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the bright future of digital referrals - smart interactive

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-05
the bright future of digital referrals  -  smart interactive
The online transmission of digital patient information can save time, reduce confusion, eliminate errors, and greatly improve the referral process.
As a dentist, you have a professional moral obligation to refer patients to an expert for diagnosis and treatment as needed.
In the past, the dentist was represented by a paper chart, scribbled a note on the card, and sometimes copied an x-
Ray told the patient to call the specialist.
Paperless recommendation does not start by browsing the recommended pad box to find the right pad, or by going to the dark room to copy the ray photos.
Start with visiting the expert's website;
Intelligent Interactive website.
When you log in as a recommended dentist, the system will recognize you and automatically know all the basic details of you and your office, such as address and phone number.
As a recommended dentist, you will be able to get an online appointment book showing the open appointment time for new patients in the coming weeks.
You can make an appointment for your patient immediately.
You can then fill in the referral information.
The first generation attempts to create a digital recommendation sheet, simply recreate the paper form in electronic format.
Information still needs to be filled out by the dentist (
Patient name, practice information, teeth, diagnosis, etc. )
Hand-operated with mouse and keyboard.
In addition to the second-generation digital recommendation sheet in paper, it also has intelligence and interactivity.
The dental software system will upload all the appropriate patient data from the paperless record.
This will include the minimum information that we now scribble on the note;
Patient name, teeth and treatment.
But that's not all.
With smart interactive referrals, you are not limited to a minimum.
The online digital referral system will upload all patient information such as address, employment, contact number and other information needed to create a new patient record.
The system will Upload insurance information for patients, including plan and group numbers, contacts and benefits.
The system will upload the health history of the patient and indicate the areas of concern.
In other words, all the information that the patient usually needs to spend time writing on the copy form on the old brown clip board is automatically sent before the patient arrives at the first appointment.
Instead of taking the time to type and click the information in the handwritten form into the computer chart, the data automatically fills the computer chart.
The speed of powerful data digital communication is very fast (
Almost instantly.
And very cheap.
One of the bigger benefits, however, is that digital communication allows us to transmit digital data, which is often not appreciated.
Now everything we do can change (
Photos, Ray photos, pocket photos and even impressions)
Digital data.
With the intelligent interactive recommendation system, you will upload photos, x-
Light and will.
These will be provided to the specialist before the patient arrives and they are of the same quality as the original (
Different from the traditional copy of the model or radiography)
They can be enhanced by diagnostic software.
Then, add in the details of the reference dentist and you will be prompted to fill in the details using the decision tree.
Decision tree is an interactive system that guides users to make new decisions through various choices based on previous answers.
For example, the system may ask, "Does the patient experience pain?
"If the answer is yes, a new set of different questions will be introduced.
Is the pain sustained?
"Is the pain mild, moderate or severe ? "" and so on.
If the answer to the first question is no, then the system jumps to a completely different symptom, "Is there any swelling ? "?
"Once you pass the decision tree, you will have a blank page where you type all the detailed notes you want.
At this point, the expert website can launch a popular music
A window to introduce new programs or technologies.
Dentists can ignore it or learn more about the process through links.
This can lead to diagnostic criteria, photos, testimonials, and even an opportunity to sign up for an upcoming CE course.
When you submit a referral, the specialist will confirm receipt, confirm the appointment and contact the patient.
Experts will also add your new references to your account, pointing out that you are a "golden elite" customer.
This will prompt you to enjoy all kinds of special treatment, benefits and food.
The hidden cost of paper usually adopts the attitude of paper chart and paper communication (
Like lab and recommendation sheet)
They don't spend any money.
The fact is, however, that these systems are not that big, and the actual costs can be large.
But we often don't see it because it's hidden in the process of doing business.
A typical dentist will spend five and a half months in his or her career filling out Laboratory certificates.
This is more than five months of your career, doing the same tedious task over and over again.
If you take into account your professional time, the cost of money to fill in the lab certificate is an amazing $264,000.
What is worse is the whole reality;
These figures are for laboratory use only.
What about other professional exchanges?
Recommendation to experts and others;
The numbers may double.
Typical dentists not only spend too much time and money on paperwork, but they usually do poorly.
Most lab prescriptions and referrals are scribbled notes with little communication.
Digital records are records of KeyOnline Digital Labs, and digital referrals will reduce the time and cost of filling out forms and provide better quality communications.
However, all of this is possible only when the dentist starts collecting digital data.
For example, if a health history or lifecycle proof is not created and stored in digital format as part of an electronic record, but must be copied, entered or scanned before uploading, in this way, there will be no savings in time and money.
The common problem of online digital communication is privacy and security.
Just as you are obligated to recommend as a dentist, you also have a professional and legal and moral obligation to protect patient information.
Interactive websites using secure login are one of the most secure means of electronic communication.
It is much more private and secure than simply sending information in an emailmail.
After all, if banks and brokers can safely use similar Web systems for sensitive financial information, we can use them for protected medical information.
In the past, handwritten referrals and laboratory certificates were OK.
The future, however, is digital.
The future is coming and it will be amazing!
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