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the hot list for 2011 - part one | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e36e2bb5333

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-09
the hot list for 2011 - part one  | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e36e2bb5333  -  smart board stand
Opened on the annual list of the most influential people on TV, known for sparking debate.
Darren Devlin and Colin Vickery
Some praised our ranking, others said we must have listed the contents of the body of Balinese tourists after smoking --board bag.
According to what criteria, you rank those who have the greatest impact, and there are stars on our 2011 list, because the shows they Guide have managed to beat their opponents in ratings.
Others are in the rankings because they play a role in developing new trends, and their cleverness has impressed us, or has made impressive progress in one year's career.
Let's not forget those who should feel a little crimson --
In the face of their performance
20111 ash powder KeddieOffspring in the previous month, Xinjun;
The Paper Giants, why is she sexy: the outstanding performer of the year, who plays Nina puludman in future generations, plays ETA bout in the paper giants
She infused Nina with the right mix of humor, emotional complexity and predictability, and was simply amazing in portraying the rise of bouteos in the media world.
Keddie was naturally shy, but said: "recognition from peers means a lot to me.
There is more public recognition now, which is a bit overwhelming, but I am very encouraged.
We work hard in this country to produce things that are not operated by factories.
The opportunity is so rich for me.
How lucky I am not to lose me.
"We took a thin line between comedy, drama and fantasy.
She said it would be great if the audience could be irritated, heartbroken, and then laugh for the next minute.
Prospects for 2012: the new season for future generations.
Keddie will definitely have a chance to show more action muscles. 2.
Melissa George (ABC1)
Why is she sexy: Melissa George came back to Australia and slapped and immediately showed why she was so popular --after.
Her performance as a emotionally divided mother, Rosie, was extraordinary, she was slapped by another parent at a suburban barbecue, and she charged the child.
Outlook 2012: George is on fire.
She will star in the British spy series Avengers, Julia Stiles in the movie "between us" and in the historical drama "stolen. 3.
Australian talent (Seven)
Why is she sexy: AGT could lose Grant Denyer, Brian McFadyen, and Kyle sandy lands and still keep the price high, but if lost miShe is pitch-
Perfect in her character of judgment.
Anyone who has visited the AGT set will prove that Minogue is a charming personcamera as well.
2012 prospects: Milo was reportedly appointed as a judge for the British talent.
It is said that the creator Simon Cowell is trying to disrupt the schedule so that she can also be an Australian talent. 4.
Will Anderson Green transfer/Planet Green (ABC1)
Why is he so hot: He's a whipsmart stand-
Comedians and TV hosts
Anderson helped Gruen become one of the most popular brands for TV.
This year, the transfer of Gruen has become the planet of Gruen, and almost no beat has been missed.
Todd sampenson and Russell Howcroft are an irresistible star. Air combination.
Prospects for 2012: Anderson is not going anywhere.
Looking forward to more rough transfers and rough planets, looking forward to a healthy little station --Comedy show. 5.
Julia Morris, an Australian Apprentice (Nine)
Why is she sexy: What's the difference with reality shows.
Prior to The Apprentice, Morris struggled in Los Angeles in relative obscurity.
The winning apprentice changed all this.
Prospects for 2012: Morris is already linked to this circle, but we estimate that she may receive a dozen different TV shows.
The world is her oyster. 6.
Today (Nine)
Why is he Hot: Stefanovic's gold medal Logie win shows the importance of breakfast TV to the online schedule.
Ten's decision to create its own breakfast program has led to a series of rumors that it has provided Stefanovic with a lot of money to change the network.
In the past, seven people had trouble poaching him.
2012 Outlook: Stefanovic would love to do more stories in 60 minutes, but 9 minutes will require him to stay today for the 10 minute breakfast challenge. 7.
John Batchelor lower abdomen: Razor (Nine)
Forget about Daniel Cormack and Chelsea Preston.
Clay Ford plays Kate Leigh and Tilly Devin, the crime queen in her 1920 s.
It was Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Jack Campbell, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, and Bachilo who brought real grunts under the belly: razors.
Wally Tomlinson is just a role Batchelor needs after being stuck on a boat on a sea patrol.
2012 prospects: play a role in the nine-year-old Todd lasens drama The Big mint scam. 8. Zoe Tuckwell-
Winners and losers (Seven)
Why is she sexy: when the winners and losers premiere, the critics are raving about the talented Melanie Vallejo, but as tukwell
Smith is an outstanding star.
Prospects for 2012: winners and losers in the second series are in production. 9.
Mel BThe X Factor (Seven)
Why is she sexy: Mel B added x Factor to X Factor this year.
The former Spice Girl is quite fashionable, funny and outspoken.
2012 Outlook: she has said she hopes to return to factor X next year.
Seven people will be angry if they don't sign up for her. 10.
Steve Pico and the Boise River (Seven)
Why are they so hot: Tattoos
Darryl Braxton, played by Steve peacoke, led by Darryl Braxton, the covered River Boys, once played in
Since then, Seven soapie has set off a new wave of popularity.
2012 Outlook: Peacocke is a natural choice for the US market, but he is temporarily committed to domestic and foreign.
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