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trum admin vs. congress. transcript: 5/10/19. the last word w/ lawrence o’donnell.  -  smart e table
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MSNBC host rachel maddow: that's what we did tonight.
I was very excited about the interview.
I can't believe we had James Baker talk about all these things here.
Great. All right.
I'm going to tell you something about Monday night's show.
The former Texas congressman and current Democratic presidential candidate, Bento o'lock, will be here.
He has been here for the first time since he announced his candidacy for president.
It's here on Monday night.
It's time for JoyReid to fill out the "last sentence" for Lawrence tonight.
Good evening, Joey.
Joey Reid, MSNBC host: Good evening, Rachel.
First of all, the interview is great.
It's really interesting, you asked me the question I want to know most, something about Trump Tower. MADDOW: Yes.
Reid: it's still very strange for me.
I need more information.
MADDOW: where are all similar potential leverage in terms of counter intelligence? Just poof.
Ah Pu, magic.
MADDOW: I think after talking about it, I finally got a little bit of an idea of where it went.
I will make sense on the weekend. REID: It does.
I think people forget about the scope and limitations that Mueller is actually looking into, and I think people do think he will answer all those questions, but of course, there's a lot more to come.
Congrats you for an interview with Beto on Monday.
I'm watching.
Thank you very much.
I like this self.
Self-esteem is thrown over. This isgreat.
Because, you know, we love ourselves, we love each other.
We must build each other.
This is a crazy moment.
I watched "hand woman" like a documentary.
This is a crazy idea. (LAUGHTER)
I love you, happy.
Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's day on weekends. goodbye.
Hello everyone, thank you for joining us.
I'm Joey Reid from Lawrence O'Donnell.
Let's ask the President a question tonight.
If you really believe 448
As you often claim, the pageMueller report is completely exempt from your responsibility, and if you are sitting on the 448-page pure exemption, why do you need your regular staff to write
This is what we would like to know tonight after new reports from the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.
According to The Wall Street Journal, "within a day of Miller's release of his report last month, President Donald Trump tried to convince former White House lawyer Don McCann dickerray that, he believes that the president's 2017 orders for Robertson Mueller to be dismissed do not prevent justice. But Mr.
McGahn declined the request.
The Times added that White House officials "have asked mcghain to make a public statement at least twice in the past month.
NBC News confirmed the report.
Now, it seems that we have finally found someone on the Donald Trump track, and he is very willing to maintain his reputation through professional and historical contacts with Donald Trump, donald Trump will not be at risk of being lifted.
It's too simple.
That doesn't mean that Don mcgarne is in the clear.
Prior to the news, Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, threatened that mcgan would defy the court if he did not comply with the summons before the committee. (
Start audio clips)REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY)
We have summoned McGahn and we look forward to his presence on the 21st.
If he does not, he will be despised.
I don't think he will get it unless he has a court order telling him he can't do it.
We have-he has to respect the rule of law like anyone else. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: this threat of contempt is just an example of taking off the gloves.
House Democrats, tired of the Trump administration's obstruction of congressional oversight, are launching an increasingly aggressive campaign to force the president and his White House officials to comply as required by the Constitution.
Tonight, the chairman of the Treasury and IRS approach Committee, made six years for Donald Trump's personal and business tax returns.
Chairman Richard Neil said, "While I am not taking it lightly, I believe that this action gives us the best opportunity to succeed and to obtain the materials requested.
President Neil asked the agencies to produce Trump's tax records by May 17.
He is expected to appear in court after that.
The subpoena is one of the many tools Democrats use or consider forcing the Trump administration to use.
There is a threat of money.
Adam Shif, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has put forward new ideas for the execution of subpoenas.
Ignore their good officials. (
Start Video Editing)REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA)
: I think it is more practical to consider imposing a personal fine on the person and not to impose a fine in the office until they comply.
The court used this practice.
I think this is very successful.
You're talking about a big number?
Yes, yes.
Well, you can pay $25,000 a day before they follow it, which may get their attention.
Can you do it?
We can do it.
We can do that, but if we want to crossthe-
We will have to consider special remedies. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: another financial option is to withhold funds under a subpoena.
This week, the House Supervisory Committee threatened to withhold the salaries of interior ministry officials who blocked lawmakers from interviewing the agency's employees for an investigation into minister David Bernhardt.
That is contempt for Congress.
The biggest news of the week is that the House Judiciary Committee voted to General William bar of hordertony for his contempt for not presenting a complete, unedited Miller report.
Now, President Nadler has endorsed the idea of tying up several contempt resolutions against the Trump Association and then voting by lawmakers.
The biggest game of democracy is probably the hardest to achieve.
Today, Jerry Nadler, along with state councillor Ted Deutch and eric swalwell, introduced "the president is no higher than the Bill of law ".
