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the most believable video game sidekick is a giant flying cat - smart kitchen table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-27
the most believable video game sidekick is a giant flying cat  -  smart kitchen table
Douglas heav Eni lives with a very big cat.
He likes to spread on my legs when I play games.
He is a good partner, but he is stupid.
I often wonder what happened behind his big eyes.
So maybe it's not surprising that I'm so strict with Trico in the Housesized, big-
The eye Cat In The Last Guardian.
Trico is obviously fake. he can fly lightning from his tail.
But when I climb up his feather-like flank to rub him between the ears, he responds with that kind of purring nasal tone, and this emotional blow is real.
The Last Guardian was finally released on December.
GenDesign was produced by a Japanese studio led by Fumito Ueda, whose first two games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, are widely regarded as classics
Spend a few minutes with Trico and you will know where to go during that time.
There were never people like him in video games before.
The Last Guardian is about a relationship.
When you see Trico for the first time, he will hurt and be afraid.
But after 10 to 15 hours together, this big beast is risking your life for you and forcing yourself to overcome the instinctive fear to keep you safe.
The overall experience is extraordinary.
That's why many players keep going back and playing games multiple times.
This is not a game with different paths to explore or branch the storyline.
You have the same experience every time you play.
But the players will be back with Trico.
Kathryn Isbester, who studies games and humans, says we expect movies, TV and books not just for entertainment, but also to help us explore what humans mean, including experiencing strong emotions.
Computer Interaction at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is the author of 2016 book how games move us.
"I want to say that we have little potential to tap into the game to create strong emotions," she said . ".
However, not everyone is complacent.
Some people think Trico is bad.
In most games, something happens when you press the button.
In The Last Guardian, you can smash a command button over and over again, with no response at all.
Trico will stare at you stupidly or chase the butterfly in the opposite direction.
Players have been arguing since the game was released whether this is a feature or a bug.
Some people like to spend hours figuring out how to interact with Trico, while others complain that the character is too slow to respond.
What's going on?
First of all, Trico is probably much smarter than he looks.
"The type of AI that goes into the game character is very different from what you expect from yourself
Drive a car or Amazon's Alexa, "said San Diego ontanenon, who works in artificial intelligence and gaming at dreisel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
"In video games, it is important to experience.
Companion characters in the game are usually notoriously bad characters.
Take games like Skyrim for example.
Players wander through the vast wilderness and interact with dozens of characters in dozens of credible ways.
But it's too easy to break the spell.
"You can walk into a house and throw all the pots and bowls of pans on the floor and jump on the kitchen table-the owner of the House will greet you warmly.
In games, artificial intelligence often prevents peers from getting in the way or being killed.
When it does something more interesting, it is often not what you expect.
For example, ontanión says a considerable amount of AI is starting to control Elizabeth, the main partner character in BioShock: infinity.
"Some of the most sophisticated AI predicts where the player will go next so Elizabeth can anticipate this and stand in front of the player.
He said: "But it's mainly to keep the player from turning around and interacting with her.
However, even with the most complex AI, it is difficult to eliminate all sources of frustration, said Martin Cerney of Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.
"When players work with other players, they still get annoyed that the person is not doing what they want to do.
Cerny designed an experimental game called Sarah and Sally to explore how players should compare their more capable AI peers.
People seem to enjoy it, he said.
But in a small study, most players have more fun when they control their companion characters themselves.
Therefore, he believes that complaints about The Last Guardian are inevitable.
"Even if we ship a skilled human actor with the game to control Trico, some players will be unhappy," he said . ".
"The relationship is tough.
It's hard to train your pet.
"That may be why many players who like games are pet owners themselves.
Some jokes about Trico being their second or third pet and replay the game to visit him.
Others talk about the final emotional connection that makes them cry.
"The creator of the game obviously spent a lot of time looking at various animals," one player told me . ".
He is a vet in Australia and has played five games so far.
He was convinced that his daily work affected his relationship with Trico.
In many of his games
He tried different ways.
He said that when he did not take the time to touch Trico, and did not flood him with many different orders at the same time, the bonds developed were not so strong and Trico's reaction became less
"In fact, Trico does not always respond immediately or feel confused," he said . ".
"Do the same thing when training dogs, and you get a dog that rarely does what you want them to do.
"It doesn't look like Trico is designed to make us think it has its own ideas, just like a real pet.
Some people may feel depressed, but for others, that's the charm.
The first truly trusted partner in video games was uncooperative 10-
Male ton kitten with wings
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