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top 10 tablet pc accessories - drawing tablet with pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-15
top 10 tablet pc accessories  -  drawing tablet with pen
Many old tablets like Apple Newton and Palm PDAs use pens or stylus as interfaces.
These provide functions such as handwriting and gesture recognition.
However, with the advanced touch screen function, is the tablet pen still needed?
It would be very helpful to have a pen in some applications.
Some apps allow you to write pen notes on your tablet, so pen is the best tool.
In addition, the pen is very useful for painting, sketching and other art applications.
Most tablets today require capacity input. -
That is to say, some kind of current must interact with the touch screen.
That's why your fingers won't work if you wear gloves.
The tablet pen has a magnetic charge and can be used on the touch screen. If your work (or fun)
Including precise movement, the pen may be a great addition to your collection of accessories.
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