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the emotional map of our bodies - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-09
the emotional map of our bodies  -  drawing pad
Recently, there was some blockage in the back of my neck.
When I had the pleasure of attending a master class with Rama Berch, the creator of svaropa yoga, I noticed this most clearly, a more passive form of yoga therapy.
When I lay on my back and my legs were on a pile of yoga blankets, my sinus was stuffed.
Two relaxation points on my head/neck start to beat. I hurt!
After class, I approached the lovely teacher (
By the way, who is a beautiful healing being)
Ask her about this neck/sinus.
She smiled gently and told me, "it's not new.
You just realized that.
"I have been teaching now (and preaching)
For more than 10 years, so have my yoga students.
This is really not new information. Except….
In a way, I'm not ready to actually hear it in my body.
I took this message to my yoga mat through asana and brought it to my meditation space through breath adjustment.
I went to cranio.
After that, I had a massage and had a bad cold.
Then I began to silence, waiting for the feeling behind my feelings.
At least at the beginning I tried not to name it.
I decided to feel it and really feel it-physical, spiritual, emotional, spiritual.
When I was sitting around my neck, I was overwhelmed by the effects of congestion.
First taste in my mouth
Metal, salty, old
Then the word-
"Hold on to something" and "hold on to it" so that I don't "burn out ".
I treat each phrase as a spell and notice the effect these words have on my being.
"Lifting things" seems to be begging for the support of my feet, a feeling of resentment swam over me, which led to anger, narrowed eyes, and anger at the fingertips.
"Hold it together" behind my heart, tears, tears and great pain between my shoulder blades.
"Hold on so I don't fall", which makes my neck stiff like a metal stick, and then the metal smell in my mouth and the huge fear, there is a feeling of separation between my body and my head.
In the end, "exhaustion" brings numbness as if I can't make myself feel this feeling, because in the depths of my heart, in my tired body, my family model means giving up, so the simplest solution (
Spiritual contract)
It seems to be a circle, back to "cheer yourself up ". What a cycle!
, All within minutes of scanning the congestion at the back of my sinus and neck.
This is the deeper work of yoga, the truth of our body story, before me if I wish.
©The sense of honesty in the experience of Martha T. Metzger 2007The helped me breathe deeper, sighing those caves that have long wanted to be heard.
They waited a long time.
It looks simple-
Scan the body for plaster, tightness, limited movement and fatigue.
We all want to relieve stress, don't we?
But what if we go deeper and go beyond the body scan into the life scan?
How can I support myself in this world?
Why am I so tired?
What is the message that tears flow from behind my shoulder?
There, the true truth is there, the place of feeling, the place of life.
When a yoga student first walked into my class, I asked what they wanted from their yoga practice.
Some people say they want to relieve stress, be more flexible, or be stronger.
Some people just want to take a break from their children and buy time for themselves.
Now we're making progress.
What we want on the yoga mat is what we want in life, isn't it?
Yoga is a way to get there. So is a body-
A treatment centered on the art of expression.
Body-centered expression therapy is a tool that not only reduces stress in our lives, but also allows us to know ourselves better and let go of the parts we hide in our bodies, we are not allowed to live completely.
Our bodies hold every truth that we have or will experience.
When we are children, the contracts we make on an unconscious level lead to traumatic events in which our bodies respond in some way, even a word or a phrase says innocent enough, changed our lives.
It's all in our bodies. .
Somehow, the cells of our bodies have found a way to return to their steady state, regardless of the cost.
The cost is very expensive for some of us. Migraines. Heart disease. Diabetes. , Cancer.
I am not saying that there is no obvious inheritance and environment, and even life choices can affect these diseases. There are.
These diseases may lurk for many years in unconscious places.
We have been told that diseases, even small physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, may be at the root of certain beliefs.
Yes, intention has a lot to do with the people and the way we are around these beliefs (
Maybe change or "expel" some of them).
It must be great.
In my opinion, all these great tools are not enough to help us really heal ourselves.
The reason is simple. if we don't feel our body, there is no certainty that the world will change us.
Like I said, the body is always telling the truth.
When I was a child, I had many years of dialysis due to side effects of bone cancer.
Believe me, I have been exploring for a long time.
I remember a friend telling me that I need to say something certain before I go to dialysis, such as "I'm calm" or "everything is fine in my world ".
Or "grateful for another day in my life" but I didn't live the life I wanted.
I'm still alive, just hoping that one day I can really live the life I want to live.
It feels great to say these words, but I'm really scared every time I get into a dialysis clinic.
To avoid the full impact of my fears, my solution is to "cheer up so I don't fall down ".
My body won't buy these affirmations at all! ! ! !
But she was totally open to the mantra I repeated around my neck.
