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by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-29
the doc answers your questions | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e36e2bb5333 bur  -  what is a smart board
The doctor answered your questions like getting a visa for a cruise to China, getting tickets to an NBA game in the US, and exploring the Santiago region of Chile.
My husband and I booked 6-
On February, our last two days in Santiago, Chile, were a week-long tour of South America.
Can you recommend any Must?
Check out the location of San Diego, is the surrounding wine area or Lake area a more relaxing way to end our holiday? -
Doctor: The Doctor visited Santiago this year and can report that the capital of Chile and the surrounding countryside are worth visiting, especially now Qantas (qantas. com)
Fly between Sydney and San Diego
While the nearby wine country, including the Casablanca and San Antonio Valley, and the lake area, is a pleasant place after such a long tour of South America, you may find that San Diego has enough time to entertain you for two days.
I would recommend the Aubrie hotel if you decide to stay in San Diego (theaubrey. com)
A smart Australian.
A boutique hotel in the lively belavista.
The neighborhood is said to be close to the Argentine capital, Santiago, where there are many bars and restaurants.
The hotel has a great swimming pool next to the cable car to Parque Metropolitano with spectacular views of the often smoky capital.
Another good place to stay is Noi Hotel (www. noivitacura. cl/en)
The hotel's rooftop bar and pool are stunning, overlooking the Andes, and are located in the trendy vitakura district.
If you want to have a fun lunch, you can go to Mercado Central Market, which is a little sightseeing but very enjoyable. There are many seafood restaurants there.
Not far from the impressive Armas square, founded in 1541, this is a great place to explore on sunny days.
This spacious and colorful square is lined with beautiful old buildings such as the central post office and the Metropolitan Cathedral.
I can recommend the San Diego adventure if you would like a day trip from the capital (
San Diego adventure. com), a US-
Private Travel Company.
It's not cheap to travel, but they are skilled in running and informative.
There are usually no wine cellars in Chile.
Door-to-door tasting like Australia, so you may need to make an appointment, which will be arranged in advance by a good tour operator.
More information on what to do in the heart of Santiago and Chile. travel/en.
Official travel website in Chile html. --------
My wife and I are traveling to Europe next month.
At the end of the trip, we will spend 10 days in Avignon, France.
We will then travel to Barcelona, Spain for three days before we fly home to London.
What is the best way to travel from Avignon to Barcelona? Very expensive, trains need to be changed at least once.
I heard that the coach terminal is a bit dangerous for tourists. --
DOC: for transport in Europe, I always recommend trains instead of planes, and of course prefer buses because there are such excellent, efficient and relatively easy trains on the continent --to-
Booking the rail network.
The good thing about it is being able to sit down and enjoy the passing countryside which you have not experienced on the plane.
The train journey between Avignon and Barcelona takes 1/2 hours.
If you are flying, you may take a long time to get to the airport and may need a transfer, taking into account the distance between the airport and the city center.
In Europe, the train takes you to the center of the city to make you feel comfortable.
Portbou in Spain needs to be changed.
You will have about 15 minutes to board the connection service to Barcelona, but if you are organized and have time to remove your luggage from the rack, ready to remove it, this should notboard.
It should not be difficult for you to find the right platform, but someone will definitely speak English if you find it.
There are also carts for luggage at many stations.
You can book your seat online through the European Railway (raileurope. com. au)and Rail Plus (railplus. com. au).
At European stations, especially in Barcelona, thieves and pickpockets will operate there and be careful with your valuables. ------
** We plan to travel to the southwest corner of the United States with our three teenage boys.
The school means that we are limited to January.
The best thing for boys is an NBA basketball game.
Can you tell me the most reliable way to buy tickets? -
Doctor: It is a good idea to participate in sports events in another country, because it is the perfect way to communicate with the locals.
Best author, Mark Sean.
The guide says it is better to avoid scalpers soliciting sales outside the venue, which is illegal in the official view.
Instead, Sheehan recommends visiting StubHub (stubhub. com)
Before you leave Australia, because the demand for tickets for NBA games is usually high. The easy-to-
Use the website to list each NBA team and charge a small fee for each transaction, but it is worth it for convenience.
"I used to use StubHub a lot and nailed a lot of seats on the ones that had to be used --
I'm very happy, "said Shane.
"When you go to the StubHub website and see which seats are available, then you can go to a specific event venue and check the location of each seat.
"If you can't secure a seat in the NBA, StubHub will also sell tickets to other American basketball leagues. ------
We're heading south.
The East Asian cruise that will end in Beijing next year, we will stay there for a few more days.
We know that cruise lines receive a package of visas for all passengers in each country they visit.
In those days in China, we have not yet found out if the package of visas covers us.
We tried to contact the consulate, but it was hard to get through. --
CruiseGuru, the cruise website, said that each cruise company's policy on a package of visas is slightly differentcruiseguru. com. au)
Without knowing the cruise line and itinerary, it is difficult to give a clear answer.
However, a package of visas organized by the cruise company is usually only available for shore excursions during the cruise.
It is best to suggest that you arrange a visa separately for Beijing, because China's visa regulations are strict and may change.
I will stick to the Chinese embassy or consulate.
You can find information about Chinese visa online in au and download the form. china-embassy. org/eng/ls.
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