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the ‘little picasso’ in serbia - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-10
the ‘little picasso’ in serbia  -  drawing pad
Fahad Nuri is known as Little Picasso among immigrants. The 10-year-
The old man from Afghanistan, who was trapped in Serbia with his parents and two younger brothers, won the nickname for two reasons: he knew how to paint and he liked Picasso.
Nouri's paintings include portraits of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, actress Angelina Jolie, artist Salvador Dali and Serbian tennis star Novak dejoko.
"Merkel may be able to do something to open the border," Farhad said in English, who has been studying for more than a year since he fled the war and poverty of his home country.
Farhad also likes to paint portraits of his family and friends, fairytale castles, nature or anything else that comes to mind.
Painting helped in the flight, he said.
"I'm in Turkey, I'm in Greece," Farhad said of the trip . ".
"Here I like my paintings and I like to paint my feelings and faces.
"The Nuri family is one of the thousands of migrants trapped in Serbia who are looking for ways to reach Western Europe in closed borders and an increasing number of anti-immigrants
Feelings of immigration.
For the Dream of the future, he said his family wanted to go to Switzerland or the United States.
He said the memories of Afghan families have been blurred.
Farhad's temporary residence in Serbia is a narrow and humid room with bunk beds, wardrobes and a small table.
Former workers had received refugees from the 1990 war in the former Yugoslavia.
Farhad said he was playing with other children in the camp and attending ESL classes in the camp during the day.
He usually draws in bed at night while it is quiet outside.
"I taught myself.
"Sometimes, from the videos on YouTube, I learned something," he said . ".
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