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the power of parents in a public school - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
the power of parents in a public school  -  what is a smart board
CNNEditor note: Rose Arce is a senior producer at CNN's New York bureau and a regular contributor to Mamiverse. (CNN)-
This year, I walked into room 308 and went straight forward to see Luna's contribution to the Art Wall, a rose color --cheeked self-
Her personal goal is to learn to say hello to strangers.
There is no such problem with her teacher.
"Hello everyone!
Claire O'Connell was very happy before telling her parents about the second obstacle.
Grade courses.
She's "Hello.
"My daughter's teacher has enough bandwidth to worry about her social development and teach outside the exam?
This is not all the good news in school this year.
Behind the "lady"
Like the screen on the Apple product launch, Claire is a shiny new SMART Board, a piece of silver
Toned Mac and camera that can take and project documents.
There is also a calendar that lists all the days that children in room 308 will attend classes in art, dance, chess, Science (twice a week! )
Music and gym, as well as a lunch program that offers fresh vegetables and fruits from recipes suggested by famous chefs. My second-
First-year students have the elusive part of the American dream: a good local public school.
Not sponsored by IBM.
It is not funded by the Gates Foundation.
It's not a franchise or a magnet, or a school of choice with a crazy admissions process or an amazing lottery ticket.
This is not part of a social experiment designed in America. S.
As government officials like to say, the Ministry of Education and the "seed" sector use public funds.
It is not eligible for federal items heading I or any other number or alphabetical order that are generated by a court decision or a congressional act.
It was contributed by parents.
We walked into P for the first time and our daughter was only 3 years old. S. 41.
There is a Class a auditorium, two playgrounds with artist murals, a well-stocked library, morning tutoring and afternoon chess, a classroom dedicated to art and science-all
One of the parents, Vicki Sando, launched a project to transform the roof into a huge science park.
So far, efforts in environmental education have been made by some large growers in the Intermediate People's Court.
Principal Kelly Shannon talked mysteriously about the roof garden.
"The reason for making this school a great school is because parents are so committed," she said . ".
But it will soon be understood that the conversation will no longer be about why you chose this school, but about whether you chose to quit.
Ominous flyers gathered parents to hit town hall as the number of classes increased.
A woman spoke with enthusiasm about sending children to nearby schools to avoid overcrowded waiting lists.
The grim situation of layoffs, overworked teachers and inadequate supply is portrayed.
Pamela Whitton partnered with in-house schools that visited 1,700 public schools in New York and independently assessed their performance.
She said there were hundreds of tall.
The performance School in New York is known for the participation of parents in supporting employees.
But some of the same wells
Families who are educated and financially in good condition sometimes choose private schools because they want to ensure that overcrowding does not change the future of their children.
Or they have a special affinity for the school's philosophical or religious tendencies, want them or their children to have upscale social relationships, or want to screen diversity through the admissions process.
They don't believe that if they don't write a check, they can get extra guidance on art, sports or after school.
But the vast majority of parents do not spend nearly $40,000 on the luxury of buying a kindergarten.
Their choice is to find a way to play a game system, or to walk into their designated school and be prepared for 12 years of over-active parent involvement.
We walked out of P. S.
Ask ourselves which parents we are.
Two years later, I found myself at my first PTA meeting and scanned the holiday calendar with the aim of using cupcake sales to fill a huge budget gap.
The accumulation of projects is shocking.
A group of parents are organizing to raise funds to improve school food;
Others are working on art, dance, chess and entertainment projects.
There are parents
Focus on the secondary school entrance exam, commit to community donations, invite local restaurants to teach business skills, and organize a series of fundraising events around every conceivable reason to host a large family gathering.
A voice group is also organising opposition to budget cuts and overcrowding and taking on all aspects of the school bureaucracy, but I am shocked by the speed at which parents complain at the same time about what they don't have, then keep trying to fill any gaps.
Sando is still there, complaining about the empty roof, indifferent to the nearly $2 million price tag that transformed it into a working garden.
"I attended parent-teacher meetings and did a lot of activities at school and I know my ability to work with my parents.
"Some parents think that everything can be done when they focus on something," she said . ".
"It's not just for one of their children.
Things like this are bigger than this.
"She envisioned science classes and weather Labs, a way to really give lectures on biology, chemistry and nutrition.
She envisioned a poetry recitation in the classroom, which was on the roof of Greenwich Village.
She convened a group of parents and contacted the environmental group and the School Building Authority, there are compelling reasons for how the roof can reduce the school's environmental footprint and create enviable learning labs that can be replicated across the country.
She flooded the skeptics with information and made plans.
Parents are looking for urban and private funds to collect donations from national environmental protection organizations, wildlife federations, and even local bars.
They visit every parent over and over again, whether in the past or now, to give and give.
