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the harder they fall: nicola gobbo, from gangland lawyer to family outcast - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-22
the harder they fall: nicola gobbo, from gangland lawyer to family outcast  -  smart
The name Gobbo opened the door in Melbourne.
In this city of old monetary rules, it does not object to Baillieu or Myer, but it has a rare influence that has never been the case in the legal profession, where generations of the family have left their mark.
The portion weight of the name is part of making it impossible for estranged friends to understand the niece of former governor Victoria and Supreme Court judge Sir James Gobo, Nicola Gobo, find yourself at the center of the state's biggest legal scandal.
It was not until Friday that 3838 of women who were known as whistleblowers were already in tatters;
The McMurdo Royal Council will be concerned about the handling of her by the police, and her life is clearly threatened.
But by doing so, Gobo refused to seek security anonymously.
Just six months ago, she attended an award ceremony at a government agency, where she was honored for working at a childcare center in Bayside, Melbourne.
Many of the legal Brotherhood are still confused about what happened.
Promised that lawyers decided to betray some of the state's most notorious criminals and give up the most basic practices in her profession by providing privileged information to the police.
A prominent Queen's lawyer claimed that Gobo was the victim of "terrible manipulation" in the hands of senior police officers desperate to end the gang war.
But in the legal world, most people think that Gobo's arrogance and arrogance are the reasons for her failure.
Few lawyers are willing to speak on the record as if any association with gobo would tarnish their own professional status.
"You can't expect to play on both sides of the street and not burn.
No one is smart enough.
Nicolas likes bad names and concerns.
"She always complains outside of court about criminals, police or television staff, but she loves it all," said a former legal assistant at Gobo . ".
Another lawyer is more outspoken, calling Gobo a "deep-rooted liar" that has poisoned her family's reputation.
Gobbos immigrated from more than 1930 years old Italy and opened a restaurant not far from Queen Victoria Market.
They will establish a legitimate dynasty.
Sir James was appointed Governor of Victoria, her cousin is QC, and her estranged sister Catherine is a commercial lawyer.
Nicola was born and raised in a middle school in 1972.
Despite reports that she was born with a silver spoon and an inflated sense of entitlement.
Her father, Alan, works in the former Office of the Road Transport Authority in Carlton, and mother Mary is a nurse.
She lives in the elite of the city, but her parents try to keep her there. Blue-
She has a unique blonde hair and attends Genazzano, a Catholic girls' school in Chiyo (
Students and alumni are called "generation of girls ")
There, she is known for her ambition to become prime minister.
Both parents were diagnosed with lymphoma and her father died in the last year of high school.
But after these difficulties, Gobo received a letter of admission from the University of Melbourne's law major.
There, she had a love for the party and an interest in the controversy.
On 1991, she was at the Tunnel nightclub with Collingwood footballer Darren Milan, who went home drunk that night and died.
Gobo will provide evidence in an investigation into Milan's death.
In 1996, she was in a central position in another media storm, when, as a member of Alpe, Gobo publicly claimed that a Liberal employee had forged a letter allegedly from Jeff Kennett.
Three years ago, when Gobo and her Carleton roommate were arrested, she broke the law for the first time.
Four kilograms worth $82,000 and 350 grams of marijuana were killed.
Gobo was the third.
Annual law student and editor of the University of Melbourne student magazine Farrago.
She dropped off with a good bond of conduct and escaped a criminal conviction that would cause her legal career to collapse before her legal career began.
A former friend who helped her edit Farrago said Gobbo's colleague
The defendant was under pressure for her. "The name of Gobbo.
She was proud of it.
"What does that mean," he said . ".
Ironically, the respected family member has now dissolved her.
On Friday, several members of the family opened their doors to the disgraced barrister.
Her uncle Sir James Gobo and aunt, Mrs. Gobo and her cousin Jeremy Gobo, QC, Flavia Gobo, Dr. Olivia Gobo, Dan
"As a family, we are upset about the revelations that led to the formation of a royal commission by Victoria Police to run informants," they said . ".
