the intense gop contest to be ‘not insane’ in new hampshire - drawing pad for pc-ITATOUCH-img

the intense gop contest to be ‘not insane’ in new hampshire - drawing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-13
the intense gop contest to be ‘not insane’ in new hampshire  -  drawing pad for pc
Manchester, New Hampshire-in the 1970 s, a comedy group called Firesign Theater launched a fictional presidential candidate named George patpen, who has a compelling commitment
You know he's not crazy.
Of course, the joke is that Papoon is gone. the-wall bonkers.
But his "not crazy" slogan is perfectly suited to a category of Republican candidates who are angered by the rise of Donald Trump, who are scrambling to become the last best option.
The struggle is focused primarily on New Hampshire, an independent state that has made Trump a strong front line --
Runners, his centrist tendencies have made it a clear springboard for mainstream Republican contenders who tend to do poorly in Iowa's firm conservative caucus --goers.
The primary election in New Hampshire is scheduled for February.
Eight days after Iowa.
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New Jersey governor Jeb Bush
Chris Christie, governor of Ohio
John C. C. and some subordinate officials
Front-line candidates like Carly Fiorina are basically running the same game plan: Camping in Granite State and monopolizing the Trump brand's closed voter market by promoting their own experience, with a spirit of stability. (Florida Sen.
Rubio is an equally important player, but he doesn't seem to be so involved in all the games.
In New Hampshire. )
Their plans are in stark contrast to Sen, Texas.
Ted Cruz is raving about the real estate giant and is focusing primarily on Iowa to kick-start his campaign.
"Jeb, Christie, Kasic, Rubio.
Whoever wins the New Hampshire, or, if Trump wins, whoever wins the second place, could be the best position for the future, "says Fred Ma, a non-aligned Republican fundraiser.
But now, the not-crazy candidates are splitting the vote, which makes it possible that no one of them has the right to set off the set-off needed to stop Trump and Cruz from taking over the game.
Some Republicans are also worried that the new environment of unlimited super PAC donations may allow more candidates to wait for lucky breakthroughs in the later states in the competition. It’s a fun-
The mirror image of the House of the 2012 New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney, the favorite of those in power, locked in supporters very early, and the opposition never solved the problem around a challenger.
The latest survey from the state shows that the field is closely gathered and not even half supported by Trump-a truly clear political average shows that Trump is 28.
7%, Rubio is at 12%, Christie's is at 10. 3%, Cruz at 9. 7%, Kasich is at 7: 00.
Bush at 3%0%.
John Weaver, chief strategist at Kasich, told MSNBC that "everyone is crowded together in our driveway . ".
"I'll say now, this is a jump between us, Rubio and Christie, and Jeb is a little bit back.
"The nuclear button debate over the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino is fresh in the minds of voters, and Trump remains strong and not crazy crowds are running versions of the same argument: do you really want the guy with the finger on the nuclear button?
"It's not a nitpicking person just saying something, it's not a project, it's not a plan, Bush told voters at a law firm here Tuesday, he also condemned Trump's proposed Muslim ban.
"It's a serious thing, and we shouldn't do what these radical Islamic terrorists want.
Bush also accused Trump for no reason of not knowing the name of Qasim Solemaimani, head of the Iranian holy city force.
Bush believes that Americans "will want to know who will sit behind the big table and not necessarily who is fueling my frustration.
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The behemoth super PAC that supports Bush has launched a number
This month, millions of dollars in ad purchases attacked Trump as "impulsive and reckless" in national security, while also shooting Rubio for missing the Senate vote and Cruz's vote to reform NSA surveillance.
A recent political report shows that rising rights strategists are considering a $75 million scorched soil campaign designed to disqualify all but Trump and make Bush the only one
Super PAC supporting Kasich is almost a new day in the United States
Dedicated to Trumpbashing.
"We have to portray Donald Trump as commander --in-
New day strategist Matt David told NBC News earlier this month that it was horrible and ineffective.
In an interview with MSNBC, Kasich insisted that the super PAC ad was independent of his campaign and said he wanted to return to the TV show that showed his biography.
But the campaign outside is clearly drawing clues from Kasich's own regular rant about the Republican situation. (
"Do you know how crazy this election is?
Let me tell you one thing: I have spoken to these people, "he said in a rant in October, which kicked off the current phase. )
"We have to portray Donald Trump as commander --in-
This is terrible and ineffective.
"New Day Matt David, America strategist at Christie, who has paid off on his tireless campaign in New Hampshire, restored the relevance of the polls, on Friday, at a town hall in Wolfeboro, this non-crazy argument is well demonstrated-though he insists he has no plans to attack Trump or anyone else.
"It's time to pick someone who can accomplish the president's first and most important task: protecting the security of the American people," Christie said . ".
"This is not for on-the-
Join us in work training.
This is not the case with reality TV stars.
"He admitted to the audience that even he was" entertained "by early races and their" colorful characters ".
But time has passed.
"The screening time is over," Christie said . ".
"The world has come to New Hampshire because the screening time is over.
"The thing about sanityHere is about running without going crazy: It's not fun.
Despite the sharp opposition of these candidates to their competitors, who say they do not have the dangerous qualifications to become president, and whose supporters have spent millions of dollars attacking them, the frustration that Trump continues to succeed is evident
You can feel it on the trail with Bush.
He started the day's campaign in the American Association of retirees rights reform group, where he elaborated on his plan to privatize the health insurance section and gradually raise the Social Security retirement age, while
"Coming here is a real joy, especially a joy, because we will talk about policy," Bush said at the beginning . ".
