the flexible phone you can wrap around your wrist: chinese firm to take on apple with radical handse

the flexible phone you can wrap around your wrist: chinese firm to take on apple with radical handset - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-13
the flexible phone you can wrap around your wrist: chinese firm to take on apple with radical handset  -  smart
Your next smartphone can be worn on your wrist.
China's mobile phone maker Nubian has released a prototype device for some smartwatches and some smartphones.
The creator of the Nubia Alpha smartphone called it "the world's most advanced wearable smartphone ".
"Scroll down the video gadget and try to make sci-
Fi dreams of the screen becoming a reality around the user's wrist.
Nubia Alpha, unveiled at the IFA 2018 conference in Berlin, uses the company's proprietary "flex" screen, a large organic LED panel.
The screen is located inside a plastic case and a metal wristband with a traditional watch link.
Engadgetnoted pointed out that it runs on the Android operating system and users can use all the basic functions of the smartphone anytime and anywhere.
So far, it has basic functions such as the ability to make or answer calls due to a 4g network connection.
It also tracks health data, such as your steps, which can be used to control music, pay for purchases, and also has the "Find My Phone" feature if you put your iPhone in the wrong place.
The Nubia Alpha also has a car-mounted camera that can take selfies or use for video calls.
Although the surface of the watch is somewhat bulky, the user reports that the device is still light and not too heavy when worn on the wrist.
Although the Nubia Alpha is gorgeous on IFA, ZTE's derivatives have not released any details about the specifications of the device.
It's not yet known what the resolution of the screen is, what kind of processor it uses, and its memory and battery life.
The company says these things may change in the coming weeks as Nubia Alpha accelerates.
In addition, according to the company, the equipment is still in the early stages of development.
Still, its goal is to prepare for the launch of Alpha in China by the end of this year.
It can also be ready for global release by the end of 2018.
Nubia points out that the price of Alpha may be the same as the price of smartphones on the current market, so in other words, it could be up to $1,000.
This could be a detractor for some consumers, because without each developer formatting their app for Alpha's slim display, the device is currently unable to run the Android app.
Samsung and other smartphone makers have been making fun of foldable phones.
This week, Samsung said its foldable smartphone will be available as early as November.
If Samsung does release a foldable phone, the event could be an indicator of whether consumers are in line with the trend of flexible screens and devices such as Nubia Alpha.
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