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the future is now at linden meadows - panasonic interactive whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-07
the future is now at linden meadows  -  panasonic interactive whiteboard
Hey, time traveler!
This article was published in 26/3/2015 (2265 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
They see the future of the classroom.
And it's interactive. "Wow, wow!
"A sixth-grade student at Linden Meadows School exclaimed in an interactive whiteboard presentation conducted by a British representative --
Headquartered in Promethean, an educational technology company, the company visited its mobile classroom in March 20.
It was shaped by CBC in the past of Ai Cheng in November, 36-foot RV-
The arrival of the fashion bus is like a rolling technology exhibition, equipped with a virtual classroom with a handheld learning response system, equipment and touch screen --
Control the learning table.
Students of different grades toured throughout the day and effectively tested
Promote technological progress.
"It's so cool. I 've never seen anything like this before . "eyed, 11 year-Old Hallie Abby.
Andrew Volk, a teacher at Haleigh, said that as children become more proficient in technology through ipod, ipad and laptop computers, the technology "will soon become ubiquitous ", he teaches technology in a classroom at the University of Winnipeg.
Even older colleagues, he said, expressed great enthusiasm-not just young teachers like him.
In fact, principal Laura Zimmerman said that Lyndon Meadows is already a "technical --
"Dedicated" schools, using interactive smart boards.
"It makes students feel respected," Zimmerman said . ".
"They feel their world is being watched.
"It's not just keeping up with the children's preferences:" When kids are more engaged, they learn better, "says Volk. ".
Some of Promethean's products are "new" to us, says Zimmerman, which makes mobile classrooms a good opportunity to learn about new options.
Zimmerman is most interested in active table, which can open six internet browsers on the surface of the touch screen at the same time, allowing students to work alone at the same time.
There is no need for a large number of PCs, its introduction price is $8,000 (
Currently bid $6,500).
Zimmerman stressed, however, that the usefulness of technology lies in a balanced approach: "If you walk into our classroom, you will find children who already enjoy reading, speaking and doing mathematical equations.
Teacher Lyndon Meadows said: "technology provides new tools
Heather Abby, the librarian, recalled a meeting where a speaker declared: "The pencil is dead.
"The course is still a course and the information is still information," Eby continued . ".
"But now the children are digital learners.
"By making it a student in this regard, technology itself helps to learn more deeply --
Student-centered, using students' creativity and personal initiative, Eby said.
It also allows faster, or even instant feedback to enhance the ability of teachers.
Get your hands on Promethean activexpress-held clicker;
When the teacher asks the class a question, the student can answer it using these devices --
Let the teacher immediately see who is on the right track.
"This can already be done with an ipad," Volk said, of course . ".
He pointed out that schools still need to be sensible: not every piece of equipment is necessary or even good, "Different schools need tailor-made solutions.
"However, technical solutions also allow the distinction between individual needs of students, which is greatly beneficial for students with special needs and reluctant learners," said Eby.
One thing is certain: there is no way back.
"Interactive technology has become a new standard," says Volk . "Facebook.
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