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‘the way of the world’ - smart table clock

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‘the way of the world’  -  smart table clock
2008 welcome housewife Khosa to hear the roommate in the kitchen.
The dim sun shone on him, and the bricks on his bed appeared orange.
He checked his night. table clock —7:15 —
Back to the deep sleep of a young man.
It's Morning in America.
Or at least in an apartment near Dupont Circle, Washington, D. C. C.
Three young ones.
An educated man begins a summer day.
They were friends, and a few years after leaving Connecticut University, they danced in the first job and the anxiety glory of little duty.
This is a world of men.
Linas, a strong Catholic, American.
Born in the Midwest, an economic analyst;
David, Jewish, gay, brown curls and movies
Idol look is a public relations staff member of an international aid organization.
After breakfast, they sneaked out together, each wearing a suit coat and kha cloth, Christian and Jewish, straight and gay, and entered the flow of professional classes in the capital.
Their Muslim roommate heard the front door close and stood up with a good feelingbeing.
As usual he worked late and then had dinner with some friends and one night he spoke and drank late.
He came to Washington south. C.
Just three years ago, he came from Connecticut to Barnes Richardson, an international economic consulting firm. one day ago, he obtained his diploma with the best grades and had an office across the street from the United States. S.
A block from the Treasury and the White House.
He thinks the job is appealing because it is: stand aside in the bloody battle between the state and their big companies over product dumping and tariffs. Trade wars.
It was a conflict that smart people thought the world was heading for in the 1990 s when the decline of the Soviet Union would usher in a post-
Ideological era, a period of tariffs on imports of cars and wheat dumping.
This is a concept of hope, the problem of progress and discontent, the wealth of wealth and possession --
Nots will fight in an economic area where scores can remain the same in terms of GDP, per capita income and infant mortality.
As the few who saw the rise of religious extremism predicted, that would not be the case.
That's why the boy brushed his teeth this morning. July 27, 2006 —
Not just any young professional.
It is worth noting that he is a Muslim from Pakistan's fault line countries --
At the moment, the homes of Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al
Musharraf and Omar Mullah, 50 years old
Five nuclear weapons and countless angry Islamist militants.
From this place, the Usman of this place, works hard with warm White
Eager to be accepted by the sky where America's current hopes are dashed.
Like every wave of newcomers, he has a strong desire to turn hope into something new.
Whether he intends or not, he tests American ideals at dangerous times.
Advertising is a mistake of cultural myopia, or worse, he is not immediately seen with the oft-
Tell the story of the potato famine or the Russian massacre, or further down the road, some Mayflower smugglers look for the opportunity to worship freely.
After all, he is the same as them in every way.
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But his journey includes a 78-year-old Toyota Corolla.
In Pakistan, a car is a symbol of a person who can move as much as he wants.
A new car is rare and luxurious, Usman's father Tariq got the car from his father as a wedding present, he told Tariq that a married man should have a car, he was supposed to be his own man and was not grateful to anyone.
"Advertising Khosas has a deep history in the area, and now it's in the heart of modern geography --
Pakistan, but the family is not one of the dozens of elites who long ruled South Asia and reached a deal with Britain when the empire took over 1860.
The hand of the British is still keenly felt in the region, especially in its brutal academic tradition.
The competition is too generous.
By reciting, this is a test of British classical learning, with millions of contestants, a few winners, and huge awards, all determined by a melting pot known as the civil service exam.
In India, a vast country, only a small percentage of the winners can win the favor of civil servants.
Run the country's bureaucracy for the British
This brings great influence to their fellow citizens and subtle rewards for theft.
Even after India gained its freedom in 1947, the civil service exam still exists, dominated by the country's ruling elite, who can recall the announcement of the score --
One day, one minute, feeling
Like the second child of a family, parents and children often quote wisely in different times.
It can be said that Usman's grandfather was a very good student and he took a place out of the money, but he carried the enthusiasm of the runners --
Enter the newly established Pakistan.
When he was young, he met Mohammed Ali Zhenna and completely internalized the vision of a great man for a Muslim country that would be out of Hinduism --Rule India;
Islamic Republic with mosque
The separation and protection of the state largely imitated Western democracies, where religion would be mostly private affairs and strict education, almost deified.
The idea of Zhenna is that this balance will allow the growth of a professional class, which will be the cornerstone of national progress.
The vision was reflected by Usman's grandfather.
He became a lawyer and participated in countless public utilities. And start selling the land the family has built over the last few centuries to educate his children in the best way that Pakistan has to offer.
Usman's father, Tariq, is the largest and first beneficiary to obtain a university degree and blue Toyota in a series of sharp professional tasks, and to rise through the competitive bureaucracy in Pakistan, become one of the country's leading law enforcement officials.
Like many bureaucrats, he shuttled between government departments, even with government employees, but had little cash. As a result, the remaining land of the family was sold for educating his children at the best schools in Pakistan.
This means that Usman's sister, two years older than him, starred in the best private women's college in Lahore and received a full scholarship from the London School of Economics.
That Usman is an outstanding student at the only Acheson school in Lahore.
Britain began educating children of Indian feudal families a century ago.
Received a full scholarship from the Connecticut College.
The problem comes down to what is not covered: expensive flights from Pakistan to the United States. (Continues. . . )
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