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training arabic linguists. - smart board training

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training arabic linguists.  -  smart board training
While the military's performance in enduring freedom and freedom of movement in Iraq has repeatedly validated weapons systems and tactics, it has also highlighted a key deficiency: soldiers who can read and speak Arabic.
The Foreign Language Center of the National Defense Language Institute is working to meet this demand.
A specialized School in Monterey, a historic fort in California, about 60 miles south of San Francisco, DLIFLC trains linguists for the Ministry of Defense, a small number, other federal agencies and certain foreign governments.
DLIFLC teaches 22 languages, which are classified by difficulty.
Basic courses in class I languages such as French and Italian are 25 weeks and basic courses in Arabic and other highly challenging class IV languages are 63 weeks.
The DLIFLC course is taught by civilians, most of which are university courses
The educated mother tongue is the language they teach.
Army of the military-
Specific language skills that students need in their tasks.
DLIFLC has approximately 1,000 staff and 300 civilian staff, with support from approximately 400 military personnel in each department.
The Department of nine residents of DLIFLC continues-
Team-based education school art
Teaching philosophy, each group of six instructors deals with three sections of up to 10 students.
These classes are small compared to civilian schools and teachers use them so high
Satellite TV and smart motherboard electronic "blackboard" can access the Internet and other technology auxiliary equipment.
Each student has an MP3 audio player that can record and play key materials.
The best and brightest students entering DLIFLC can't choose the language they're going to learn, says Dr.
Stephen Payne, senior vice president of the school
The decision was made based on andidate's score on the Defense Language capability battery.
Penn said that DLAB shows everyone's relative ability in language, and students are assigned a language according to their scores.
The person who scored the highest, showed the greatest ability, and finally entered one of the fourth categories of projects.
Because Arabic is such a challenging language, a special student is needed to solve it, Payne said.
"The soldiers and others who joined the Arab Program came here through a very challenging selection process and they were indeed the best and brightest," he said . ".
Including SPC Brad Robertson, his long term
The time interest of many students in Arabic and his enthusiasm for the project are typical.
"I always wanted to learn Arabic.
When I was in college, I did a lot of research on the university.
"Arab-level projects, andDLI has been at the top of the list as the most intensive project in the country," Robertson said . " "This is obviously the quickest and most comprehensive way I can learn the language, and the fact that almost all the teachers are native speakers makes me make a decision.
Penn agrees: "Having a highly qualified native speaker is the key to the quality of the program.
"Our Arabic teachers bring unparalleled language and cultural knowledge to the classroom, as well as the team --
"Teaching philosophy and small class teaching really enable them to impart knowledge in a very effective way," he said . ".
"Our teachers are very supportive of this fact, which is also a fact . "
"On the first day of class, they told us that they would do everything they could to help us and that they had done it.
Some teachers have been teaching Arabic for decades and we may make many mistakes.
They treat us with care and respect and it really helps to make this a great experience.
DLIFLC's comprehensive Arabic Program-
The language program is centered on ISchool (known as MAS) in the Middle East and 2 schools (known as MBS) in the Middle East.
At the time of the soldier's visit, about 800 students studied Arabic in MAS and MBS, and the teaching was the same in each Arabic Department.
According to Dr. MAS dean, the mission of the schoolChristine M.
Campbell will develop the basic abilities of the students in terms of language, just as new infantry or tankers are taught the basic skills required by their Moss.
And then, like fighting
The skills of weapon soldiers have been expanded and improved upon arrival at the combat unit, and the skills of "real" have also been improvedworld" use.
DLI teaches Modern Standard Arabic, a refined form of the entire Middle East language, Campbell said.
Learn the basics of MSAgives students, and then they can build their skills in a variety of regional and ethnic dialects of the language.
"When you arrive in the Middle East, if you speak MSA, people will think that you are highly educated because MSA is the language of the Quran and is used by broadcasters in Arabic --
"It's the world," said Robert Hoffman, a combat officer at MAS.
"But when you meet people in remote villages, they may not say MSA if they don't go to school," he said . ".
"There, the 75-hour training of the levintan, Egyptian or Iraqi dialects began.
"Because DLI's Arab students are being trained to use the language in military or intelligence applications, their training includes" modules "that deal with the vocabulary that these students have," Hoffman said ".
Like every language taught by DLIFLC, students learn Arabic in stages.
The first one is "sound and script", which is an introduction to the alphabet and language sounds.
"Then they see things on their computer, listen to the tape they download to the MP3 player, and add the gel to the reading.
When they entered the higher semester, we arranged more time for them to speak, because speech is the most difficult skill to master . "
Improve their language skills and learn about the culture, politics and current affairs of Arabic
Students watch Al Jazeera and other Arabic language programs.
Language TV network on the smart committee of each classroom, osamama Akkad said that osama Akkad is the chairman of one of the four Arabic Departments of mas.
The students noted that, in addition to phased and comprehensive, the school's learning process is still challenging, especially given the complexity of Arabic and the acceleration of the curriculum.
"I learned Spanish and German in high school and both languages are very easy compared to Arabic," said PFC JohnMartin.
"In the first three weeks of DLIFLC, we reported that I was in 18-
"The Arabic week semester at the university," Robertson added . ".
"Because every day is full, you really have to focus and stay focused.
"Yes, we keep the students very busy," Hoffman said . ".
"The typical day includes at least six hours of class time, as well as physical training, formation training and two to three hours of homework per day.
In addition, there are mandatory evening lessons twice a week.
This is a very fulfilling and challenging schedule and students really have to work hard to get all the work done to keep it going.
"Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some students to keep their attention.
Infiscal in 2003, for example, the action to be taken.
2% of Arab students were "academically canceled" for academic reasons, and 20% of Arab students were "canceled" for administrative reasons ".
But getting students out of the program is not something that school staff like to do, says Campbell.
In fact, if a person's quality of work starts to decline, the employee will step in immediately to help.
"If someone doesn't do well, you can't just say 'Listen more, 'or 'work harder,' you have to find out why students have difficulties and then solve them," she said . ".
"We are trying to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the student and find out why the person is having difficulties.
We then strive to improve positive skills and suggest strategies for students to improve.
Campbell said: "The poor performance of students in the classroom may be due to family issues, military discipline issues, or even poor health, not the language itself.
Military readers, pastors, or other non-academic advisors will help when students need it.
"Academic staff and military leaders have the same goals," Campbell said . ".
"We all want to do everything we can to ensure that students succeed in language training.
"For many DLIFLC students, overcoming the challenge of learning Arabic is more important than personal pride or intellectual achievement. Vassallo said.
"Of course, the workload can be tiring and sometimes it is difficult to keep motivated.
But we all know how important Arabic is to the military and the country, and we want to do it well . "
"If we make a mistake when we explore the wild, we may lose our lives.
That's simple.
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