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the flipped classroom comes to s’pore - smart electronic whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-18
the flipped classroom comes to s’pore  -  smart electronic whiteboard
Nanyang University of Technology (NTU)
A new learning center, Hive, has been officially launched to support the "flipped classroom" teaching approach. The S$45mil (RM136mil)
Hub is at the heart of this unconventional learning model, which reverses traditional teaching methods by providing teaching outside the classroom (often online.
It sets aside classroom time for deeper learning activities such as discussion.
First of all, the university's goal is to convert at least 150 undergraduate courses in this academic year, beginning in August, using new pedagogy, of which the third course has been completed.
Using this new teaching method, about 1,500 courses will be converted within five years.
Nanda will spend about 75mil (RM228mil)
Implement this new learning method.
Acting Minister of Education Ye Gong (
Higher Education and Skills)
The opening ceremony of the hive was hosted last week.
He visited the area of the South University campus and used the team to visit one of the classes
Pedagogy based on learning
In this form, students in groups of five or six discuss questions and answer them as a team.
The hive is accessible 24 hours a day and consists of 12 towers, each of which is 8 stories high.
It breaks the traditional layout of the classroom.
The center's 56 "smart" classrooms are equipped with flexible cluster seats, electronic whiteboards and multiple LCD screens.
In the past three years, Nanda has transformed most of the tutoring rooms into such classrooms.
The second learning center with more smart classrooms is under construction and will be completed by 2017.
Andson, president of Nanda, said the building will become a hot spot for students in various disciplines.
"The Hive will reshape the learning experience and create a unique social space for students in all disciplines," he said . ". —
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