"For many years, none of our immediate family members have seen or talked to Nikolai, and do not know what to investigate or what she is doing.
However, most of the lawyers working with her declined to comment, with gangster lawyer Zarah Garde-
Wilson blamed one of her without reservation.
Colleagues and long time
Time legal opponent
In the underworld war, both have the same criminal background and some people mistakenly guess Garde-
Wilson is the 3838 informant.
She suspects that Gobo crossed the line in 2006 when he represented a key underworld informant called Witness B.
Who's avant-garde-
Wilson was described as self-narcis, claiming she helped the police "reverse" him. Garde-
Mr. Wilson says lawyers can be whistleblowers, but they must not be clients of their own.
"It's not just information --
This is the secret work of the police.
Her mission is
She was a policeman at the time . "Wilson said. Garde-
Prior to the appeal of Mr. Wilson's conviction-
Rob Karam, a customer of Gobbo, for big reasons
After the world at that time
Record ecstasy was found in canned tomatoes at Melbourne pier.
She said the seriousness of Gobo's behavior was almost unthinkable.
"People should go to jail.
This is how big it is.
This is the most serious distortion of justice in history.
This is the highest level of planning, organization and intent.
"Galbally Rolfe lawyer Ruth Parker represents Faruk Orman, a gangster escape driver who was imprisoned for the murder of Victor Peirce.
She said that Gobo told Oman about the situation in his defense.
"She is an unwelcome figure in the legal profession," Parker said . ".
"You can imagine the senior members of the lawyer will feel disgusted.
Their own colleagues compromised.
"Gobbo, a well-known lawyer, once joked that his room had been swept over by surveillance equipment;
It's like the police knew it before they decided on their defense strategy.
"She lied to me," he said.
Others remember her asking the client for information.
"Lawyers can choose whether to cross this line or not.
A line, you can't go through it if you go through it.
"Nikolai crossed it," the lawyer said . ".
In the "hard work, hard play" World of criminal law, the promotion of gobo is rapid.
Meanwhile, when she left the court, the decadent lifestyle of her college days began.
She likes parties, often parties with her underworld clients, and often parties.
"Nic is always the most vocal person in the room.
Especially when she's drunk.
Wild, loud, and even aggressive.
"She needs to be the center of attention," said another lawyer . ".
At the age of 2003, at the age of 30, gobo is popular
A lawyer for bail for her client.
She won the nickname "millionaire ".
After obtaining the release of underworld figures Tony Mokbel and Lewis Molan, the $1 million bail was exchanged for a legitimate interest in the dollar.
"This is the black land war.
This is mockbell. this is Carl ·[Williams]
She's right there, right here in f---
Said a former friend.
But she knew she was swimming with a shark.
In 2004, she claimed in a newspaper interview that she always looked over her shoulder and noticed the number plate parked outside Melbourne harbor. (
Her BMW will be burned down at 2008 streetin in South Melbourne. )
The same year in an interview with The Sun
About when she was pursued by the Purana task force detective who was eager to end the gang war --
Gobo claimed to be very distrustful of the police.
"I am concerned about the members of the police force.
"I'm paranoid about who's been listening to me all the time," she said . ".
Gobo claims she plans to move south.
To get rid of all this, an ice bar has been opened in East Asia.
But in her turbulent career, it was easy for gobo to make rash decisions.
Less than a year later, she agreed to become a registered police officer in the 3838 incident.
When it's all over
She believes that she is responsible for the arrest of 386 people and the seizure of $60 million in assets from proceeds of crime.
As evidence that she will provide at one of the numerous secret hearings in 2017, Gobo claimed that she only offered to work for the police because she had reached the point of collapse.
She remembers walking to court hoping to be knocked down by a tram so she can get rid of the problems she faces.
