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the ‘guy’ who saved the senate for the dems - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-09
the ‘guy’ who saved the senate for the dems  -  a smart board
After Republicans almost missed the chance to take control of the Senate in 2010, they are almost certain that they will return to power in 2012.
But on election night last Tuesday, Republicans gave up.
Now, the Senate is controlled as a daydream.
The Democratic Party not only maintained a majority but also won two more seats in the Senate.
Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC)
Who is in charge of defending the Democratic Party's control of the Senate. (
Republicans hold a majority in the house. )
DSCC is the Democratic campaign Department in the Senate.
In some competitions, Republicans gave Cecil an important help, albeit late.
Richard Modoc Todd Akin)
But the way to defend the Senate is not easy.
Polls in Massachusetts often find current Republican senators.
Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren have fallen into intense competition for most of the cycle, and Warren faces an ugly attack on her character and family.
"Guy did a good job, not only maintaining the Democratic majority, but also expanding the Democratic majority," the senator said . "
Elizabeth Warren was elected
"For me, he is a sounding board and throughout the campaign I value his advice and hard work.
"In Virginia, the former governor.
Tim Kane faces a massive advertising campaign from third.
The Kane team also relies on Cecil's leadership and advisers to support party groups and his opposition.
"Guy's strategic advice and support for our campaign is priceless," the governor said . ".
"His efforts were rewarded by strong results from the election --
Facing the Democrats in close range matches across the country, we thank him for his leadership.
"Expanding Map defense is only half of the strategy.
"The biggest challenge is to expand the map," Cecil told msnbc . ".
"It seems like every few weeks we add a new state to the target race list, and once they're on the list we rarely delete them.
"At the beginning of the 2012 cycle, it is expected that the seats in the state of NE and North Dakota will be prone to mistakes for Republicans (
Democratic Senators Ben Nelson and Kent Conrad retired)
While Indiana is a safe bet to stay with the red team.
Virginia, Florida, Montana and missus provide a solid opportunity for Republicans.
Held popular Wen and Sen.
Brown's seat in Massachusetts or his ownfunding multi-
Millionaire Republican Linda McMahon
Former Republican governor
Linda Ringle poses a serious challenge in the open seat of Hawaii, which is not possible.
Not only does this map look bleak for Democrats, but because the third-place 2010 citizens are united
The party's super-political action committee is prepared to spend unprecedented amounts of money on behalf of the Republican Party to defeat the Democratic incumbent.
Democrats are not expected to compete with outside rivals for the dollar. But the battle-
The tested Cecil is no stranger to the hard game.
Cecil, referring to three conservative senators, said: "It is too dangerous to give the Senate to Mitch McConnell, Jim Deming and Rand Paul . ".
"From Economy and rights to international affairs and GLBT equality, this is an important election and I want to win as much as I can.
The former political director of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign has also supported, advised or coordinated senator campaigns.
Fritz Hollin's (D-SC)win over Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC)
1998, and a series of other historical races: the government.
Mel kanahan (D-MO)
Beat Sen. John Ashcroft (R-O)in 2000; now-Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR)over Sen.
Tim Hutchinson (R-AR)
In 2002, elsking Bowles lost to the present by a narrow score.
Senator Richard BurrR-NC)in 2004.
"Guy is one of the rare talents in Washington because he is both a strategist and a manager," said Jonathan Jones, a veteran in the Senate Hall and former chief executive. of-
Democratic Senator staff
Tom Carper of Delaware
"He knows how to create and maintain a good working environment and how to make the most of his staff.
He knows how to win a highly competitive political campaign.
"In 2006, DSCC hired Cecil as the political director to oversee the recruitment of candidates, which led to the frustration of Democrats to win and regain power.
"I initially recruited several people to manage [in 2006]
And firmly believe that they should
Cecil said. J. B.
Democratic strategist and Cecil's predecessor in DSCC Poersch joined him that year.
"Guy is a smart and positive strategist who is very good at doing these basic things," Poersch said of Cecil . ".
"If you don't do well, you won't succeed.
"When he was asked to return to DSCC in December 2010 after a serious loss in the mid-term elections, there is no doubt that Cecil is facing the most difficult cycle to date.
"While everyone is writing and talking about the Republican Party's overall population failure, people forget about the money and what a huge hurdle it is for Democrats," Poersch said . ". “Their third-
Party groups spent about $0. 162 billion on TV compared to our $80 million, but we spent smarter money and made better decisions.
