iPad Mini 5: Apple took a long time to update the smallest iPad, the iPad Mini 5 is on the surface the same as its predecessor, but there are some important changes inside.
In this tablet, you'll find the powerful A12 bionic processor that makes performance as smooth as silk, whether you're playing games, editing photos or sketching. The 7. 9-
Reading the inch display is a pleasure that Apple has made for the first
Apple Pencil generation
It's also good for watching movies or playing games, though you may want headphones.
The battery life is stable and the charging interval is 10 hours.
There's another 8-
Main camera and 7 pixelsMillions of pixels agofacing camera.
The main reason for choosing the iPad Mini 5 is portability.
If you want an iPad and need something smaller in size, that's it.
Unfortunately, the design is a bit out of date now.
Expensive too-
Even more expensive than the 2018 iPad.
But if the iPad Mini is the small tablet you want, you can't beat it.
Our full iPad Mini month reviewJulian Chokkattu/digital trenddswhy should you buy this one?
The IPad has a vibrant display, silky
Stable performance, long battery life, affordable price. Who’s it for?
Everyone who wants a tablet
Why do we choose the Apple iPad (2018)
: The IPad has dominated the tablet field for many years, while the sixth
Generation iPad (2018)
Is the climax of all Apple experience.
There is nothing fancy here.
If you want to innovate, keep looking.
It's a solid, accessible all
Around devices that offer a very good tablet experience at a reasonable price.
It replaced the iPad of the previous year, adding support for Apple Pencils (
Sold separately for $100)
Updated processor
It's the same in other ways. The bright 9. 7-
Inch display is the perfect choice for watching videos.
Although the thick baffle looks outdated, Apple's usual high standards shine with light in terms of building quality and feel slim and light.
There is an Apple embedded processor in it, with a built-in M10 co-
The processor and 2 gb of RAM, but what you really need to know is that it runs smoothly.
Whether you skip in and out of the app, browse the Web, watch movies, or play the latest game, the iPad offers lag-
Free performance.
If you have to take a picture with a tablet, there is a great 8-
A megapixel rear camera with f/2.
4 aperture, fast speed, able to capture a large number of details. The1. 2-
The Million pixel selfie camera has f/2.
2 Aperture, enough for FaceTime of 720 p, but few others.
Excellent battery life.
You can expect to play more than 10 hours of HD video from a single charge and on Wi-
Fi, you may reasonably expect a week between two charges.
If you are looking for weakness then we will guide you to the bottom of the singlefiring speaker.
On top of that, there are no obvious flaws here, and we think this is the best tablet you can get without spending more money.
Our complete Apple iPad (2018)
Why are you buying this?
May 8 Fire HD is too Amazon
For some users and Alexa enthusiasts, its ease of use is very good. Who’s it for?
Amazon enthusiasts with budget.
Why do we choose Fire HD 8: Amazon's Fire HD 8 (2018)
Last year's update to HD 8 didn't bring much new to the desktop. The front-
Jumped from 0 to the camera.
3 pixels to 2 pixels, and hands-
Alexanow is supported for free, but this tablet is cheap and worth mentioning.
1280x800 LCD screen-
The pixel resolution is far from the largest and the viewing angle is not very large, but it is enough to watch movies and continue reading.
The fact is that compromise is inevitable to reach this price.
Fire HD all-
The plastic body is colorful and durable.
You can also find Dolby Atmosphere-optimized stereo speakers in movies, TV shows, and Amazon's top music streaming services, which can deliver quite loud, clear sounds.
Alexa works fine on this tablet.
Ask questions about popular movies, nearby restaurants and weather and get visuals on the screen of Fire HD 8 (
Even if it's locked).
This is just the tip of the iceberg: Alexa on Fire HD can also control smart home devices, order pizza, call Uber, and perform many of the same tasks as Amazon's Echo speakers or Echo Show.
Battery life is also impressive.
