‘the wizard of id’ turns 50: here and on the comics page, cartoonists celebrate the hart/parker strip’s golden anniversary - graphic design drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-19
‘the wizard of id’ turns 50: here and on the comics page, cartoonists celebrate the hart/parker strip’s golden anniversary  -  graphic design drawing pad
It is a good thing to be king in the century.
There are real magicians and chickens.
The kind-hearted Knights chiefs, even the pickled clowns, are not that bad as they have neat punch lines that can be as dark as Mead.
"Elf of Id", creator --
Distributed comics dig a lot of gag from the distorted medieval castle life, launched by the Reuben Award 50 years ago this month
Johnny Hart (“B. C. ”)
And Brent Parker (“Crock”).
The street soon proved popular, won the honor of many national cartoonist associations and ranked first among 1,000 newspapers. (The co-
In 2007, ten years after the creator's son, Jeff Parker, took over the strip, passed away in nearly a week;
Two of Hart's grandsons, Mason masteroni and Mick masteroni, have now helped make the strap. )
One element that the Id wizard has ticked for a long time is its ability to flesh out inventory
Character Type-
Then under their skin.
An authoritarian monarch with a lack of temper and body. eye-of-
Inuit wizard of alcohol
Swill and the swill court clown-
Eat dungeon residentsthe bulbous-
The nose actor plays lightly, keeping the ironic humor lively and lively.
All of this has won the lasting respect of many industry colleagues.
Today, on the comic page, you can see how some of them salute and celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the "Wizard" in their own zone.
Comic Riffs listen to their own favorite memories with some cartoonists: BRIAN CRANE)“Pickles”)
: What can I say about the 50 th anniversary of "Id wizard?
I think I can say that it's shocking to realize that I'm big enough to read it from it.
A long time ago, I was a paper boy and dreamed of making a cartoon of my own one day.
I like the quirky sense of humor and the good looking.
The style of painting is very good.
So last year, I was very excited when Patty Hart asked me to write a preface for all the new book episodes of the 1973 "Id Wizard.
Happy anniversary, "Id Wizard" and so on! BRIAN WALKER (“Hi and Lois”)
Johnny Hart always said he was serious.
As I reflect on the humor of the classic creations of Brent Parker and Johnny Hart, I think of the memorable words of the Wizard: "flaming of Jim Jamm, crotz
It's really interesting now.
Patrick McDonald (“Mutts”)
: When Patty Hart contacted cartoonist around 50
Anniversary, I am very happy to be one of them.
It's interesting to draw a king. it's a very quirky character design.
I read "Wizard of Id" and "B. C.
"After growing up.
I had the privilege of having breakfast with great Johnny Hart.
He is, of course, a fashionable and cool cat. MIKE PETERS (
Mother Goose and green ")
: "The Elf of Id" seems simple, modern and funny --
Everything about Johnny Hart.
My first time [saw]
Johnny Hart, 1965, I work at the Chicago Daily News/SunTimes building.
I just got my first job in the paper as an employee artist.
I heard Johnny Hart was on the floor. His “B. C.
"Strip is the hottest --
Sell strip and his new strip, "Id wizard "[
With Brent Parker.
It looks as big as it will be.
He came in a black shirt and black trousers. so cool.
I'm sure he was promoting the new strip and he smiled and shook hands with everyone he met.
I feel very honored to be one of them.
When I started my strip about 15 years later, we became good friends.
He invited a small group of his friends in B. C.
Golf Open in BinghamtonY.
They have it every year.
This is the case.
But I like to tell Johnny's story: he and his wonderful wife Bobby bought a beautiful house in Binghamton.
He had a wonderful home and he built this gorgeous studio next to it, all on his property.
One day, Bobby noticed that these sightseeing buses were heading towards [1. the]
At the entrance of their house, people went out to take pictures.
She told Johnny that this is something that happens a lot.
Johnny thought it would be a good idea to distribute a small signed copy of "B"C.
"And" Id guide "for these tourists.
So Johnny made the comic, signed it, and Bobby made the cookies.
A sightseeing bus stopped the next day.
. . . . . . Bobby will distribute cookies and cartoons and tell them something about [Hart’s strips]
Thank you for coming.
People seem to appreciate it, but are a bit confused and ask, "What is B?
C and "id wizard "?
Bobby and Johnny later found out that the hill they bought was the same hill [where]Joseph Smith [
Founder of Mormon]
Received his gold plate and eventually became a Book of Mormon, people will still come today. DAVE COVERLY (“Speed Bump”)
: When I think back to falling in love with comics when I was a child, I rarely think of comic pages, even though I have been reading them all the time.
It was those amazing little paperbacks that attracted me, and I guess that's because you can have them and read them over and over again.
Of course, there are "Peanuts", "Hagar" and "B" in my collection. C.
"And" sweep Hilda.
But what fascinates me most is the Wizard of Id.
"They seem to be targeting older readers because I (wrongly)
I think I'm some kind of kid comics connoisseur and I feel like we're sharing an internal joke.
The irony is a bit heavy, and the joke is a bit cold.
But what really killed me was art.
It is so loose and airy. I pictured Mr.
Parker was just sitting in a comfortable chair kicking backwards, maybe wearing a smoking jacket, holding a drawing pad on his lap, and casually putting the characters on paper, it seems like this is the easiest thing to do in the world.
Like all seemingly simple cartoons, they are impossible to copy.
God knows I tried.
So when I offer my sincere congratulation to the Wizard and am in awe of the manga celebrating the 50 th anniversary, I am not surprised.
The great ones tend to last. KEVIN RECHIN (“Crock”)
: I am lucky that through my father's relationship with Brent Parker and Johnny Hart I have such a close connection with the "Id Wizard. [Bill Rechin co-
Created the "tank" with Parker ". ]
By Brent Parker. while]
Growing up is one of the best gifts a young cartoonist can ask.
The world he created with Johnny Hart was so whimsical and fun.
The simple beauty of painting style is combined with cutting machine intelligence, making this belt the most important one --time greats.
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