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tony blair answers the questions others try to avoid - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
tony blair answers the questions others try to avoid  -  a smart board
The most frustrating thing for a political interviewer is that guests simply close your elaborate questions with boring voices and meaningless statements.
Sadly, some politicians aim to pass the interview without giving any news clues.
Needless to say, it doesn't make TV interesting or informative either.
So some of the most attractive interviews are those who are no longer on the political front.
: No matter what you think about his politics, Tony Blair is a refreshing person because he will answer any questions you ask without trying to avoid them (
Makes me realize that this rarely happens in the political world).
I have asked many politicians if there would be a tough border if not allowed
The UK is out of the EU and most people are either avoiding the issue or trying to limit their response. Tony Blair.
Of course, he was one of the designers of the Good Friday Agreement).
"You will have a hard boundary, a very hard boundary," he told me . ". "A no-
Britain's exit from the EU agreement means that the border between Ireland and north is very difficult.
This is in violation of the Good Friday agreement and will create a huge rift within the United Kingdom.
"So politicians are playing a" fast and easy "game of the peace process," he added.
I was under the impression that Mr Blair would be cautious about being attracted to the Labor party and would expect him to be cautious when discussing anti-Semitism.
However, he told me frankly and directly: "We should be a progressive party.
"How can we say that there is a certain degree of anti-Semitism in the party that can be tolerated," and whether we would say more generally that there is a certain degree of racism in the Labor party that can be tolerated
Of course you can't.
"I asked if the leadership was strong enough.
"No," he replied.
"It's not strong enough, in fact, someone like Luciana Berger, who is a smart, capable and active member of parliament, has done her best for her constituents --
In fact, she should even be bound by the trust motion, which is shameful for the Labor Party.
"If political parties in the local constituency are suspended,
I think what Tom said is absolutely correct.
"I support him 100%," Mr Blair said . ".
If my social media mentions anything since I announced that Tony Blair will be on the show, his frankness will only make his critics even more angry.
But in a world where nothing is said, the most important thing is to say what you think, and we should at least praise the former prime minister for trying to answer that question.
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