train smart not hard, eat more and get educated: personal trainer reveals (the sometimes surprising) ways you can get your dream bikini body - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
train smart not hard, eat more and get educated: personal trainer reveals (the sometimes surprising) ways you can get your dream bikini body  -  what is a smart board
You might think that in order to get a bikini figure, you need to run long distances every day and reduce some of the main calories. Think again.
Private coach from Queensland and bikini world champion Rachel Dillon also joined the game.
According to 23-year-
When you are old, it's all about training to be smart rather than trying to eat and lift weights.
Dillon told Women magazine that you have to be educated if you want a bikini. MS
According to Dillon, a MS who has been exercising and slim, bodybuilding and slim physique is not from endless aerobic exercise, but from targeted weight training: "I have always been healthy," she said: "But before I went to college, I was always an oxygen rabbit, very thin, but not in shape. ".
"I will do two to three hours of cardio a day and try to see what I'm eating.
Then, after reading some books on the subject, I found out that I needed to eat a little more and try to lift weights.
These days, 23-year-
The old bikini world champion eats five to six meals a day, between 2000 and 2500 calories in total.
I try to live according to the 80/20 rule where I eat healthy and the rest treat myself, she said.
"I also eat high-protein, high-fat foods at night, and carbohydrates during training.
"Ms Dillon's advice to women who want to have a woman but fit in shape is to stop dieting and" stop cutting carbs, proteins and fats "from your daily intake ": "I always suggest that my customers gradually increase their heat so they increase it --
You just need to know what calories to eat.
I don't eat any processed food or too much sugar, she said.
About her ass.
Dillon MS wrote a complete "loot plan" for this"the 23-year-
Getting the perfect peach plum isn't as hard as it sounds, she says: "It's not so hard to train smart . ".
And join the compound exercise
Such as Get Down
Your daily life.
Your loot is made up of three core glute muscles and you need to aim at each one if you want to get a bikini figure.
"It's good to exercise alone, but you also need to make sure that your nutrition matches your training and that you eat enough in the first place.
For those who want to start wearing a bikini in 2017, Dillon MS has some suggestions. 'Try HIIT [
High intensity interval training
, This is great for getting a bikini figure, and can also make small changes to your daily habits, whether it's diet change or exercise.
"I want the bikini to be a part of your lifestyle.
Add an extra piece of fruit to your diet, get up at the same time every day and go to bed early.
Today, workout and nutrition tips posted on Instagram and Snapchat are everywhere and easy to work out;
It just wants it enough.
"Since I changed the attitude of training and eating, my shape has changed, my self.
It's ridiculous that self-esteem and confidence have risen so much.
When I was young, I spent all my time trying to look like someone else. But now -finally -
I'm happy to be myself.
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Where she often exercisesclick here.
You can also learn more about her and try one of her shows here.
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