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the most intriguing computers at ces 2017 - wacom cintiq tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-04
the most intriguing computers at ces 2017  -  wacom cintiq tablet
Computers can be divided into three categories: desktops, laptops and tablets.
But from what we 've seen at the Las Vegas Computer Electronics Show, the lines that used to separate these devices are getting blurry.
Laptops and desktops are now built in
In the field of touch screens, more and more manufacturers use keyboards with tablets.
There are two kinds in the market. in-
The success of the Microsoft Surface and Lenovo Miix series inspired a model.
Lenovo's product marketing representative, Garmin Pathak, said convertible laptop/tablet devices are particularly attractive for those who don't want to make a choice between a portable tablet and a full set of tabletssized PC.
Accessories such as the productivity modules of styluses, pens and ThinkPad are becoming the norm, he added, providing additional battery life and additional ports.
Demand for topof-the-
The specifications and safety features of the product line have spawned commercial functions such as fingerprint sensors on mainstream products.
Here are the most interesting machines we have ever seen in Las Vegas.
Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon seems to have everything you really want in Ultrabook.
Lenovo claims it has 15 hours of battery life.
According to the specifications, it is also thinner, reducing a lot of weight in the new year without sacrificing performance. (
It's so bad that the rest of us can't say the same thing. )
Choice of solids-
1 TB state drive, built in-
In 4g lte, the Road Warriors may want to move to these two. 5 pound, 14-inch machine.
On the 2017 model, users can log in using a fingerprint reader next to Windows Hello or keyboard to increase security.
Computers lack payment authorization like mobile phones and tablets.
The ThinkPad X1 Carbon starts at $1,349 and will be available on February.
Dell's XPS series laptops are known for both: excellent performance and benefits-to-edge display.
In fact, an XPS 13 was named Best Buy for Consumer Reports.
As with the previous laptop, the new Dell XPS 2-in-
One feature is the beautiful display with a very thin border.
One obvious quirk, however, is that the webcam is placed above the keyboard, which always leads to some unflattering images.
Are the new two still to be seen? in-
Its performance will be comparable to the predecessor of the laptop.
Dell plans to start shipping at $999 later this month.
Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus represent the latest developments in Google's other operating systems.
When the first Chromebook started shipping in 2011, it was touted as a forward
It looks good, but only a few apps are available, which makes many users feel restricted.
As a result, Chrome OS is often overlooked for its more widely used brother company, Android.
But since launching the Play Store on Chromebooks last year, upgrades are inevitable.
These new machines are equipped with high
Res touch screen, 360-
Built-in hinge
In pen, this is a brand new accelerometer and gyro sensor for Chromebooks that will appeal to players.
Despite being the same in almost all respects, Pro and Plus have significant differences on processor and graphics chips.
Chromebook Plus will be available in February, starting at $449.
How it stacks up with a price-competitive Windows machine remains to be seen.
Chromebook Pro will be available in the spring.
The price has not been announced.
Dell's Canvas 27 hopes to surpass Microsoft Surface Studio in the designer and illustrator market. It's a QHD (
Four HD)
Multi-touch surface plug-in
This can replace the traditional mouse and keyboard settings that most of us use. The 27-
The inch surface solves a problem that often bothers people who use computers with touch displays: arm strain.
Unlike traditional upright screens, this accessory is placed flat on a table or table, so the user does not have to lift his arm, and this configuration is much like high
End the Cintiq tablet from Wacom.
Canvas 27 promises a user interface that "encourages touch interaction" with the goal of creative professionals and touch-
Screen Lovers.
It will be bundled with a pen and "totem" that can act as a button or dial, which is very reminiscent of the Surface Dial (
Accessories packaged with Surface Studio)
Announced last year.
Lei snake's "Valerie project"
Monitor laptop, it has three of 17 box-selecting functions. 3-
Inch 4 k display.
Equipped with the withan automated deployment mechanism, the laptop allows the screen to slide out from the side of the home screen and seamlessly adjust in place. While multi-
Screen settings are common in desktop and NASA terminals, which may be the first of the "portable" devices. This nearly 12-
Pound behemoth to 99-watt-
An hourly battery that supports screens and processors.
Kevin Scarpati, Razer's PR representative, said the specs for this "very bad" laptop are still pending and that the company has no release date yet, not to mention the price of the Valerie project.
While it is unlikely to be put on shelves like future cars with flying power, imagine how "if" would be fun?
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