Sando's children have gone from P. S.
When the green roof environmental literacy lab opened this week,
I am no longer just a parent, biting my nails for whether my child can get a good education.
Like other parents. S.
I had my knee three years ago-
Strive to make it a great school. I’m the co-
Vice President in charge of external fundraising.
Sando is still there.
She teaches science now. time.
This morning, she read a book to my daughter's class on the roof of the new house because the sun withstood the fresh autumn air.
The teacher sent us a picture of the class on the roof, which was enough to make me feel like we made a great decision three years ago.
I know I'll hear about the roof when I go to bed tonight, which is priceless.
I must remember telling her that it was not money, it was the parents who made it happen.
I don't care much about what smart boards and cafeteria lunches offer or how many parents will raise money for field trips and entertainment.
I want my children, myself and the teachers there to focus on their sole purpose in the classroom.
This is learning and education.
I put all my attention on making sure my kids understand their homework every night, and if they don't, we'll find a way for them to understand.
I don't volunteer in the classroom or attend parent-teacher meetings.
I feel that if you spend all your free time on volunteering, you will lose the website of your personal child education.
You don't have to take the time to be something your child needs in school, you have to take the time to be with them and focus on what they don't need.
I know that white parents are bad Union employees because their wages are cheap because they can't afford the cost of their children going to private schools.
They are more concerned that public schools in cities are dangerous areas.
If the children are very scared, they are shot by suspects of color.
Sadly, the bad economy has exceeded expectations.
People like "krehator" are what's wrong with our education system and what's wrong with our country. Clueless.
Penguins will never allow humans like "krehator" to breed because doing so will mark a big step in evolution.
I think it's great for parents to help more at school.
They should help fund their children's classrooms, such as fund-raising activities.
Some parents don't get along with their kids at school, and then they feel like they're being ignored by all the cool things other kids do.
I think it's really sad and I think that's why parents need to help their children go to school.
I think it's cool that parents can help at school.
I think parents should not only fund things, but also be more involved.
Help their children do their homework and volunteer.
Like activities, or special classes for children, such as chess, dance, or something special.
Not only to fund schools, but also to be part of their work.
President Obama did promise that federal funding would solve all school problems.
He even made these statements in front of teachers and students and began to accept the help of the teachers union.
He even said that school districts with whom he promotes education will receive federal funding.
I think anyone can translate this statement into simple English now.
This article proves that everything Obama says about education is the opposite.
Schools need to have a role for parents and communities under local control, not the federal government. JT -
If we leave public education to local people, no one can write a complete sentence in Georgia.
The same goes for Mississippi, Alabama and Texas.
In some states, especially in the south, there are too many students who fail to catch up with students in other states.
That's why we need the federal government to be involved.
Let's stay true here.
If Texas Governor Rick Perry is not inspected, the state's education system will reflect the dark ages.
Is that what we want?
The public school system is not terrible.
In some places it can be at least as good as a private school and in some places it can be very bad.
The problem is that local funds are not balanced, such as the use of property taxes.
This is a form of segregation because the situation in poor areas tends to be worse due to lack of funds.
Funding may help in some cases, but we learned in New Jersey that investing only in this issue does not improve education.
In New Jersey, a lawsuit and an independent court ruling that set up 31 "Abbott districts" are about combating funding inequality in areas that are mainly urban underperforming.
This has enabled the 31 regions to receive a large portion of education funding.
What's the use of this money? Not at all.
Some of the money was taken away by money, administrative wages, waste, and very little access to the classroom.
The problems in urban education have little to do with education, but they involve other factors.
Many of these students are not supported by their parents and are not interested in their education.
These students are often late or absent and no one is there to make sure their homework is done or to help when needed.
If their parents/guardians do not show them the importance of education, many of these students do not care about their education.
In addition, their peers and the people they associate with on the "street" block the idea of getting a good education.
Can these problems be solved?
Yes, but just throwing money around without solving potential problems won't improve the education system in cities and most poor school districts.
Part of the problem is that the helicopter parents who manage the school are too involved.
The course is such a icing.
The government will bully teachers if parents have crappy complaints.
As a gifted teacher, I have little say in the choice of materials.
Classics are not encouraged as they do not support the books needed for our reading/language arts program.
Academic freedom is a real problem!
Classics are not important.
You can read Poe or Hawthorne at your own time.
Teaching is to cover what is needed.
Mathematics, science, reading skills, critical thinking.
These things are important.
What you read doesn't matter because what you read.
As they let us do with poe, you can analyze Harry Potter to death.
The process helps to think critically, but it weakens the fact that the story is just a story worth enjoying.
The real problem, however, is that in our rush to cover everything within the usual 180-day allotted time, we cover up the reasons for what we do.
Most children have a new lesson every few days.
