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the future of maps: cartography in the 21st century - graphic design drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-19
the future of maps: cartography in the 21st century  -  graphic design drawing pad
Written by cnn Marianna Cerini, the map has maintained extraordinary power for thousands of years, helping to form space concepts and advance exploration.
They shaped the geopolitical philosophy, triggered international disputes, and created a large and detailed picture of the world.
Now, satellite and digital mapping tools have used modern mapping techniques. -
Science and Art of mapsmaking --
Become a technologydriven field.
In this process, the accuracy is almost guaranteed, and a new method of visualization space appears.
They mix art, experience, and terrain to approach the physical world through time, perspective, and storytelling.
Qiu Zhijie: China map master "we have entered a new era of map mapping", Zhou Qiming, professor and director of the geographic information center
Computing research at Hong Kong Baptist University said in a telephone interview.
"Before the map-
Focus only on projecting the Earth and its spheres onto the plane.
The role is now less important.
"We approach the geographical environment in different directions, and (finding)
It is not a method of showing the geographical location of a map in the traditional sense, but a map-
Like Visualization.
While this is still the primary reference point for any cartographer, it is no longer just a space display.
Maps are becoming more intelligent, showing us the world under different parameters.
"The earliest maps known from Babylon to GPSThe, taking into account the limited knowledge of their creators, are produced as artistic expressions rather than accurate ones.
"Map of the world of Babylon", is a clay monument created in about 700 to 500 B places in MedusaC.
, Depicting Babylon as the center of the known world, marked with "salt-
Surrounded by eight triangular areas.
"Map of the world of Babylon", is a clay monument created in about 700 to 500 B places in MedusaC.
It shows the salt-
Surrounded by eight triangular areas.
Source: Map of British Museum-
In the second century, when the Greek scholar Claudius tollemi designed a latitude and longitude system for nearly 10,000 locations in Europe, Asia and North Africa using mathematics and geometry, realism changed
But even if drawing becomes an increasingly precise science, maps tend to focus more on cultural traditions, storytelling, and religious perspectives. A 12th-
Islamic scholar Al-map of the centurySharif al-
Idrisi depicts a world south of the top (
There's Mecca)
The northern hemisphere is divided into seven climate zones.
In the Middle Ages, so-
People known as "mappa mundi" often organize the world according to the time of the Bible, and Christ is at the center of Jerusalem.
During the First World War, with the development of aerial photography, graphic science has made a technological leap.
As maps enter the digital realm, radar and GPS follow.
Eric Gunderson, CEO of Mapbox, said that through this technology, our understanding of maps has completely changed, and Mapbox is a platform for companies such as Foursquare, Evernote and Snapchat.
"They are instantly available, customized, and interactive," he said in a telephone interview . ".
"Users are at their center: we can make specific maps to aggregate the elements we are interested in and discard the elements that we find irrelevant.
Maps can collect not only data, but also human behavior and experience.
"Another method of drawing may explain the future of drawing as a science, but what about maps?
As an art?
Good city life is a team of researchers with no geographer background who have been making maps based on how people feel about the city.
We're close to the map.
Made from a different set of indicators, "co-
Founder Daniel crecia was interviewed by telephone.
"Considering sensory data, emotions, beauty (and)
Visual pleasure.
Not just two maps. dimensional.
"Smelly Maps, use your nose as a big data machine, capturing smellscape across the city from social media data.
Credit: one of the resulting comics of good city life is happy maps, a series of online maps that use algorithms to sort geo-tagged images and calculate the most scenic routes.
The other is the chat map, which is a project that records what people hear on the street and considers how sound affects their perception of the environment.
Every map is colored.
Encoding of noise with different shades.
The third experiment of good city life, smelly map, also works on a similar premise, but the focus is on tracking smells.
"The map can improve people's lives," craia said . ".
"Today, they can be considered to work around people's psychology and to convey experience.
"The Scent also supports the map produced by Kate McLin, director of graphic design programs at Canterbury Christian university in the UK.
Her chart leads people to walk in the city-
Or "smellwalks "--
After that, she collected their sense of smell impressions and used them to imagine "smellscape ".
"New York's odor threshold" shows an exploration of the smell found in the doorway and windows of the Greenwich Village block in the summer of 2013.
"From a design point of view, the smell is so inadequate
Significance of research--
"Maybe it's because it's hard to represent," McLean said in a telephone interview . ".
"I'm interested in how it helps us understand the world we live in," she added . " All my work is based on a physical experience, not an algorithm.
"My map is of course an art drawing, but I'm interested in how maps can bring alternative realities rather than presenting a fixed record of things.
"Create 'personal geoly' Chelsea Neisel, PhD student in mapping at the University of Wisconsin --
Think of modern maps, Madison
Made in similar terms.
"The first rule of geography is that everything is related to everything else," she said in a telephone interview . ".
"Today's graphing is just a reflection of this: it combines design, Geography, Anthropology, Human impressions, and ideas in a space environment.
It's a connector, a aggregator.
And, more and more, it's a way of telling stories.
"Nestel produced a one-to-one scientific map of her body based on radiography and research.
The cartographer also uses collage memories to map personal emotions.
The work of Chelsea elnestel covers graphic design, comics and traditional surveying and mapping techniques.
One of her hands
The painted works show the territory of the United States according to the legendary living mythical animals and monsters.
The other was shown through tweets following the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Japan and Turkey from 2010 to 2011.
Her most private map is called "Sum" and is based on X-
Light scanning, a collage of words and personal memories.
"The map tool is very advanced and there is no real limit on what the map can show and do," she said . ".
It includes exploring emotion and subjectivity. "Welsh-
Born artist Gareth Wood uses mapping tools to create geography
The picture map of the world city shows "the feeling of a place ".
"His vast and meticulous artwork depicts popular cultural symbols and other curious landmarks.
Artist Fuller draws the structure of change in London between 2005 and 2015.
"My map blends my personal experience with the culture and society of my place," he said in a telephone interview . ".
"They are snapshots of what I feel or see.
To create his latest work--
The map of Beijing where he currently lives ---
Fuller is around 140 kilometers. Kilometers away-
City ring road, sit down and write before his death.
"Wandering helps me understand the people and the different economic, environmental and social classes that I need to represent," he said . ".
"I'm not a traditional map --maker.
But I have created a personal geographic location to observe the human story, shouldn't mapping do that?
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