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the forwards - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
the forwards  -  a smart board
Last season, the average flyer was 3.
04 goals per game.
They are ranked 12 in this category.
This year, flyers are likely to be closer to the top.
In December of last season, the top trio formed (
With the replacement of Konecny, in order to spread wealth more).
They stayed together until the later part of the regular season and re-reunited in the late part of the 2018 preseason.
Although Jilu may have worked hard
Forced to replicate his career
He scored 34 goals and the best output of 102 points last season, and the flight captain is still one of the top offensive catalysts for the NHL.
Last season's move to the left was obviously good for him and extended the golden period of his career.
The first one-
Last season's Selk Cup final is still one of the top two in the NHL. way centers.
For the first time in his career, he played an expanded offensive role, and kuturier also scored 31 goals and a career high of 76 points.
Although he only played one pre-season because of an off-season knee injury, kuturier seems ready for another strong season. The 21-year-
Old Konecny turned 24
He scored in his second NHL game last season.
Although he still has a lot of room for improvement in discipline and two aspects.
There is no doubt that koncy often makes good things happen on flyers.
He played a "little big man" game in his aggressive style and often approached his opponent with his constant Twitter.
In many ways, the continued emergence of World War II
The annual career is one of the biggest keys to the next level of flying attacks.
After a full offseason, he is in good health and hopes to build a strong foundation in the second half of the rookie season.
He has played a responsible two.
It just touched the surface of his attack.
Patrick's preseason was not great, but was on the verge of a breakthrough several times.
He appears more confident in practice. The 20-year-
Old Patrick is a pre-season choice for the NHL Network as the "Annual Breakthrough candidate" for the 2018 season"19 season.
It is possible that Patrick will Center viniek and return again on the second line.
The three showed chemistry in training camp and several pre-season games, but did not fully click yet.
This should come in time if they are reunited.
Later in the preseason, along with Patrick and volachek, set foot on the left side.
They were the regular combination of last season.
Vassiek will be at 85-
Points season last year (
He scored 80 points for the second time in his NHL career).
Though it's more of an organizer than a goal. scorer, the 29-year-
Old warachek scored 20 goals for Flyers in five of the last six seasons.
JVR has gained a career
Last season scored 36 goals in Toronto Maple
He reached 30 for the second time in his career.
Target mark and fifth (
Including when I first went.
Transfer with Flyer)
He's 20-goal mark.
In his career, Van rimisski was over 60 twice. point mark.
In a couple of years in Toronto, Van rimetzdike became one of the top players in the NHL
In front or next to the net.
Even though neither he nor volachek will be a candidate for the SELK trophy for both of them.
All games in JVR
The game has improved over the years.
An AHL All-
As a rookie, the star player of the Lehe Valley Phantom team last season was bitten by a snake on the goal-
He was late most of the time in the scoring department.
Spend the NHL season with flyers.
However, he has more chances to score. -
Both on the shooting side and on the installation side--
Better than two of his goals and six points in 23 games. The 22-year-
Old Linde Bloom spent a great training camp here in September.
He is more confident, more confident, and faster into the "greasy" areas of many goals.
He has always been a reliable two.
Way player was the regular penalty killer for Phantom last year.
At some point, he may becomesituations (
Secondary drama, penalty killing)
Is also a player in NHL.
When it comes to strong training camps, 21-year-
The revelation of the old Russian center Mikhail Vorobyev at the camp. On a day-in and day-out and game-in and game-
Vorobyev played a responsible game without ice hockey and showed a confident and creative game where ice hockey was on his stick.
He took the lead in pre-season scoring and showed a particularly smooth passing skill.
Last season, as an AHL rookie with Phantom, Vorobyev did well.
Horizontal ability on an inconsistent basis.
Injury is one of the factors, holding expectations in the North American game is another factor.
His English has improved significantly since last year, and he seems to have found something useful to him.
Now he has to keep a higher bet and a faster pace in the regular season.
Vorobyev is not an ultra-fast player but a smart player.
Veteran striker was plagued by multiple injuries last season, which apparently sometimes got in the way of his efficiency, but he struggled through 75 games and scored 24 goals, including one. A two-time 30-plus goal-scorer and two-time 60-
30-plus point getteryear-
Old Simmonds scored 24 to 32 goals each season, and in addition to stopping, he also made a flyer --shortened 2012-13 season.
He has also brought tough, tenacious predictions and locker room leaders over the years.
When necessary, Simmonds is playing
A sure "bad cop" to bookmark captain Jilu"
Full of "good police" leadership style.
But Symonds is also the first player to get help from his teammates, whether it's on the ice, defending him in the media, or on the ice.
In the final year of the contract, Simmonds will become a free agent next summer.
He vowed to make sure he or the team were not distracted by contract negotiations.
During the summer and training camp, he focused on recovering projects from off-site
Mid-season surgery
He has been playing a pelvic tearing line last season.
Simmonds returned to the field in the final game of the preseason and scored a goal.
Whether he will start the first season he is used to remains to be seen.
If van Riemsdyk will play this role when Simmonds is deployed in the second unit.
At the end of last season, Patrick took over the first one. unit net-
The role of a while ago.
Entering the regular season, the fourth line of the flyer will consist of Jori lehter and/or Jordan Weal.
It seems that Lawton will at least open in the season of The Left Winger--
In the past playoffs against Pittsburgh Penguin in April, he quietly became one of the more effective players for the flying team ---
Not center. Versatile role-
In his flight career, playing winger Raffl has moved around the lineup as needed (
Sometimes even play Center)
It's a good hockey.
Have players and frequent penalty killers.
Lehteräs performed well on faceoffs, adding size, board work and two-
But there is a shortage of skating.
Weal entered the camp with the inside to win third place-
It mainly works for the line center after the flyer is winged.
However, in the training camp, he was defeated by Vorobyev.
The people can return to the fourth grade.
If injured, the line center or slot in the lineup is higher.
Veteran winger appeared in 46 regular season games and two playoff games last season, and he was exempted in October. 2.
However, he was included in this season's Flyers-
Open roster submitted to NHL.
When exempt claim goalkeeper Calvin Picard is officially added to the flyer roster, the team can at least temporarily assign Weise to The Phantom.
The flyer may assign goalkeeper Anthony Stolz to The Phantom (
Assuming he is abandoned and cleared according to NHL rules)
Thursday and re-
Add Weise to the roster for the opening ceremony
Night games in Vegas.
Alternatively, the flyer can carry three goalkeepers and 13 strikers.
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