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the media mirror: what's in today's russian newspapers? 18.12.2007 - writing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-26
the media mirror: what\'s in today\'s russian newspapers? 18.12.2007  -  writing pad for pc
The title of the report presented under Rossiyskaya Gazeta: "Bear nominated bear.
The bear is the main symbol of the United Russian party.
The last name of Dmitry Medvedev means "bear" in Russian ".
The Business Man newspaper was satirized.
Andrei Kolesnikov described the atmosphere of Congress in front of the gates of Putin and Dmitry Medvedev as an avalanche, ready to fall and crush everything.
Vremya Novostei wrote that now we have a new term: "Putin-
The newspaper went on to say that this means that we are not the vertical power of Putin, but the legal hierarchy.
In addition to nominating presidential candidates in Congress, United Russia has also agreed to consist of three factions, each based on its own ideology: liberal, social and conservative.
Communist Youth League Pravda market goodknown experts.
Anatoly Chipko said, "Putin's idea of leaving the power of the president and prime minister seems a little strange to me.
I'm not sure whether Medvedev will be able to lead the country as firmly as Putin did.
I think we should change the job description in favor of the prime minister.
Tretyakov said, "it is clear that Putin and medveev know what they are doing.
They talked everything up in advance.
In this case, if we were to have two centres of power, not one, it would have no effect on the people, only the bureaucrats who had to judge for their own orders.
In the same paper, German-Russian observer Alexander Laher said, "this may be the first time in history that Russian politicians have agreed to the second position of the new president . ".
In the West, Russia's departure from democracy has become a fashionable cliché, but Putin has left like a real Democrat.
"Vedomosti, written by Dmitry Badovsky, has three options for the future in Russia.
I. Interim Presidentand-a-half system.
Putin slowly developed him into perfection and then withdrew from politics.
Second: the prime minister's chair is Putin's launch pad to regain power when there is a problem.
3. new power formula (
A strong president and a strong prime minister)
It is effective and successful to eventually become a norm and to amend the constitution to accommodate it.
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