A mix that lasts about 10 hours.
Including reading, gaming and streaming.
Fire OS software for Fire HD 8 is a custom version of Android and is not for everyone.
But people immersed in the Amazon ecosystem will thank you, a referral engine that puts videos, apps, games and movies from the retailer's library on your home screen.
You can't find the perfect tablet for less than $100, but the Fire HD 8 is an impressive package.
Of course, the screen is not as clear or vibrant as we want, the hardware is struggling under heavy load, but there is no tablet that is better than this price.
Why are you buying this?
When it comes to parental control, the Fire HD 8 children's edition is second to none. Who’s it for?
Children who need supervision
Why did we choose the Fire HD 8 Children's Edition: The Fire 8 HD children's edition updated by Amazon (2018)makes its long-
The child's running route
Friendly tablets are better, though the lack of strong competition in this area is disappointing. An 8-
1280x800 pixel inch screen-
The resolution provides bright and bright colors, with a thick rubber sleeve around the frame mat of the tablet to prevent accidental drop.
The 32 gb internal storage space of the tablet provides enough space for a large number of books, games and other media, and if used up, there is also a MicroSD card slot that can be extended.
When it comes to parental control, the Fire HD 8 children's edition is second to none.
Its Fire OS software is a custom version of Android that allows you to manage usage restrictions, set educational goals and limit access to age
Inappropriate content
The parent dashboard also provides insight into what your child does on a tablet and encourages interaction with discussion issues related to the books your child is reading.
The Fire HD 8 children's edition also includes a fee-
Free time to access Amazon for free, a library with more than 15,000 children --
Appropriate games, apps, educational content, books and videos for PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and others.
Every purchase has two support from Amazon. year, no-questions-
Ask about the replacement policy: Amazon will replace if Fire HD 8 is broken.
In short, there is no better tablet for young children who still need parental supervision.
If you want to buy something bigger for your child, there is also a $150 Fire HD 10 kids meal.
Our all Fire HD army Kids Edition reviewWhy should you buy this one?
We don't like Windows 10 as a pure tablet, but the Surface is a very good laptop replacement that puts touch first. Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants a Windows tablet as a laptop.
Why do we choose Surface Pro 6: the original Surface Pro is defective, but it has a big impact on the market.
Since then, Microsoft has improved the design, and the Surface Pro 6 is as close as possible to a hybrid that is as effective as tablets and laptops. It is the 2-in-1 to beat.
You have a gorgeous 12. 3-
The inch screen with a resolution of 2736x1824 pixels is well designed and the internal specifications range from basic specifications to lightning-like quick selection.
So far, it's the most configurable device in our list. The pixel-
The crowded display and loud speakers made us happy to watch a movie on it, but we found it far behind the iPad Pro in terms of gaming.
Microsoft has improved battery life, which has been a problem in past models, so you can expect a full day of mixed use before you need to plug in.
The Type Cover and Surface Pen are excellent accessories, combined with the full version of Windows 10, which is a great choice for creative professionals, students and everyone in.
This is truly portable productivity.
The downside is that Windows 10 tablet mode still needs to work and Surface Pro 6 can be eyes-
It's too expensive if you choose the topend specs.
Still, this is our favorite 2-in-1 PC.
Why should you buy this?
The IPad Pro is powerful and has a huge screen. Who’s it for?
Gamers, creatives and super users.
Why do we choose iPad Pro (12. 9-inch)
: This is the largest and most powerful tablet in the world. it is very suitable for various purposes.
IPad Pro is not only (12. 9-inch)
This is the best game tablet and the best painting tablet.
Apple's redesign is all about packaging in the biggest screen real estate without letting the iPad Pro be too big to manage.
The bezel is thin and the home button has been replaced by the Face ID.
Apple also uses a USB interface.
C, this gives you more options in terms of accessories and peripherals.
