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the impending groundwater crisis in indian cities - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-11
the impending groundwater crisis in indian cities  -  a smart board
Regardless of the name, Indian cities need to be smarter in natural resource management.
For the middle class in Darbhanga, North Bihar state, this is a word that defines their current life: diving.
In Darbhanga and elsewhere in North Bihar, there is a huge demand for submersible or submersible pumps.
As the water level drops, both the hand pump and the old pump are not good.
There is no water in the national installed faucet.
Water tanks were built in Darbhanga a few years ago but rarely worked.
At every corner, all the conversation is dominated by water.
The divers are in demand, and the wait time for their installation is between seven days and a few weeks.
The mechanics who installed them suddenly gained celebrity status.
Mahesh, a 50-year-old mechanic, receives 10 inquiries about the submersible every day.
The cost of installing a diving motor is between Rs 55,000 and Rs 80,000.
The installation process itself requires a lot of water-
More than 7,000 liters.
Those who can't afford to buy it just lowered their old pump, hoping it would spray water from the depths below.
But there are powerful divers around them, and they are unlikely to be very effective.
Poor people rely heavily on hand pumps, and the future doesn't look good as water levels drop every summer.
The deepening water crisis in Darbhanga is a symptom of many things, but what stands out in particular is the poor management of our natural resources by the state and the people.
The debate about climate change and environmental degradation often boils down to the melting of polar ice and the extinction of penguins.
People forget that the problem has arrived and are knocking hard.
With rising temperatures, deforestation and unplanned construction, we are creating recipes for a variety of natural disasters.
Darbhanga used to be full of ponds and it was hard to imagine a water crisis 30 years ago.
A town full of green and open fields, there are few trees now.
Narrow roads and large cars mean unplanned and unsustainable developments that can cause damage.
The symptoms have already appeared.
Actively build, transform the pond, open the area, and turn the wetland into a concrete jungle. More-than-
The required concrete results in a decrease in the capacity of the land to hold water, resulting in a decrease in the groundwater level.
Many people seek help from heaven.
A good monsoon will help replenish the groundwater and keep the water in the taps and hand pumps supplied until next summer.
But as we all know, whether it's raining or diving, it's not a sustainable solution.
A submersible may be able to make their lives comfortable for a few years, but it just delays the water crisis.
Ironically, Darbhanga also faces the threat of flooding, an imminent danger.
The flood has made water management an important issue in Bihar.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar often talks about this issue, especially the water released in neighboring Nepal.
But so far, the day-to-day management of water resources is not a priority for the government.
Maybe everyone is waiting for such a crisis to happen.
Darbhanga is not a smart city.
People can even question whether it is a city.
Regardless of the name, Indian cities need to be smarter in natural resource management.
Countries need to strengthen their efforts.
Perhaps the government is waiting for this issue to turn into a humanitarian crisis or an election issue.
Now, there is a crazy fight between the residents of Darbhanga.
Towns across India
Make sure they have enough water in their taps to maintain the summer.
It is not unnatural that everyone is eager to succeed.
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