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the framework of imagination - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-06
the framework of imagination  -  wacom
As we look forward to, the first thing we see is usually the fascinating visual masterpieces known as concept art.
Studios such as Manwei and Warner Brothers.
The pictures in this area are clever and shape the collective excitement of the audience.
But behind the panoramic beauty of the last film, who is the imaginative maestros behind these works?
I think of Raj Rihal.
Everything Rihal does and does in concept art is for his passion for creating something unique and universal for the film team and the audience.
Rihar, who grew up in a strict Punjab family, continued to power a long life while also pursuing a degree in biology
When he can, he is passionate about the time of art.
In the end, he made a decision to change his career path and never looked back.
At the school of design, arts center, Pasadena, California, he describes the lasting value of art education, "When you go to these schools, you pay for these contacts and friends, you will get better and better in a creative pressure cooker.
I learned more from the people around me than from the teachers.
This is where you grow when you build these relationships.
"Fast forward for 15 years, Rihal runs his own company, cleverly named Total Rihal, and gives a few examples in the return of The Avengers, xXx: Xander Cage and Divergent.
His worship of the art field only grew with his continuous progress, and he said that his design style also developed in a positive way, "Design is a journey of life;
As you become more familiar with the tools you use, these tools are less and less disruptive to you.
So when you think about an idea, you're not fighting the tool.
So the better you do in drawing or using Photoshop, the easier it is to express your ideas.
This is the last obstacle I have overcome in the last five or ten years.
As Rihal explains, the art from mind to matterConcept does not tell stories as many people imagine.
He explained that storyboards and concept art really fit in front
But concept art is about the future.
"The movie tells a story, and now most of it is about some other imaginary time, so the task of concept artists is to fill a blank sheet of paper with something very appealing.
It eventually boils down to the idea of coming up with something that people have never really seen before, and that's your mantra.
It is an interesting challenge that artists are solving visual problems. ”The pre-
Rihal is completely immersed in the production stage in which it is both a creative stimulus and a tired time, full of collaborative power.
The production designer hired him to help them realize their vision.
Usually, it starts with a researcher who distorted a lot of data-usually in the form of image references and text-and presented it to a production designer, what will he choose to guide the art of direction.
The concept artist came in from here.
Rihal explains that the script defines many things that combine conceptual art.
"The script and the story determine the design;
You want the design to highlight all of this in the story and support every moment of the movie.
Even if this is a simple photo of a table and chair, how it is designed, presented and lit, it should support the moment in the story.
In the process, Rihal admits that digital tools are the best.
"Everything we do in concept art is digital and very fast --
Rhythm and a lot of changes do happen, so the digital platform moves back and forth between ideas very quickly.
I mainly use Photoshop and 3D applications such as Modo for Foundry, ZBrush for Pixologic-a typical large application in the industry.
As new shows roll out, you really have to make a difference.
"ZBrush is a height.
Optimized CPU-based software, no special graphics card is required to ensure fast performance, and a large number of temporary files are written.
Depending on the model, this can quickly reach several gigabytes of data and work best with the Wacom graphics tablet. The on-
As predicted, the best concept art seems to require a Knuckles
Time of cracking.
Rihar revealed that with the natural changes brought about by the production of films, conceptual art does not always go as planned, "I have completely run out of what I have done and almost the same thing I have created, on the contrary, I have been doing things for six months but ended up not using them.
There are too many people working on a project;
As production lines evolve, people who work in it tend to change things for their personal vision.
Rihal emphasizes the value of bringing in concept artists, "as concept artists, we usually start with the first idea, so we are the beginning stage, however, it may change along the way.
But to get a complete
Forming ideas on blank pages is the biggest leap in the process.
It's easy to change and adjust when you have something in front of you, but it's much harder to come up with an idea.
"Of course, there is a lot of pride in art in any form.
When Rihal and other concept artists worked under the production designer, he pointed out, "We started playing this indispensable role, and most exciting, we have been honored for taking influential images, which is also the greatest value and pride we have gained from them.
When you see your work in a movie, you will be proud of yourself showing something to the world.
"Keep it fresh, but with VFX movies coming out almost every month, how can concept artists avoid duplication?
Rihal explains, "A lot of the time, we refer to the same thing, we watch the same movie, and in a way, culture becomes homogeneous with globalization.
As a result, the project may become a little antique and repetitive, which is the main challenge;
How do we create new things every time?
Regardless of size, I personally try to find something new in everything I do.
So by using new technology or new media, I found it to be fresh for myself, which is expressed in the final product.
As creators, we don't want a movie to look exactly the same as another.
However, it should be noted that each project has its own unique challenges.
Rihal, who has made many Marvel films such as Thor, Avengers and Thor: ragro, commented, "they really want to be loyal
So there are some old artists, like Jack Kirby, who started creating comics a few years ago.
It is very challenging to translate this style from comic books to movies.
I also worked in the Military Science of Netflix.
This is an interesting movie.
It's a fun tech show and a very funny man movie with a lot of gak to make everything look cool by adding a lot of trash, dirt and wires everywhere.
Obviously, Rihal gave himself a lot of forever --
The evolving field of conceptual art is part of the production of films that we need to focus on in the coming years, both globally and locally.
Take a look at Raj Rihal's rich portfolio on Total Rihal.
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