the many faces of jake bilardi: how a smart boy with a love of football and board games went from se

the many faces of jake bilardi: how a smart boy with a love of football and board games went from setting up a children's charity to blowing himself up for the islamic state - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
the many faces of jake bilardi: how a smart boy with a love of football and board games went from setting up a children\'s charity to blowing himself up for the islamic state  -  a smart board
He was a well-
Educated math genius dreams of becoming a political journalist one day and even starting a children's football charity, but when he was 18 th birthday, Jack biradi's thoughts had
Melbourne teenager becomes jihadist
He plans to launch a bloody attack on his Australian hometown.
It is reported that in this week's suicide bombing in Ramadi, Iraq, about 110 kilometers west of Baghdad, he blew himself up.
If you believe his story
In his blog details the journey from Melbourne to Ramadi
After years of historical research, Bilardi joined Islamic State fighters in Iraq and finally realized that "I am getting tired of corruption and dirt in Australian society and eager to live under Islamic State with Muslims ".
However, Bilardi's picture of himself-a scholar and a rational thinker-is very different from the lonely abandon described by his former classmates at Craigieburn Middle School.
He is a "lonely man" at school ".
He has only two or three friends from memory, but if he needs help, they are not the kind of friend who is good at helping, a former classmate told the Australian Daily Mail.
They believe that he is clearly a child in need of help or guidance, and he believes that it is right for him to convert to Muslims.
Another classmate, after hearing that Biladi might have died, said he was "unable to punch himself out of a wet paper bag ".
He is fragile.
"The child is very angry with the world and wants to vent it on innocent people.
The third classmate said: Jack is an amazing person.
When I first met him, he was strong-willed and had a beautiful nature.
Curiosity is one of his best features, good and humble.
"Before you approach him or come to you, his ability to observe has made him very clear who you are and what you will be.
Unfortunately, people don't see such talented people.
There is only one shy, naive child where people can see a chance to laugh and take advantage of him.
"I 've seen people make friends with him so that they can use him to do class work.
The classmate added: "This person is very ethical about politics and journalism, and you can describe Jack as an introvert.
He likes reading, board games and laughing as far as I know.
This guy is not very happy to laugh, but you will laugh if he does.
The fourth classmate, Daniel pugrissey, and Jack, in the same biology class, said: "To be honest, I think I have a good relationship with him.
He is such a good boy.
Say so well
Really smart.
Have the desire to be a reporter.
A strong interest in politics
"He always respects me and I don't think I'll ever see him like that.
When I found out, I felt like a dream.
Shocking and shocking.
I was infused with emotions.
Pugrissey told the Australian Daily Mail that, to be honest, I don't know what else to say, but it was very unexpected.
Corey mifu thinks Bilardi is a kind person.
Help your kind child when you need it.
No one can imagine such a devastating thing happening.
It was indeed a tragedy, he said.
"Jack is a good student and always reaches out when someone doesn't know what they're doing.
"We always say" hey "or chat in class or in the yard.
Jack never talks about what happened in his life.
He is easy to get along with when you break the deadlock and start talking to him.
Of course, losing his mother will have a big impact on him.
Ali Kanjo, another classmate, told the Daily Mail in Australia: "The whole suburb was shocked by it.
There is no point in his behavior.
He left our school, joined another school and then dropped out of school completely, after which he did not speak to anyone.
When the video surfaced from his school days, showing Bilardi "happy slack off --
A bullying strategy that sees a group of people beating their victims, taking pictures and uploading them online to humiliate them --
Another former school friend, Ulus Shefket, told the Australian Daily Mail that Bilardi is a "foreigner" at the school ".
He is very quiet and has few friends.
Scheffkett says he will respond positively whenever you try to joke with him.
He left Craigburn Middle School and went to another school because I thought he felt like an abandoned person there. '(It was)
Speech bullying, he says, is not too serious, and normal people can easily dismiss it.
Bilardi was believed to have converted to Islam in 2012, when he was 10 years old, shortly after his mother died of cancer.
He said that he came to school one day later in grade 10 and just told us that he converted to Islam, but when we asked him why he gave us a very vague answer.
"It's none of your business" and "I think I made the right choice ".
Josh Green, another former classmate
He said: "He always looks depressed and looks down.
"He never communicates unless it is related to culture, faith or mathematics, and he always listens to our conversation.
There are not many people who know him, and he never opens his heart. 'But Mr Green-
Mercier said the report on Bilard's connection with IS was a "surprise ".
'I don't think he can attend such an event,' he said.
As the youngest of the six siblings, Bilardi's blog, from Melbourne to Ramadi: My Journey, details his life at work in Melbourne
Although, like everyone else, the class ups and downs in the suburbs are very comfortable.
He wrote that I found myself doing well in my studies, like my brothers and sisters, and dreamed of becoming a political journalist.
"I have always dreamed that one day I will go to countries like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan to cover the situation in those countries.
I am very interested in the conflicts in these countries and I am determined to understand the motives behind violent political and social movements.
Biladi is also interested in international affairs. He is also a fan of Chelsea Football Club and established a children's football charity in 2013. He co-
Set up a football organization for Hope (SHO)
It takes young people away from the streets of Uganda and uses football as a tool to improve their lives.
On the charity's website, he wrote: "Despite the geographical gap between Melbourne and Kampala, I managed to maintain regular contact with the founder and project director, Mugenyi Moses, and support SHO as much as I can.
"I support SHO by funding, helping to buy equipment and spreading information about the organization.
I am proud to work for SHO and will always be a number of my top priorities for supporting the work that the organization needs.
Biladi wrote in his "travel" blog that he studied the history of international conflict, such as two world wars, the reign of the murdered Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, the violent streets of El Salvador and Brazil in Mexico, and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
My research on al started here.
Osama bin Laden (
May Allah have mercy on him)
He wrote that similar ideological groups around the world began.
"I study and read books I started collecting online every day, and I was very happy when the Victorian government launched the laptop, which is understandable --in-
This means that I can now spend the time that was originally wasted on boring reading classes.
After spending a few hours online, Biladi said he ended up with a reluctant person --
Supporters of Islamic militant groups in different regions are convinced that the global revolution of violence is the answer to world disease.
He then began planning to move from Melbourne to Iraq, where he wanted to join Islamic State militants as martyrs of a suicide attack.
At this point, he has opened his own country.
On December, Biladi said he was in the Iraqi city of Ramadi and said he "made [hijra ". or departed]in August 2014.
Worried that more and more people may try
In order to prevent me from leaving, the Australian authorities began to develop plan B.
The plan included a series of explosions across Melbourne, where bilardi wrote in a blog post that the targets were foreign consulates and political/military targets, as well as grenades and knife attacks on shopping malls and cafes, eventually I detonated the explosive belt in kuafar.
When I started collecting materials for explosives and preparing to start making devices, I realized that the authorities had not noticed my plan, but if there was anything that would attract their attention, I bought chemistry and other bombs.
Make the material so I stopped planning Plan B and sat there waiting for everything to be ready and I could leave the country without being found.
Biladi told his family that after communicating online with someone he thought was a BBC American journalist, he had a "journalist" job lined up in Islamabad.
It is now reported that the reporter is actually a recruitment of Islamic State.
After news of the Biladi suicide attack on Thursday, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said
Before he fled to Iraq, his family left improvised explosive devices in Melbourne.
According to ABC, Bilardi's family found the equipment after he left the country in last August and informed the authorities that the authorities began following up on his actions and canceled his Australian passport.
Bishop MS said she was seeking confirmation of reports that he had been killed overseas, adding that she would not publish reports that he planned to attack in Melbourne until she was fully informed
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