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It would be a one-off line, but the audience burst into applause.
They know what Bush knows: The incident is unlikely to be news.
The day before Trump proposed a total ban on Muslims from entering the United States.
An hour later, at a Q & A meeting with a local law firm, Bush paused in a thoughtful response to the democratic situation of the Islamic State, Tunisia and Libya, and the proper use of special forces complaining about this issue is unlikely to attract attention "because the media are more interested in another topic today.
"At 7: 25 a. m. and Tom Ritchie, Joe, 12/10/15, intimate video: I'm happy with Jeb's data, former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ricky and Joe in the morning discussed Jeb Bush's poll numbers and Donald Trump's controversial views on Muslim travel
There is no doubt that the reporter then asked him one question after another about Trump.
Bush once again issued a strong condemnation of Trump, while complaining to reporters that the billionaire "plays you like a violin.
"The next day, Bush was asked a softball question at a young professional event, which historical figures he would bring to the White House party-whether alive or dead.
"I will not invite Donald Trump," Bush replied . ".
Without an invitation, Trump has slammed Bush's head.
By Thursday, Bush's frustration had turned into an initial scream at Business Insider, complaining that Trump's ideas were so inflammatory that even his campaign threatened national security, the media also reported these ideas too much.
"They are not serious," Bush said . "
"He is not a serious man, nor a commander --in-chief.
He has no plans, this is all, this is all the dog whistle talk.
This is for anger.
This is to attract great attention to him.
This is not a serious plan.
Is this a serious plan in all realities?
Of course not, he will go back and say 'Oh, I don't mean that, you're wrong. 'he will belittle others along the way, but he gets what he wants.
He was completely watched by the media for 72 hours, and the media was basically a dog in his lap.
"Not just Bush.
On Thursday, Kasich smiled in the same series of young professionals about his favorite band (
Lincoln Park, Foo Fighter and OK Computer "-
Era Radio head is up).
He laughed until MSNBC asked him about Trump.
"You know, I made an important speech yesterday on foreign policy, how to deal with ISIS, how to encrypt, how to protect our country and others, kasich complained.
Carson: NBC pollEven Christie, who is currently at the height of his campaign and has received significant support in the state, couldn't help but get angry.
"I 've been trying to get questions from the media for months and get any questions other than Donald Trump," Christie told reporters across the state on Saturday.
"I 've been trying to get questions from the media for months and get any questions other than Donald Trump.
Governor of New Jersey.
It's easy for Chris Christie to understand why they're not happy.
In the three events of the day, Bush confidently talked about dozens of policy issues: immigration (
The subject of a book he wrote)
Iran's nuclear deal, drug policies, regulations, tax reform, government oversight, healthcare for veterans, etc.
He hovered for a long time in a town hall in hockset, trying to convince a skeptical teacher that his performance pay policy in Florida would benefit her, list how the minute rules and exceptions solve her problem.
Both Christie and CASIC have adopted a similar approach: holding small, substantive and intimate meetings with ordinary voters.
Ask New Hampshire politicians how to win the state, and they will say that Bush, CASIC and Christie are doing the right thing.
So far it has not been successful, the main problem is a candidate whose event is a political rock concert that attracts thousands of people.
While the not-crazy group is busy fighting for the support of state lawmakers and business leaders, Trump's supporters have asked for the removal of the New Hampshire Republican Chairman for criticism of his proposed Muslim ban.
A small Trump event was held in town on Friday.
The New England Police Charity Association announced its support for Trump, who accepted support at the event and promised to issue an executive order to impose the death penalty on anyone who killed a police officer.
Like his rivals, he has some comments about national security.
"People have to be vigilant, people have to keep their eyes open, and if they do, you won't have a World Trade Center," Trump said . ".
"Of course, if they do what I say, you will even kill Osama bin Laden before he arrives at the World Trade Center.
This information and the candidate for stakthe may not like to position himself in the "blowhards" described by Bush, or what Christie calls "reality TV stars ", but the Republicans they are fighting for understand the message and the stakes.
In some events featuring non-crazy candidates, Republicans in New Hampshire are often heard saying they are in Bush, Christie, Rubio, CASIC and Fiorina
In Salem this month, a man asked Kasich at the Town Hall how to get the "clown" off the stage.
"Make sure I win the New Hampshire and I will be the Republican candidate," Kasich replied . ".
"I liked Jeb very much at first, but I haven't seen him show the necessary means to survive in this huge circus," Williams said . ".
Instead, he wants a "person who can not only chat around"Trump]
But can also turn around him in the organization.
Adam lacas, 39
The one-year-old legal administrator told MSNBC that he had not yet decided but was worried that mainstream candidates would split the vote.
"The sad thing about Trump is that he has broken the dialogue," he said . ".
"It would be good if it was a rational candidate-Fiona, Bush, anyone.
He is laughing at it.
"Republicans are upset about Trump's continued dominance, and they comfort themselves with spells that have allowed them to experience past flirting between base and various unconventional candidates: voters made up their minds very late
The candidate for the insurgents disappeared before the end of the election.
Once the first vote is cast, the field will shrink.
"He won't be the nominee," Bush told reporters when asked if he would support Trump if the leader won the primary.
"But if there is a chance-" the reporter continued before being interrupted.
"He will not be the nominee," Bush said . ".
What do you have to tell yourself in order to be sensible.
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