the writing on the chalkboard: teacher training needs to be more practical - smart board system-IT

the writing on the chalkboard: teacher training needs to be more practical - smart board system

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-26
the writing on the chalkboard: teacher training needs to be more practical  -  smart board system
SEATTLE-Seattle (AP)—
The formal training of Hemant Mehta taught him how to write lesson plans and how public schools in the United States startedS.
, But it is useless when it comes to keeping order in the classroom and getting the student's attention.
In order to spend his first year teaching mathematics to high school students in ill neperville. , the 27-year-
The elderly need the help of Twitter, math blogs on the Internet, TV sitcoms and experienced teachers from big boys.
"The idea there is much better than my formal training," Mehta said . ".
For example, he found that students learn more math when they have fun, play games or watch video clips.
Few universities offer enough nuts, critics sayand-
Bolt teaching skills such as public speaking, class management and handling class goof-off.
"In the United States, this is complicated because our country does not agree that teachers need too much preparation," says Suzanne Wilson, chair of teacher education at Michigan State University . ".
"As a country, we are very different on this issue.
"Educators say there is a lot of content left out in teachers' lesson plans --
From engaging children to leading meaningful classroom discussions and using student test data to assess when students are ready to continue their studies.
Mehta will join this list: inspire kids to do homework, deal with parents, read teacher contracts, use classroom techniques such as whiteboards and giant computer screens, and whether it is OK to accept student friend requests on Facebook.
Educators across the country have begun to work together to look at what future teacher education looks like, and the federal government is participating.
In a speech at Columbia Normal College last fall, Education Minister Arne Duncan said that as part of the re-authorization of the Primary and Secondary Education Act, the federal government will invest in the reform of teacher training programs.
"We should learn and replicate the practice of effective teacher preparation programs --
"And encourage the worst performers to shape or close," Duncan said . ".
Duncan said that although there is evidence that teachers are not prepared for the reality of the classroom, the teacher education program has been resisting change, states are unwilling or unprepared to use student test data to track which universities have developed the most effective teachers.
The president's budget includes proposals to expand the role of the federal government in teacher training programs, which, if approved by Congress, will increase by $0. 405 billion a year.
This is more than double what the federal government currently has on teacher preparation programs.
Pam Grossman, professor of curriculum and teacher education at Stanford University, said the pendulum swings back and forth between the focus on craft and theory in teacher education.
Is it more important for teachers to know how to get first?
Grade students say words, or should they understand why some children learn to read in kindergarten while others don't understand until Grade 2?
"It's really about understanding how and why to integrate," Grossman said . ".
The trend of teacher education is to increase more practical teaching, but she has more ideas for progress.
Grossman described a step. by-
Steps to teach classroom management or how to lead discussions, etc: Video showing good teacher techniques, talking about videos, having student role-playing practice with each other, and then sending them to the wild, video them while they practice on their children.
This sounds simple and practical, but many teacher candidates have never practiced these skills before they first entered the classroom.
What would parents think if they knew that the nurse did not practice inserting the subcutaneous injection needle into orange and other nursing students before injecting the child?
Doug lemmov, who runs a New York-based charter school that manages the nonprofits 'extraordinary school', is convinced that teachers can be taught great technology. His new step-by-
Step teaching book "teaching like a champion" has been an unpublished hot book for many years, distributed at seminars and sought after by teachers who want to fill the training gap.
Lemov goes deep into the nature of classroom life, such as teaching children to deliver papers more effectively.
Lemov Digital students pass 20 papers and materials every day.
If they learn fast for a minute, their teachers have 20 minutes of study time a day.
The students said the work of a skilled teacher looked like magic, Grossman said.
But it is no longer a mystery when this practice is broken down, analyzed, and practiced.
"People can be better in all these areas.
"I don't think it's magic," Grossman said . ".
Deborah Bauer, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education, believes that one problem in ensuring that teachers receive the right training is that the training in different schools is very different.
Almost all of the more than 1,400 teachers colleges and certified alternatives offer different programs and each state has its own requirements.
Bauer said that one day will replace the people of country 3.
8 million teachers need to learn how to do the same in the right way, just like all doctors who have received delivery, stitches and injections.
"When professional training programs are so diverse, we can't have a reasonable professional training program," Ball said . ".
Teachers also need more help to improve their work, Ball said.
She says research shows that most AmericansS.
Teachers have stopped making progress after three or four years, but teachers will become better in their careers in countries where they receive targeted professional training, based on data in the classroom about children's performance.
"I think this is a strong charge against our system," Bauer said . ".
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