This is fast learning.
You need time and experience in order to fully learn it.
I hope this article talks about the power of parents to help their children become better students by keeping their studies ahead and letting them do their homework, see that they have enough sleep and food before they come to school every day.
I teach mostly chemistry and physics high school classes with talent and talent.
Standing on a parent's night
Only room was available in my classroom and I often had to rush to copy more handouts for later classes as so many parents showed up.
I teach my junior colleagues
If a single parent shows up all night, the class is lucky.
Want to know why these children are low?
There is an old teacher.
Insider joked, "If you meet parents at a coaching session and understand in 5 seconds why their children have behavioral problems, you know you are a teacher.
"Teachers can't do it all: good parent participation usually means more of a difference between success and failure than good teachers do alone.
I attended a parent-teacher meeting at my daughter's school.
One of the projects we have funded is the Accelerated Reader program.
Schools cannot afford it, and many schools in our district do not.
PTA pays a license fee of $3200 per year.
Ar program is used by all students.
In the standardized test, it improves reading performance, and more importantly, it is in the love of reading.
Some people may think AR is a luxury, but our PTA thinks it is necessary.
In fact, when I was in my 70 s, I went to a school like this in rural Tennessee.
The school board wants to merge and close our school. . .
But parents and administration (
Some local "celebrities" worked together to keep us open for years.
The parents of carpenters and welders did build our playground equipment and other schools gave us their old textbooks, overordered the food and shared it with our lunch lady (
Who made lunch?
In order to help our teachers, we held fundraising activities and so on.
Ironically, because we are such a small school, our test scores are the highest in the state.
Many of us know the answer to our failed education system. . .
But most people are not willing to put into work to fix it. Very inspiring!
I looked around in my new blog for what to write and saw the article and the entire website.
I love it and sign up to be a follower now!
Parents can make a difference and you don't need to build a school from scratch-there are a lot of great public schools waiting to blossom again with a little TLC. Thank you!
Naomi hopes and needs the support of parents both inside and outside the school.
Kaspar-"You nailed the nail on your head.
"You cover every problem most teachers face in the United States. S. today.
Very good reaction!
I want to know if the teacher is willing to come to my job to help me?
I am tired of the teacher pushing the responsibility to the parents.
Put the phone down.
Stop issuing worksheets and actively teach.
We don't need daycare.
Teach something.
My parents didn't attend my school when I was a child.
I am still better educated today than these children.
Excuses are getting old. . . . . Krehator -
Want to know when the teacher will come to work to help you? ?
They already did it.
That's why you have a strange job!
Someone taught you.
Your parents may not be "involved" in your school, but I bet they still have expectations for you.
I bet they still ask you to do your best.
I bet they ask you to do your homework.
Treat your friends, teachers and any other adults in your life with respect.
Let's get fast today. . . . . .
Many of our students don't have anyone at home to set expectations for them.
No one in their family doesn't even care about them.
They don't have any models of social skills.
Much less practice.
They came to school with little background knowledge or experience.
However, we still expect miracles from teachers.
In today's classroom, if spending every minute of the day with 12 and 13 is not my true love or absolute passion, I will not teach.
If it is not my absolute passion to take care of students who have no one, I will not teach.
People without responsibility
People without structure
People who don't support the system
That's why I teach.
There for them.
But I'm also realistic and I know I'm just a person who watches 90 minutes a day.
Parents are the most exposed to their children.
It takes time and work for my daughter's education.
I have to teach her how to do her homework.
I have to teach her how to learn.
I have to teach her how to respect others.
I have to teach her how to learn for the exam.
I'm her parents.
Not her teacher.
This is the key factor that many of our children are missing in the school system today.
So, get down from your height right away and get into the classroom.
Be a volunteer.
Go and be a speaker who often shares your knowledge with students.
Take some action behind your comments.
I hear your voice and I applaud your promise.
The main sad fact about public schools is that you should not be a teacher, but rather be a social worker, therapist, professional behavior modifier, diplomat, Family Advisor and government employee.
There are many of these jobs that are occasionally part of the teacher's working day, blessing them, and they make time for it.
Now, this is a must, otherwise you are not doing your job well.
I'm just sorry for anyone trying to raise a child today, when exposed to the lifestyle that parents used to be able to protect themselves and their children from experience, their parents were able to protect themselves and them in the past, so it is not an infringement to save our federal government.
Of course, all of us are facing poverty, and I just hope it brings the Silver Cloud of decentralized government. God Bless.
What is really sad is that I don't know a teacher who will advise young people to be teachers. This is a deal.
Before you get to the moral high ground, you need to look at the painting as a whole.
Yes, parents need a positive role. Volunteer?
Let me have a rest.
I know that 90% of you are parents and teachers, so school is your life.
