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by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-25
the smart transfer  -  the smart board
JOHN merrowenhl 22, 21, 2007, Reshma Tharani, is part of a new generation of community college students: just graduated from high school, determined to save money and be able to understand the way the system is.
She is expected to graduate from New York University next month to teach special education or elementary school. N. Y. U.
One of the most expensive universities in the country (
Tuition, accommodation and meals are about $50,000 per year)
But she only paid a small part of it.
Her strategy is: she lives at home and works part-time
Part-time jobs, including telemarketing, pay less than $2,000 a semester at Nassau Community College on Long Island. I found Ms.
Tarani is a student teacher in the classroom of Public School 3 in the village of Greenwich. A half-
A dozen second and third grade students take turns reading a story.
Every time she finished reading, she asked questions to try to make sure they really understood what they were reading.
She always wanted to go to a shop of four.
But in which university is hesitant.
"So I decided to go to community college and take care of my prerequisites and get my first degree.
She said, "advertising she accepted some requirements during the summer and winter holidays in order to have time during the school year to" have some psychology and math classes that I really am interested in ". Ms.
About 40 years ago, Talani's parents came to the United States from India.
They met and married here and now have a wholesale clothing company. Ms.
Tarani was the first person in her family to go to college.
In this regard, she is similar to 39% of community college students.
Her brother goes to Boston University.
"As tuition fees have risen sharply in four years,
For savvy kids who want to save money, annual institutions, community colleges are an increasingly attractive option, "said the professor.
Nancy schulock of Sacramento State University
"They know what they need, know how to get it, and don't need a lot of student services that community colleges offer to students.
They can pass and transfer in two or three years. "Ms.
Tarani often meets an academic advisor.
"There are lines, but I always manage to see the same woman," she said . ".
She only took what the Nassau consultant said. Y. U.
But, for sure, she doubledchecked with N. Y. U.
One of the most popular professors suggested that she apply for a scholarship to the community college transfer opportunity program, which is designed to attract 13 regional community colleges to transfer to Steinhart culture, education and humanity in N. Y. U. Ms.
Tarani graduated from Nassau with honors and earned $20,000 a year for her juniors and seniors.
Some famous private institutions encourage the transfer. Richard H.
Shaw, dean of admissions at Stanford University, said community university transfer applicants are mature and interesting candidates.
Stanford University has between 1,400 and 1,600 applicants for 70 positions each year.
26% of the students this year come from community colleges, he said.
Thomas H. said Amherst University is actively recruiting community universities for transfer.
Parker, director of admissions and financial assistance.
The Jack Kent Cook Foundation offers up to $30,000 a year for transfer students.
One of the 38 recipients this year is Amherst University.
The foundation also granted grants of nearly $7 million.
Head to Amherst, Mount hollyyork, Bucknell, Cornell, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California, and University of California, Berkeley
"Reach out to the top more effectively
Achieve community college students.
"Advertising, but entering the high end is not necessarily a failure --in.
In a report of 2006, the cook Foundation found that the number of community college students entering the most competitive institutions has declined (from 10.
5% in 1984, 5.
The number of private colleges in 2002 was 7% and 22. 2 to 18.
8% in public places).
According to a study by the Ministry of Education, only about 35% to 50% of potential transfers are done according to the measures used.
One of the main obstacles is simple confusion.
"A student can be ready to transfer to an institution . "Shulock says.
"Then, your living environment changed and you moved and found that the requirements were different in another university.
"In many states, it is successful or failed to transfer credits. Unless a two-
One year college has a clear agreement to satisfy a university with the materials covered in the course, and it is unlikely that transfer students will receive full credit for their efforts.
In California, ladies.
"We don't have a set of standardized courses that community college students can attend and know they are transferring --
Get ready to go to 23 UC campuses or any of 10 UC campuses.
"Where national policymakers intervene and create incentives, the transfer rate is higher.
In Florida, for example, students with an associate's degree will automatically be admitted to one of 11 state universities.
Obviously, it works: According to David Armstrong, president of the Florida community college, 71% of the students who wish to transfer actually do so;
Extra 4 to 6% transfer to private or outdoorof-state colleges.
State University of New York, the University of Virginia, the University of California, Davis and the University of Michigan have also developed programs to attract community University transfers.
When there is a certain contradiction
Annual university education for savvy students like Reshma Tharani.
If there are more universities
Ready students start their post-secondary career at community colleges and the transfer rate will increase.
Community colleges will do what they have to do since their founding.
Except for some people who need the ladder most will be rejected.
When the number of applicants becomes overwhelming, says George R.
Bogs, president of the American Community College Association, said, "the last registered student was rejected, which is usually the first time --
A generation who does not know how to navigate the system and people who are economically poor.
He added, "ensuring that the door is open to those seeking community university education will be a real test of the will of national decision makers. "So, how's lady?
Did Talani compare her two experiences?
She said: "I have good professors in both places, but in Nassau I have never had a big class and no one knows your name.
When I heard friends talk about all the loans they had to pay back, I felt better about my decision.
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