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the ideal productive work day for business owners (by example) - the smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-25
the ideal productive work day for business owners (by example)  -  the smart board
Please forgive me.
Lengthy titles, but I want to learn a lot of concepts by example and diving, usually close to drowning.
However, over time I learned to step on the water and then swim slowly, and I'm already pretty good at budgeting for my workday so I can do what really matters, not bound by trivial things.
I will share the concepts that work best for me to improve my productivity while freeing up a lot of time.
Many of these concepts will work for you, and maybe you are not ready to use other concepts yet, but consider using all of them with an open mind.
I have found that my own views on what I can do have changed over time, and as I implement more of these tips, as I go through the day, it is becoming more and more possible to do more things.
Urgent and important: be aware of the different edits before starting your day: the common ground of Wikimedia, make sure you have a big goal for the day.
There's always one thing that's most important to you on this particular workday, so definitely make sure you're done with one thing!
It is very helpful to consider the simple concept of the "emergency and important" matrix (pictured above)
Choose an important goal, not just an urgent one.
Of course, if it's urgent, it doesn't matter, but the most important goal of the day should be the one you accomplish first, which is the main thing here.
Write it on a whiteboard or a "dry erase" board, as sometimes said, and make sure it's on the top of the physical whiteboard (
If there are still remaining tasks from yesterday, that's fine, but one thing you should do today should be on top of other items on the whiteboard).
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