the evolving art of pharma sales - best tablet for artists

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-27
the evolving art of pharma sales  -  best tablet for artists
Through Catherine De Lange's speech, you may feel relieved that you leave the doctor's surgery, prescription in your hand-after all, you should recover soon.
But have you stopped and asked why you were being opened for this particular product?
Of course, doctors will choose the medicine they think is best for the patient, but there is also the possibility that the drug sales representative will be involved.
The sales team is an important link between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, hospitals or primary care trust funds (PCTs)
People who use their products
In the past, the company hired a group of sales reps to prepare for the identification of doctors and to sell them quickly in the hope of obtaining additional prescriptions.
This model is changing now & colon;
With budget cuts from pharmaceutical companies, changes in state health services and the rise of digital media, pharmaceutical sales are moving in a new direction.
Phil Woodhead of London said: "Over the past three years, pharmaceutical companies have been looking for ways to reduce costs, become more streamlined and more efficient organizations . "
Recruitment agency based in Hays Pharma.
Sales are the first batch.
As a result, this approach has changed from a large number of sales reps to a large-scale promotion of the product to a long-term accumulation of people with less and more knowledge
Establish long-term relationships with customers with the goal of becoming a more trusted partner.
Although this means less entry.
Now, this is not all bad news.
The New Scientist spoke to people in the industry and unanimously conveyed the message that the changes contributed to more exciting work.
"It's completely different from the past," said Karen Fox, GSK's integrated health care manager. GSK)in Manchester.
"It's more challenging and rewarding.
"When I first started, you could see how many people left messages for them.
"You gave them a free Stapler and a pen and took them out for lunch," Fox said . ". “We had a one-size-fits-
All the information, so we never hear the needs of the people we see.
"These days, as the industry body, the British Pharmaceutical Industry Association, has put forward stricter guidelines, dining and dining at upscale restaurants has ended.
All fees must now be accounted for and there is a limit on the number of unsolicited calls that can be made within a year.
So the sales team now spends a lot of time trying to understand the specific needs of the GPs or commissioned trust companies they are working with so that they can provide customized solutions that support them, and eventually more explosions for their money.
It's not just a personal representative, but a team that can visit people who are familiar with the various problems facing health services, such as health economics, budget and customer attention.
For example, when a PCT is working to assess the patient experience of a new service, Fox calls for GSK expertise.
"We have a close connection with marketing research firm Ipsos MORI, an expert in assessing the patient experience, so I had a meeting.
It's about providing advice and expertise that we really add value as a company.
As a result, in the past four years, GSK has reduced its sales team by 30 percentage points while hiring twice as many people to hold such professional positions.
Darren Spevick, business director at RSA lifescience, said this new dynamic between salespeople and healthcare providers is more valuable from an intellectual and business perspective, headquartered in Hatfield, Hartford County, a professional pharmaceutical recruitment consulting company.
"You try to make your customers unhappy;
You understand them better, so you have more interesting conversations with them.
As a partner of the NHS, pharmaceutical companies are trying to do more and I think people are enjoying this challenge and the complexity that comes with it.
"In addition to the love of sales and the ability to manufacture sales, you need a range of skills to thrive in this environment, rosana Gray, head of global product strategy and commercialisation, human resources at Novartis Pharma, based in Basel, Switzerland, said.
To meet the needs of your customers, you must be able to balance ethical, economic and legal requirements in order to make business decisions that are beneficial to both sides, she said.
Emma Jarvis of London said that in an era in which doctors and patients can access healthcare and product information with a mouse click, a new generation of sales reps also need to be proficient in digital technology
EBee, a digital medical institution.
In order to influence their thinking in the field of treatment, the sales manager needs to ensure thatto-
Date information about their products can be found online.
The tools used by sales reps have also been upgraded, and many sales reps wave tablets or iPads as they interact with customers, not traditional brochures.
These can contain unlimited information, which can be called no matter who is in a meeting.
Jarvis said they also made the work more enjoyable.
"Many of the delegates we talked to felt more comfortable showing doctors digital assets-they didn't feel like they were" selling ", more like they were in the role of a consultant ".
In addition, doctors seem to have responded more positively to the information provided.
As the NHS is facing increasing pressure and new trial operation mode, GPs controls the wallet and pharmaceutical companies have to continue to add value to their relationship with the health care specialist, sales in the pharmaceutical industry will inevitably continue to develop.
However, one of the benefits of the job remains unchanged & Cologne;
Satisfaction from selling things that help people.
As Chris Harris, sales representative for rheumatism and immune diseases, said & colon;
"When you hear feedback from a clinician that the drug has changed the life of my patients, it's not just a sales job.
You think & Cologne;
I am changing.
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