The legislation will suspend the statute of limitations for any federal offence committed by a sitting president, either before or during his term in office.
As President Nadler said, "No one can escape responsibility for their actions just because it happens to be the president.
The president is not a release card.
Our discussion tonight is chaired by two Democratic lawmakers, Florida women.
She is a member of the justice and intelligence services.
Michigan Congressman Dan kildy, a member of the Waysand Committee of the house.
Thank you for coming.
You're in a bad position and you're not with us, so I'll go see you first, Senator deMens.
You used to be a sheriff in Orlando, Florida.
You used to be a law enforcement officer.
Have you ever heard of someone appearing in court, being acquitted, being acquitted at trial, or, you know, being completely acquitted whatever the crime is, and going back, let the witnesses at that trial write them a letter stating that they are not guilty? REP. VAL DEMINGS (D-FL)
Good evening, Joey.
Great to be with you.
As you said just now, you see, I worked as police chief in Orlando for 27 years in law enforcement.
One thing I learned many years ago was that no one, no one above the law.
The United States Constitution gives Congress the power to supervise the administration as an equal department of government.
While the president clearly does not respect the law, the Constitution or our supervisory responsibility.
President Nadler, the judiciary committee and Congress, at least on the Democratic side, I can tell you that we are serious about holding him accountable.
Ask an employee, you know, thank you, Mr. god.
Mcghain, who refused to violate the law or lie for the president, refused to write the letter.
But no, even after 25 years at the police station, I have never heard of or seen such a thing.
Reid: Yes, you know, I 'd love to give it to mcgang, you know, because you know, it's commendable to refuse to do something that might end up getting him disqualified.
Donald Trump has asked people to abolish their power and morality all the time.
But he thought about it.
According to the New York Times, mcghain actually considered doing so.
He thought about saying Trump didn't get in the way of justice, and then Mueller's report came out.
This sentence is like this: "Sir.
McGahn initially made a request from the White House.
But after the report was released, Obama gave details of the scope of action.
Trump tried to block the investigation. Mr.
McGahn declined to make a statement.
Then the New York Times went on to report that Donald Trump was angry and thought that mcghain had told the special adviser's investigator, Trump, that he was trying to maintain control over Trump, showing disloyalty we tried to maintain the investigation into Miller.
The chairman of the committee, Chairman Jerry Nadler, said that meant that evidence had to be given.
But, you know, if he comes to your committee, it might be worth asking him if he has considered actually continuing to do so.
After the Miller report came out, he believed the Miller report actually showed that Donald Trump was in the way of justice.
Let me say it.
As we all know, we voted this week to put the attorney general in contempt of Congress. We expect Mr.
McGahn will attend our Committee on 21st day of this month.
If he does not show up and respects the summons he has received, we can go the same way for him.
You 'd better believe that when he comes to the committee, we will ask Miller after his report shows at least 10 incidents in which the president is obstructing justice or trying to obstruct it, trying to get the witness to lie for him, threatened the witness, his staff, destroyed the email.
Mail and other evidence, we ask him, why on earth did he consider writing a letter that we all know is not the truth? REID: Yes.
Member kildi, let me talk about the tax issue because a lot of people don't understand why these officials from the Treasury and the Treasury have so much time.
There is a story in The New York Times that an aide to the Committee on Ways and Means you suggested on Friday quoted the New York Times, "Although the panel has confidence in the merits of the chair's argument that the tax record should be new.
Neil and the lawyers in the House finally decided that they would appear directly in court to try to enforce the clause, which was too risky.
They fear that the judge may simply throw the case away because of a lack of credibility, which basically makes the use of the tax code unenforceable when the administration objects.
In other words, Donald Trump can actually succeed in making this provision impossible to implement forever.
Is that why the delay occurred? REP. DAN KILDEE (D-MI)
You see, this is an area where there is no franchise, so we are doing everything we can to get this right.
The chairman is very clear about this.
We will adopt an orderly approach.
The problem we see in 6103 is that we never let the IRS refuse. REID: Right.
Kildi: as early as 1924, it was never even expected that the IRS would comply with the legitimate requirements of the chairman of the tax declaration methods and Methods Committee.
So sending out the summons gives us a tool that we need to execute if they don't respond positively to the summons.
As a result, there has never been a real implementation mechanism in 6103 because no one expected it.
Reid: No one has done it before.
No one will think that they will not abide by it. REID: Yes.
Well, that's all about the Trump administration.
How about the issue of withholding the wages of the person who complied with the summons?
Can the House Ways and Means Committee simply cut the pay of the IRS commissioner, or cut the pay of the Treasury director and start not paying people before they comply?
KILDEE: So I prefer to use another department of the government-the Justice Department-to execute legitimate orders.