With the largest and best screen, 2732x2048-
The pixel resolution of this tablet and the promotion technology of Apple are very smooth, and the refresh speed is as high as 120Hz, which is very suitable for the game.
Apple's A12X bionic chip has eight cores and a neural engine for fast machine learning, and its processing power is not lacking.
Whether you're directing the Army in Civilization VI or editing images in Photoshop, there's nothing faster than that.
IPad Pro can cope with any game or drawing app you throw on it.
Storage starts at 64 gb up to 1 tb, but you have to pay a lot for the bulk.
MicroSD cards are not supported, although the iPad Pro does have USB-
Port C, most external storage options don't work now-
Hopefully this will change.
Apple believes that if you choose a model with a cellular connection, you will get 10 hours of mixed use from full charging, or 9 hours.
The Apple Pencil is charged wirelessly with a magnetic connection, with an additional $130.
12 smart keyboard. 9-
The inch model is $200.
This is expensive, especially if you need a lot of storage and there is no headphone jack, but the iPad Pro (12. 9-inch)
If you want a powerful gaming tablet or a great tablet to draw and sketch, this is still the best option for you.
The tablets we test are our daily drivers, so we use them extensively to do their job.
This means watching movies, playing games, testing a lot of apps, reading, processing them, and even taking pictures and taking videos with them (
It's impossible to do it without looking stupid).
We love the new, innovative features, but we can also appreciate the classic design that has been done well.
In the end, we look for tablets that can meet the needs of most people, so their ability to serve entertainment is crucial.
Which operating system is best for you?
If you are most concerned about entertainment and you may use a lot of apps and games, then we recommend Apple's iOS as the best platform.
There are a number of exquisite apps specially made for the iPad, with access to all of the top subscription services and a wide range of content stores.
It is also smooth and accessible, so anyone can master it quickly.
There are more free apps and games to choose from for Android, and although they are often less polished, this can be a trade-off you will accept.
The fork version of the manufacturer UIs or Amazon platform makes things a bit complicated.
They can delay the Android update to make the user experience completely different.
For example, Amazon's tablet runs an Android version called Fire OS that initially only has access to a limited subset of apps and games in the Amazon Appstore, not the full list you will find in Google Play Store.
If you like the idea of accessing the same app on your Windows PC and you want a commercial device that seamlessly connects to Microsoft services, then a tablet running Windows 10 will be tempting.
It's powerful, but getting decent hardware is also relatively expensive to get a good user experience.
If you are not a business user or do not need to run Windows-
Only apps, this can be excessive.
Can you print with a tablet?
Yes, you can indeed print with a tablet.
Check out our guide on how to print from your iPhone and how to print from your Android tablet for all the details you need.
Can you call on your tablet?
Yes, you can make a phone call on your tablet, but you need to connect to the Internet.
You can connect to Wi-
Fi, each tablet is free to use, or, if you need to call when you're out, Wi-
Fi network, buy tablets that support mobile phones and provide space for SIM cards.
If you take the SIM card route, remember that you also have to sign up for some sort of service plan.
Some operators offer special plans for tablets.
You can use FaceTime on your iPad, but there are plenty of nice alternative video chat apps to use with your Android tablet or iPad.
Many of them also allow you to make audio calls.
However, the person you want to call usually has to have the same app.
Some apps, such as Skype, also allow you to call a fixed phone or mobile number, but you usually have to pay or subscribe every minute.
Google Voice is a great app to work on an Android tablet or ipad with free phone, SMS and voicemail numbers for you but it only works in USAS.
If you are interested in this option for the enterprise, then you can also consider one of the best VOIP (
Internet voice protocol)services.
Can you text on your tablet?
Yes, you can send text messages from your tablet.
If you have an iPad then you can use iMessage, although this only allows you to send messages to other iOS devices or Mac computers.
There are a lot of great SMS apps on Android or iOS.
You can also use Google Voice if you are in the USS.
Because it gives you a free number for phone calls and text messages.
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