Most people don't have this luxury right now.
Parents do need to play an active role in their children's learning.
However, you all overlook the view that more than 70% of what you have learned is not learned in the classroom.
If you work 10, 12, and sometimes more hours a day, you don't have much time to "volunteer ".
Personally, I really don't care how the teacher feels.
Their work is the same as ours.
On the other hand, I also don't want to hear those complaining parents say oh, it's the teacher's fault or we never need to learn this nonsense. Doesn't matter.
You have a child and you have a responsibility.
Now let's discuss the problem at hand.
The method used to teach these days is completely nonsense.
This is the material we have all learned.
However, we now have the SOL test due to political action.
These undermine the school system.
You have to cover the x material as it does the y test within z days.
The problem here is that there is no time spent on learning now.
You have what I call speed learning.
Before we go back to the old way of learning and teaching, we will have a lot of graduated people who know nothing about the real world and do not have the necessary skill functions.
You have no clue at all.
You can't teach something beyond family standards.
Krehator, you have no idea what you're talking about.
As a person who actively teaches in the field of science, the first problem is the parent's participation in the child.
What's wrong with getting involved with your children and getting involved with what they're involved in?
This is called being a parent.
Just because you have such an experience doesn't mean that other people have the same experience.
Kaspar was absolutely right.
How about you do yourself a favor, get a teaching degree, walk into the classroom and do it your way?
You will understand what we are talking about.
Believe me, we are not lazy. I do two labs a week, and I do it at most every day.
I didn't even touch my phone until my lunch and after school.
Your assumption is a blatant indication of your ignorance. Krehator. . .
After reading your post, it is clear that you do want a daycare center and I can make an argument that you don't care much about your child.
Sad, but not strange.
Teaching is an effort between teachers and parents.
If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.
Yes, this is a common talk. . .
But it is appropriate in this case.
Parents need to be with their children and know what's going on at school, but they need to keep a certain distance.
Parents vandalized all public schools in my area, asked for special treatment for their little snowflakes, and threatened to say that when their children were told they could not go to the bathroom every 5 minutes,
The area had long ago succumbed to the demands of helicopter parents.
Teachers are destroying the rights of parents.
They think they should have more power over their children and parents should do so.
Primary caregiver = parent.
Primary Authority = PARENTI does not know a teacher who "wants" the rights of the parents of the student.
We sometimes have to accept them because the real parents have forgotten their role or the government says it's school's job to be a parent.
We prefer to be teachers and let parents, well, parents. Krehator. . .
You're not serious.
Your post indicates that you are not rational in terms of education.
Krehator, ask mom to put a password on the computer so you don't accidentally format it.
Then let her put you down and take a nap and bring your pajamas, your teddy bear and a bottle of milk.
You have obviously passed your naptime.
In short, grow up and get a life.
You obviously don't know what you're talking about.
We used to have a lot of parents involved in local public schools.
I have participated in all the activities before.
Until a principal tells parents that younger siblings are no longer welcome at school & should be left to the babysitter even if we go to pick up the children.
Then, they start to make more fuss about the kids who sell things for fundraisers than the kids they sell for academic awards.
The school arranged a "money Village" at the school awards ceremony to reward the fundraising winners.
After the PTO promised to provide savings bonds for the award-winning 1st essays, my child stopped participating in the essay contest.
After 3 reminders and many excuses the child has never received.
I believe there are some schools that do a good job and so have our schools in the past until they discourage parents and students from participating.
I'm on the local school board.
You can see that the kids who have full support and commitment from their parents are doing a great job.
Others are struggling.
It's not about money.
We are not in a rich area at all.
It's about parents' participation! ! !
When will the teacher appear in my job to help me?
I am not rich either, but I do not blame the teacher for my failure at work.
Krehator, whether at home or at school if necessary, raising a child is your job.
Maybe when your job involves helping raise a child, the teacher will show up at your job.
Obama promised that federal funds would solve all these school problems.
He made these statements in front of teachers and students and began to receive help from the teachers union.
He said school districts that work with him to promote education will receive federal funding.
I think anyone can translate this statement into normal English.
This article proves that everything Obama says about education is correct.
Schools need to have a role for parents and communities under local control, not the federal government.
You know the president is not a dictator and can't rearrange the whole government the way he thinks it's appropriate, right?
Our education system was terrible long before Obama was elected.
The fact that most people in the United States care more about the replacement referees in the NFL than they do, and they care more about who manages the country, fully illustrates why we don't value education anymore.
Okay, JudgeDB. VERY true.
Obama has no authority over his executive orders and czar appointments.
He has been interfering with education and even using his wife to plug in.
I think these schools were taken over by the federal government in their 1970 s and have been going downhill since then.
You know it's a lie you can't keep your promise, right?
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