threshold preview : windows 10 for the not-very-techies - touch screen drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
threshold preview : windows 10 for the not-very-techies  -  touch screen drawing tablet
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If you are currently using Windows 7-
If you are currently using Windows 8, you will want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free (or 8. 1)-
They will upgrade to Windows 10 for free.
Even if you don't think you will use these new features;
You might as well upgrade and restart the technical support clock!
Windows 10 is expected to be the biggest overhaul of Microsoft's operating system since it abandoned the millennium version of Windows.
We'll see what happens to the PC near you and why you should consider the next OS upgrade.
To tell you about Windows 10, that is, its threshold code, I have been playing a preview of Windows technology that I can download and install for a while.
Rumor has it that this preview will be locked soon so not everything comes from the horse mouth (
Or rather, my horse-sized fingers)
I will also see what others are saying.
This will be an article I think "live" and I will update it as much as I can so you can make the smart choice you want to upgrade to Windows 10.
Installation is fast-
But the most important thing to keep in mind now is that the installation process will definitely change.
I started by evaluating Build 9841, which is the first public beta preview.
This may be the version of Windows 7 that you are familiar (or 8)Pro;
If you are more likely to use it in an enterprise environment, there are other versions available for preview.
The first installation of the Windows technology preview is less than 15 minutes.
This is not surprising, since most of the final code is in writing and includes only a few applications and features.
If you have already used Windows 8 or 8, please do it or not.
Then you will know that Microsoft wants you to set up a Microsoft account.
There are actually great benefits to doing this, such as easy access to Skype, e-
Mail and cloud storage with single sign-on-
Of course, Microsoft is also able to selectively target you with ad or storage add-onsons.
You can set up a fully local user account and I haven't decided yet whether to cut off my Windows 10 admin from the online world.
The problem is that Windows 10 is increasingly being customized as an idiot as its rival Apple OS.
I doubt the Windows Store will be as strict as Apple's "iFranchise", but I bet people with Windows 10 somewhere will eventually prove themselves a better idiot.
During the installation, there are a number of options that are clearly tailored to make the first installer as easy as possible.
The simple slider switch asks if you want to enable the default "no trace" on Internet Explorer and if you want Bing as the default search engine.
I wonder if this quiet push will be back.
Attracting users to use Microsoft products will be a long-term problem.
Windows StoreCredit: Darren-w-
Gray/Microsoft screen if you have never installed Windows 8 and live through your Android smartphone, then you may not have encountered the Windows Store before.
The Windows Store allows you to install many programs and applications directly from the Store window, just like your most popular smartphone;
For those already familiar, most apps and games seem to be similar to Windows 8.
I tried the new store to download some games and I found that there is no way to play games with your keyboard for the games I downloaded.
It is clearly optimized for touch screens.
The Facebook app I downloaded from the Windows Store was modified from the normal mobile app.
It looks bad, and Windows obviously needs to avoid the policy of "everyone has an operating system. It's Back!
Starting Line: Darren-w-
I hate gray/Microsoft screen tips when Windows 8 is installed.
The Start menu is rubbish, which is called non-
Exist until 8. 1 update.
However, for the new Windows 10 desktop, our start menu pays off, despite minor changes, and adds metro-style tiles to the new installation.
Now I should really bring my good wife in.
Her vision was severely impaired and she had to use her gadgets and devices at low resolution.
She said, though, that she likes the idea of a tiled Start menu, so when the updated update is ready, we should want it to continue to exist.
You can see the subway on the left.
Style tiles are still adjustable in size, allowing you to have a greater preference for your most commonly used programs, or are more likely to be needed when you are drunk and use touch screens on your laptop or tablet.
Multiple desktops in Windows 10 (
Not other operating systems though)
It's a virtual desktop.
I can save all my games on a virtual desktop (I have an ever-
Increase steam Bank)
While working on another web development, perform my InfoBarrel task on the third project.
However, what I would like to know is whether the computer ports will work in a different way, as I have not considered when logging into the Windows technology preview.
Now the reason I'm asking this out loud is because I 've been using a local server stack called XAMPP and the default port for Apache lately (
I'm looking through the web server)
Same as Skype.
It's not great when you want to use the same computer and don't want to fiddle with the port! Anyway. . . .
The task view is actually similar to using a good old ALT Tab Window switch that will allow you to switch these virtual desktops.
As you can see on the right, I have started some virtual desktops, but I was wondering if there is still some work to be done.
When I go into "Desktop 2" and open something like the Windows Store, you see that it opens on all the later desktops.
This may be because I have opened some virtual units, but when I want to open a new instance of Internet Explorer, the computer insists on going back to the first screen where I open the IE window.
If this is the intended feature then I can't see half of it.
But there's a problem.
I might not use the task view if they don't change it.
The virtual desktop created is not permanent.
They are gone when you log out.
Third-party solutions on Windows, such as vodawin, have already provided a huge extension of the new Microsoft "features", to be honest, if you are already a virtual desktop power user, you may already be using Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.
If you think you need a different desktop because sometimes you use a Bluetooth keyboard on a Windows 10 tablet, then don't worry;
Microsoft also thought of this.
From the demo I saw, continue shows the Microsoft Surface tablet-
The basic idea of Hybrid is that when you connect the keyboard, it works like a netbook/laptop, but when you disconnect the keyboard, it works like a tablet.
Now I think this is a good idea and it will definitely attract me when I am not working in the office;
But there's no mention of whether this works for Windows 10 tablets as well, and then you can connect the keyboard using Bluetooth!
The great thing about this, though, is that it will make it easier for you and me to go out and take pictures with a tablet's camera and then post them almost immediately to InfoBarrel, and connect the keyboard to finish all the writing!
As you can see, the Microsoft indows store has released a continuous demo and now there's so much to do with the new Windows 10 preview that I have to start writing and when I try new features, I will update this article as I continue.
It is worth noting that a new version has been released in the past few weeks.
This means that when I catch up to see what we have here, the information may be slightly out of date.
However, Windows 10, code-named Threshold, is coming soon.
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