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"touch disease" defect is now killing iphones - touch screen whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-20
A new report warns iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users that they may be threatening their phones.
If you notice that there is a flashing gray strip at the top of your phone's screen, it may be plagued by what is called a "touch disease" that eventually causes the touch screen to be unresponsive.
The report is from iFixit.
Org found that more and more phone repair professionals are constantly meeting users and they found mysterious gray bars flashing on the top of the phone.
According to ZDNet, the problem was blamed on Apple's design flaws.
This defect stems from two chips on the phone's motherboard, which may be loose due to the welding of the phone when the phone is under pressure and bending during use.
At first, the defect appeared in the form of an occasional unresponsive touch screen.
When the problem becomes more serious, the touch screen will not work at all.
What is the gray bar at the top of my iPhone?
Troubleshoot "no touch.
By Rice is mainly having dinner on YouTube, the problem has been found on the iniPhone 6 Plus phone, but there are also reports on the smaller number of iPhone 6 models.
According to iFixit, if your phone is under warranty, Apple will fix it, however, if it is out of warranty, you will either pay for replacing the motherboard or buy a brand new phone.
"Apple's maintenance genius has no ability to carry out special maintenance of the motherboard.
So they can't actually fix the Touch Disease, "wrote Julia Bluff of iFixIt.
"But skilled, third
Experts in square micro welding (
According to official company policy, most "unauthorized" Apple repairs
Mobile phones with symptoms of touching disease can be repaired.
They can be much cheaper than the cost of a new motherboard or out-of-
Warranty Phone replacement.
That's why so many damaged iPhones are entering repair shops around the world.
"It is not known how common this problem is.
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