"While DSCC's spending is slightly higher than the Republican rival NRSC, by mid-term
Republican Party in October
Learn very good PACs
Throughout the election cycle, we went beyond the Democratic super PACs.
According to the Sunshine Foundation, the Democratic super PACs cost about $0. 233 billion to $0. 381 billion for the Republican Party. Money vs.
Recruiting poersch has played a bigger role in Cecil's talented recruitment skills, which ultimately makes a difference this year.
Not only did he invest in good activists, but he recruited more likable candidates than Republican candidates.
"When a candidate like [Democrat]
Heidi can win in North Dakota. Democrat]
Joe Donnelly can win in Indiana, and they win for similar reasons . "
"It's back to the candidate's factor, and they're more popular.
"Even if some of his candidates fall behind in polls in places like Wisconsin, Indiana or North Dakota and are written off by local media or national and professionals, Cecil remains confident to buy bookings for TV commercials, and continue to invest resources in these competitions.
"If I spend a lot of time listening to politics, I would never get up and go to the office most of the morning," Cecil said . ".
"There is absolutely no authority, or frankly my own party, that we can make up the majority," he said . ".
In August, both candidates for the Indiana Senate campaign kept the poll numbers, keeping the campaign in line with Republican Richard Modoc's strengths.
It will be easy for a safe race to allocate resources to other races. But Cecil and DSCC decided to stay in Indiana for the game, and in order to keep the game tight and give Democrat Joe Donnelly a real chance to win, they would invest more.
In their final debate at the end of October, Modoc said, "even if life begins with terrible rape, God intends to have this happen.
"Part of the reason is the early investment in Cecil and DSCC, and Donnelly is prepared to make the most of Modoc's mistakes as a candidate.
Jones said: "Anyone who has been in the campaign for long enough has seen a party committee make the opposite decision, but they will regret it after the situation changes, but now jump
Given their monetary advantage, it's hard to fully understand how Republicans are rejecting their openness.
Senior Democratic strategists, such as Cecil, have prepared and experienced enough time to recognize the loopholes, cracks and weaknesses of the Republican opposition in order to take advantage of them in a timely manner.
"They don't know who their candidate is.
"If it were me, I would dump them," Poersch said . "
Leaning super PAC, the Majority PAC in 2012.
Cecil, who oversees the re-
The campaign strategy of his old boss, Sen.
Michael Bennett (D-CO)against Tea-
In 2010, Republicans supported Republican Ken Barker to learn from Colorado's experience and turn the winning strategy into a wider competitive environment --
His 2012 shift.
"In 2010, a lot of the games were played between the Republican and the Republican, and we see [this] happening againincumbent Sen. Dick]
"Luga and Modoc," Cecil said.
"But the real thing about 2012 is that almost every candidate is trying to attract the tea party, and even the most powerful Tea Party --
For the Republican Party
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democratic incumbents may want guy to stay in DSCC for the 2014 cycle, as the party appears to be experiencing a bigger climb this time.
There will be 20 Democratic senators in the re-election.
By contrast, 13 Republicans were elected.
Of the 20 Democrats, several came from Shenghong state (Sens.
Mark Beji, Kay Perry, Mary landriu, Mark Pryor). Sens.
Al Franken, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Udall and Mark Warner will defend their seats in the purple state and may face severe opposition.
Potential retirement could also create conditions in places like Illinois and New Jersey.
"You run for the Senate one day, once a week, and slowly build," Poersch said . ".
"It will change, just as we changed the structure in 2012.
In January 2009, the president had just won a historic election, with Democrats taking the vast majority of seats.
Few people will predict that they will suffer huge losses in 2010.
"I like the unpredictable nature of politics," Cecil said . ".
"Otherwise, it's just another boring desk job. Who wants that?
"As for Cecil's future, if he doesn't stay in DSCC, he could be one of the most popular agents in the Democratic Party.
Just over three years from Iowa's 2016 caucus and the New Hampshire primary, the presidential campaign will look for the best party the party has to offer.
Patti Solis Doyle, Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager, said: "As for 2016, he will be a big asset for any presidential campaign.
"Hillary said she would not run, but Guy would be a huge asset if she decided to run.
Asked if he would rejoin Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, Cecil objected.
"I left DSCC in 2007 to work for her because I think she will be a good president and I feel stronger today," Cecil said . ".
"I plan to support her if she decides to run, but it's too early to talk about running.
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