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troubled county college makes $6.7m 'investment in our students' - smart board mobile

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-15
troubled county college makes $6.7m \'investment in our students\'  -  smart board mobile
There is a new technology at the Essex County College.
On the fourth floor of Newark campus, 140 computer stations are arranged neatly in modern classrooms equipped with smart motherboards.
The librarians are stationed in the brightlit floor.
Stylish seating area built in
Distributed in 21 000 square meters in power outletsfoot space.
There is even a wall of living gardens.
"That's what we expect from you," Persaud, associate dean of program development and learning resources at the college, said in June, looking at clean and open spaces.
"This not only makes our heads and shoulders higher than our peers, but also higher than our sister institutions in the region.
"In the week after the probation of the certified body of the Essex County College, the leaders of the college gathered on Tuesday for the opening ceremony of $6.
7 million "information commons" at the top of the college library ".
"This is an investment that is very much needed for our students," said President Anthony Monroe . ".
He said the countryof-the-
The Center for the arts and media will increase digital access and "improve academic resources ".
The space consists of 7 classrooms, two ground-breaking study rooms, restrooms, office space for librarians and a "soothing" wall of water.
The project is part of the construction of our future bond act through 2012, which provides state colleges and universities with a grant of $0. 75 billion;
The rest will be funded by the college.
"The library is out of date now and you need a place for kids to learn technology . "said.
"I am very proud of our investment in students and we will push this university forward.
"There are about 10,000 students enrolled at Essex County College who will be able to use the space for research and collaboration.
"It's not just a place to hang out or a computer lab," says Persaud . ".
"It's way more than that.
Persaud said the college plans to hire an assistant director for the library.
Help the information sharing space of the three librarians on campus.
The Central State Higher Education Commission, which accredited regional colleges, raised questions about the college's finance and governance.
The college will be in November.
2018 resolve the issue to maintain the certification that allows students to receive federal funding to cover their tuition fees.
Without funding from the federal government, colleges are likely to be shut down.
DiVincenzo said he and the board (
Many of them are new members of the board)
I will work with the president, "make sure we always put students first and work together.
"It's not about us, it's about young people who start their careers here, there are challenges ahead, but we're all going to move on," DiVincenzo said . ".
"The past is the past. we are the future now.
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