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the real reason why beyoncé made - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-28
the real reason why beyoncé made  -  what is a smart board
It didn't look like Beyonce and Jay two years ago.
Z is going to their next wedding anniversary.
Their marriage is at a time of breaking up and they hardly speak.
The couple was forced to make a choice: either save the relationship or live a separate life.
"They have been having problems for years," said a source close to the couple.
"There has been a commitment problem between them, and in the end they barely talk.
Beyonce did not trust Jay fully, and it was difficult for her to overcome this.
"As a result, the couple began a period of intense reflection," the person said.
"They have been consulted a lot and have been working on their issues since then.
They helped them through the difficulties.
"With the release of Lemonade, Beyonce seems to have finally faced rumors of a marriage dispute that has plagued them for years --
In the process, the mystery of what really happened in the elevator showdown between her sister sorangi and her husband in 2014 was solved.
Three months.
The minute video was later leaked to the public and when sorangi tried to punch and kick Jay Z repeatedly, the bodyguard had to control her in person.
Jay Z's close friendship with designer Rachel Roy is widely reported to be the cause of the violence.
In an effort to calm the subsequent media frenzy, Beyonce and Jay Z made a rare public statement, which they admitted, ". . .
There is a problem with the family. we are no different.
We love each other. The most important thing is that we are a family.
We have given up on this and hope others will do the same.
"We did it until Beyonce supplied lemonade to the world (
Lyrics, Roy's knee-hint "Becky has good hair"
Jerk reaction, they are used as grenades when lemon and bee emojis are thrown on social media platforms).
"Yes, Rachel and Jay are friends and people who know them don't think it's appropriate.
But why is Roy?
A source close to Roy revealed that he was involved in the drama Rachel Roy wanted to defend herself after watching Beyoncé's Lemonade, notice that her Instagram post is an "instant response" to the singer's visual album ".
At the same time, another person familiar with the matter added, "Bei will never mention any names, but those of the songs know.
Roy then spoke directly to Beyonce's "sorry" and told E!
The News said in a statement, "I want to calm down speculation and rumors.
My Instagram post was meant to be fun and easy but was misunderstood as something else than that.
It makes no sense to mention my personal thoughts in this song.
There is no reason for rumors.
So cyber haters target me and my daughter, including physical threats, in a hurtful and horrible way. As a mother—
I know a lot of moms will agree.
I feel that any form of bullying is harmful and unacceptable.
I hope the media can see the real problem.
The problem of cyber bullying
And no one should tolerate it.
However, the elevator moment is a turning point for Beyonce: "It's embarrassing, in fact, that everything becomes so public ,[it was]
For the first time she had to really deal with some of the issues people had with her marriage.
It changed everything.
This is a critical moment.
"Now, after a lot of effort, the situation between them has certainly improved.
"They all went all out.
They have passed the worst period.
It was a long and difficult process, but they are now in a better place.
"But, according to another person familiar with the matter, their marriage will never be the same.
"They love each other and love each other forever,. . .
They have their ups and downs.
Beyonce's masterpiece, lemonade, came out of pain.
This is a project that has the potential to become a breakup album;
But it successfully transits to more, and in the end, it tells a story about love and hope, betrayal and sadness, trust your intuition, denial.
Sprinkled throughout is a generous measure of intestines-
The painful devotion and lasting love prove that it is possible to weave the broken heart again.
Jay Z has fully agreed with Beyoncé's choice of how to deal with her injuries.
"He fully supported me.
"He understands reasoning," another insider told us . ".
"This is part of the transparency process.
They have recovered.
He was very modest about the experience.
Beyonce is the love of his life and he will do everything he can.
"Jay is involved in the creation of lemonade and knows every song Bey will release.
He knew the lyrics;
He knows what it means.
He had to approve the songs before they were released.
Jay is a very smart businessman. . .
The bottom line is that they are all very smart and have seen signs of the dollar.
According to another source, Beyonce was surprised by the results.
She worked on the matter day and night.
She celebrated with her family.
Jay is by her side.
When Beyonce put the album together, she realized the message she sent.
She knew that people would dissect every word.
Beyonce wants to use this album to express the feelings of women.
The source said, "As for the impact of cheating, Jay is completely for himself.
So he understood.
Beyonce shares music with Jay before the music release so he can listen and share his thoughts.
When it comes to music, they are very involved in music and support each other's craft.
Beyonce was rarely interviewed.
She does not take part in the talk show or in every celebrity event she is invited.
She is opaque on social media and has a long rant on Twitter or an hourly snapshot.
Beyonce is a rare one.
So we listen when she speaks.
She showed her soul this week and lemonade became her pulpit.
In the end, her new album is better than Oprah Winfrey's --on-
Cover of Vanity Fair.
This is as close as her personal diary.
By bravely choosing to release it and opening up the personal life she has been trying to protect for years, she forces us to talk about our own world.
She uses her heartbreak and disappointment to empower black women, to emphasize gender inequality, and to show everyone that love is a place where you can both lose yourself and find yourself at the same time.
It doesn't matter because lemonade gives us hope. Even fairy-
The marriage of celebrities is not perfect.
Beyoncé Knowles Carter, as she stated in the final credit, proves that she can use open rumors and her private struggles to make lemonade
For Beyonce and Jay Z, now that the project is over, she has started her journey and it's a time to start over.
"They will be fine.
This is the second round, "said a friend.
"They are determined to make it work and we all believe they can.
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