Gobo says she wants to get rid of Mokbel, which she claims has pressured her to force one of his husbands
The horizontal pill forced the operator to "close his mouth and plead guilty ".
The agreement between Gobo and the police will be completely disintegrated with the murder of another police informant, Terence Hodson and his wife, Christine, in Kiyu on May 2004.
A police document says Terrence has become a whistleblower.
The mainstream theory behind double murder is that Carl Williams acts as a broker between the killer Rodney Collins and the drug dealer detective Paul Dale, who wants to disappear in Hodson's case of being a whistleblower.
Gobo's name also appeared in the survey.
She was found in a phone bugging to organize a meeting with Williams.
In early 2009, she told police that she had sent him a message to contact Dell.
"I don't know why Paul wants to see Carl and it's none of my business to ask this question," she said in a statement . ".
By that time, Williams had been convicted of three triad murders and surrendered in prison.
But investigators need to confirm the relationship between Dale and Hodson's murder, so Gobo met him wearing a wire.
Gobbo decided to have the prosecution testify in the case against Dale.
Williams collapsed after being murdered in prison.
Triggered a series of events.
That means she has to testify in court, and the world of crime soon finds her wearing a wire.
In the words of the underworld, she was labeled "dog.
At the time, police were shuffling between hotel rooms to accept the death threat.
She also faces serious health problems, suffered a stroke in July 2004 and underwent heart surgery.
She later said she was upset that no Triad member had bothered to visit her at the hospital.
On 2010, Gobo filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against Simon Overland, Chief Commissioner of Victoria, and his predecessor, Christine Nixon.
In her statement of claim, she claimed that she had been induced by the police to make a statement against Dale that her safety and security as a witness had not been properly managed.
Victoria Police denied any agreement with gobo, but agreed to pay her nearly $3 million in September 2012.
Gobo's complaint claims that the police force gave her a $1000 per week allowance and charged for everything from flights, concert tickets to pink and Victoria Racing Club members.
She said they were even stumped for cigarettes and stamps.
The whistleblower said she traveled in Australia under a pseudonym and the detective followed her while she and her sister were on vacation to Bali.
Gobo said her decision to testify against rogue police officer Paul Dale was a "time when everything was broken.
"I don't understand that when I decided to be a witness to Victoria Police, I was put in a situation where every guarantee to me was a lie, she said.
By that time, her relationship with the police had become toxic.
She has more to worry about than herself: she is the mother of two children --
His father is considered a convicted drug dealer and former client.
Many would question why, when the scandal first broke out in 2014, Gobo did not tie her children up and leave the town.
Although her identity has been completely suppressed, 3838 of her role as an informant is one of Melbourne's worst.
Keep secrets, especially in the underground world.
In its 2015 letter to the police, Gobbo wrote: "I am not prepared to delegate everything personal to me and my children to an organization that promises and assures me that my help over the years will remain confidential, such a shocking failure, however.
She's at the nearby police counter.
Cannot be managed or protected.
Despite warning of her safety, Gobo refused to get rid of her melancholyblood name.
She maintains social media accounts under "nicki gobbo" and continues to post photos of her children on her private Instagram page to facilitate admission to the bayside childcare center.
She refused to dye her hair, continue to work as a volunteer, shop in the local Coles, trade real estate, and travel regularly to Bali.
In September, she participated in the government building for her work at the childcare center and won the Premier volunteer Championship award.
Her name, thanks to Nick's skilled and selfless leadership, the center is booming.
"On December, the High Court warned Gobo that the state might catch her young child if she continued to refuse police assistance.
Former colleagues remain skeptical about the evidence she may have provided to the Royal Commission.
"Who will believe her now?
"I will support her no matter what she does, it will be in her own best interest," said a retired barrister . ".
Her relatives are ashamed of the association and do not want to have anything to do with her.
The name Gobbo used to open so many doors in Melbourne.
For at least one Gobbo, those doors were closed firmly.
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