First of all, I need to look at the truth behind my body message, which is unwilling to believe in affirmation.
When I got there I really admitted the real experience and then I could find the real freedom.
©The embodiment of a feeling of Martha T. Metzger 2007 can be terrible.
It can lead to a sense of death, or where we have died.
When we are in the influence of feeling and feeling, we need great support.
Anger is a good example.
Many people live an angry life, either passing anger inward or outward in words, or even imposing violence on themselves or others.
We saw this in sick, obese, anorexia, armed teenagers. With a body-
The treatment-centered approach, we want to feel the fullness of anger without hurting anyone, including ourselves.
We do this by embodying anger in motion, on pillows, not on people, in painting, in conversation, in sitting, in breathing, in simple feelings
We express our anger and testify to it.
The witness is the body-
Center therapist, yoga therapist, a trusted friend, someone who can stand with you and say "I saw your anger. I see you. I hear you.
"That's what we really want-recognition of existence. ALIVE. Body-
The central approach to treatment contains all of the above tools-
Plus writing, energy therapy, essential oils (
Bypassing intellectual thinking)
Animal and spiritual allies, ancestors, sacred moments, sacred, a feeling in our bodies, tears.
Performing arts such as painting, writing, dancing, moving can help us tap into a lot of what we have to say in our bodies.
Only when the body is still saying something else can talk therapy develop so far.
Look at an unknown film director who will always be in analysis! Body-
There are five levels to be considered for the treatment centered on the table.
The first layer is the character layer, in which we show how we think we should behave in life.
The "black horse" of this family is an example.
The next floor is the absolute level where we can experience life.
An example may include any form of addiction.
The next step is the layer of death, in which we separate ourselves, and in order not to experience despair, we may return to the stalemate and the role.
After death, however, is the layer of life, we come from a real feeling and a real self.
The last is the pure spiritual layer, we live from our divine essence.
We always go in and out of these layers, but there are some common threads or themes in our lives that may prevent us from entering the layers of life. The body-
The central approach allows the support of the Life layer to occur.
You can try some body if you have the ability
Sit comfortably on the floor or lie down.
Take some deep breath.
Start to feel your body and notice what's going on, do it now if you can, and don't tag anything. Feel.
If an emotion appears, it may be possible to maintain it for the time being to see if there is a physical connection.
If there's something different in your body
Like pain, or pain, or even numbness, just pay attention.
Now, focus your attention on the most prominent information, such as your right knee.
Start feeling deeper in that knee.
Note if there are any emotions or words/phrases that appear. Feel these.
For example, perhaps the connection to your knee is "feeling separate from my thigh ".
Explore the phrase.
Pay attention to the feeling of speaking out.
Try to say it a few times out loud.
See If sports are starting.
It may be the way you sit or lie down, it may be the gestures you make with your hands, or it may be the way you hold your shoulders.
If you don't sit up, sit up and really reflect this sentence.
Began to say "I feel separated from my thigh ".
Please note the impact of this statement.
©Martha T. Metzger 2007 or maybe come up with a drawing board and draw an image of that sentence (or your knee).
Once you draw a drawing, look at it, feel it, and write a statement or a new statement on the page.
Then write 4 statements according to the picture.
One is physical, one is emotional, one is spiritual, and the other is spiritual.
Then draw another picture based on what one of the statements may need.
For example, if the mental statement is "I can't seem to do a good job", maybe a new picture/statement might include a requirement, for example, "I need to know fall/fail" You can also do a word flow with your original statement as your starting point.
Write for a few minutes, not long.
Then circle three phrases that talk to you.
Say the statement out loud. Move them.
Embody them by adding "I" or "I" at the beginning of each sentence.
For example, if one of your phrases is "I don't remember", then rephrase the statement and say "I don't remember" as you move it ".
Feel the effect of this sentence on your body.
Then ask the need behind this statement.
A good way to meet the needs is to invite animal images in the process.
So if the animal that comes to mind is a squirrel, ask the squirrel what it might need. Take a break now.
Experience your life as an emotional body.
How do you feel?
What message did you receive?
If there is any answer or relief, can you get it for yourself?
Take some deep breath now.
Thank you to your body for always telling you the truth.
Sit quietly for a while. BE. BE YOU. ALIVE.
Mr. Martha T. Metzger, South
Ed Harvard, RYT 500 is a yoga teacher, mover, body-
Center expression therapist (
Graduated from Leven Institute of Sports Therapy)
A therapist living in a horse.
Her website is www. yogaom. com, www. colormeyoga. com and www. eashoayoga.
Com * Please note that if you are treated for mental illness or any type of addiction, or if you feel mentally or emotionally unstable, the above practice should not be done separately.
Please seek the support of licensed professionals.
©Martha T. Metzger 2007 learn about our body stories through yoga and body
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