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to confound and delight - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-11
to confound and delight  -  drawing pad
Fiona Scott wrote that it was easy to see a ridiculous show at the Melbourne International Comedy FestivalNorman.
The absurd comic wants to travel, like a small marshmallow raft on the rough seas of dave, Dans and the Best fest, to announce yourself (
They are all him)
With a program title that contrasts through tenderness, whimsy, and downright unique and screaming: enter the blood on the egg yolk of the owl key of the conquered, Sunshine factory, Laluna people, pornographic cats, bird language animals.
In fact, you have been warned.
If you want a solid fixed time, these are not knocking --"Emup and knock-'em-down jokes.
It's better to see Dave.
The absurd comedy usually follows the great tradition of the absurd drama, which is essentially existential and is intended to confuse, itch, interrogate, confuse and delight.
Sam Simmonds, the new king of absurd comedy in Melbourne (Sam Simmonds)
Although he prefers the word "jazz comedy).
The day is the zoo keeper and the night is very strange, Simmonds has two shows this year, the solo story of the porn cat, and the return season of Dave Karan's Sunshine factory, A drama inspired by waiting Godot, placed in a lighthouse after the light bulb went out.
Simmonds built a strong reputation in the stands
About a porn cat and a routine of deconstructing nursery rhymes, and songs like being harassed in a RV Park.
Starting from being essentially a ridiculous society, he was called weak in school, and he spent many years honing his unconventional nature.
"My best friends in Adelaide and I are just weird kids," he said . "
"When we were 10 years old, we built the lost city Atlambo with old plastic bottles and nailed it to the top of the school's cool shed.
"I 've been through a time when I'm just confused and isolated and I don't want to do that anymore.
"I understand that the key is absolute belief.
In this way, you can stand on the stage and imagine a circle of music that will work.
This is a terrible thing.
But it is this predictability that makes it interesting.
People go out and say, "I 've never seen something like this before, and I'm laughing . ".
"Warwick olthorpe, half of the portholes into the mind of the conquered (
With Tamlyn Henderson)
And declared the-punchline.
"Comedy is very formulaic. we have a lot of meaningless things.
It will take a while for people to get into our wavelength, but we deconstructed the language and made it comfortable for people not to know what will happen next.
"This is 50 minutes when rational thinking is no longer applicable and you have to blur your thinking.
"It's very free," Allsopp said . " He came from Perth, claiming that everything made sense when he read Waiting for Godot in 11 years. Porthole is a (sort of)
For three years, a drama created by SMS/poetry/ideas sent between Allsopp and Henderson.
Another drama about a dreamer, LaLaLuna, who had to replace the light on the moon, used a lot of visual images
The sand keeps pouring out of the shoes, pulling out the strings from the drawing board, and a nightmare that blurs the breeding of rabbits.
According to LaLaLuna's writer
According to Mexican folklore, performer Wolf bowter hailed Arizona from New York and told about the rabbit on the moon.
Bowter's parents and grandparents were both writers and painters, and he saw it when he was a child.
There is also Dali film Andaro.
"I like to play clown logic --
Walking in one direction, suddenly to the righthand turn.
This is the source of comedy.
But there are several layers of the show.
Finally, there was a feeling of melancholy and bittersweet.
"You have joy and tears in your eyes," bowter said . ". Absurd position
But Sydney comedian Nick Sun (
Blood on owl key egg yolk)
He won the title of the original comedy in 2004, and he found himself in the field as a reaction to the standard comedy structure.
"Part of me hates the whole set --up-
"The point is.
"I'm trying to get rid of the whole syntax and create my own, but, from the downside, it means a lot of failures because I'm constantly reinventing myself at the moment, breaking new through the old, try to get rid of my influence and find out who I am.
"To be honest, I should call my show.
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