Reid: you believe that 100 of the judges or right-wing people Trump personally selected --wing, hand-
Select judges from the Federal Association?
Kildi: In the end, we have a government system that depends on the distribution of power.
Reid: So you don't want it to say, look, you won't get a paycheck until you keep it?
This may allow them to comply.
Kildee: Yes, I mean, I didn't think too much about it, but my first inclination was to let us follow the rule of law.
Let's use the system that has served this country for a long time because we know it is flawed.
One of the downsides is that the president can appoint some judges who are sometimes biased towards them, but I think we have to give them a chance.
You know, the people I heard, they were exhausted.
They feel very tired about it, and I just want to admit it, because we have to point out that we really should focus more on families on people's own issues.
Okay, let me ask you because-I want to ask you both.
You are members of Congress, you are all from states that are clearly vital and important in the election, but they are also people who live there, okay, frankly.
People in Michigan, if they don't pay their bills, they will have real consequences.
They were unable to escape the consequences of receiving the summons. You get (inaudible)you better go.
You finally got the accused in court. you can't just say I won't go. KILDEE: Right.
Reid: So, I wonder if the people in your area are linked to the fact that the president says he doesn't have to do what they have to do. KILDEE: Yes.
Reid: they will be held accountable if they try not to pay taxes or respond to a court order.
KILDEE: they want us to focus on the issues they face every day, but they also want us to make sure the rules apply to everyone.
Even if sometimes it puts us in a position of political hindrance, we have no choice. REID: Yes.
We have sworn in the Constitution.
Reid: of course.
We must execute it. REID: Yes.
Congressman Deming, I want to play you what Adam Shiff said because of Donald Jr.
I mean, little Donald.
Not even in the White House.
He is not an official of the White House.
He is not the president of the United States.
This is an ordinary citizen of the world, as we say, I will not comply with the summons.
I don't have to listen at all when I'm summoned.
This is extraordinary because it says something about the ability of the president to give others wrongdoing.
This is Adam Shiff talking about Xiao Tang.
Even Ivanka. (
Start Video Editing)
Yes, Xiao Tang, I think.
The president has the same problem.
Like a father, like a son-the president's lawyer is very outspoken about it.
They were afraid to put him in front of anyone because the president could not tell him the truth either.
This is a legal misconduct. And Don, Jr.
His lawyer may feel the same way.
Unidentified male: How likely do you think Congress is to call Ivanka Trump?
I don't know.
You know, she might provide relevant testimony about things like Trump Tower in Moscow, etc.
So I'm not going to exclude anyone because they're the president's family. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: You know, Congressman Deming, I'm pretty sure the people who were dragged before the water gate event hearing didn't want to go.
I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton didn't want to sit for 11 hours to answer questions about Benghazi.
You have to go when you are summoned.
I mean, when you are a law enforcement officer who is willing to go, willing to go, and wants to go to court, have you ever detained someone in Orland?
Deming: You know, Joey, let's think about it.
I think Mueller was very clear at the time that he was investigating a sitting president.
Any other man or woman will be prosecuted.
So you're absolutely right.
I don't believe that, first, I do question that because I'm not sure if the president can do anything or get sued.
Let me-it's just a conversation with Val Deming.
Let me say that.
But also for the son of the president, for the president, for the attorney general, for the minister of finance and others, absolutely just to reject and ignore the summons, to reject and ignore the authority, the sighing nature that Congress has is totally unacceptable.
It's acceptable for them.
Of course, this is unacceptable for people in my area.
Yes, absolutely.
At least in a democratic country.
That's who we are.
So, Congressman Val Deming, Congressman Dan kildi, thank you both so much.
Have a nice Mother's Day weekend. Appreciate it.
There is no doubt that investigators will receive a tax return from Donald Trump.
They will get it.
It's just a matter of time.
But there is already a scandal about what we already know.
We 've got all the information we need, announced tonight, later on in the show. (
Business break)
Reid: Donald Trump has had another bad week.
Since the country learned that Trump canceled more than a billion dollars in losses after 80 s and 90 s, it made him Walter Shapiro, in the New Republic, it is called "the worst businessman in the United States ".
"A person reporting for The New York Times seems to have lost more money than almost any other American taxpayer, during the same period when he carefully shaped the image of a business master.
So, there's another way to look at the huge losses that Trump reported on his taxes during that time.
I mean, if he's not the worst businessman in the United States, his other option is to lower his tax bill through massive fraud.
Congress may be about to find out which one it is, after all, committee chairman Richard Neil issued a subpoena for Trump's tax records.
The summons came after news from the president's eldest son and name, Donald Trump.
He will soon receive a Republican summons.
Leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Trump seems to be responding to the bad news in his usual way, attacking what he sees as his biggest rival, sometimes with the help of foreign governments.
Yesterday the New York Times reported Donald Trump's T. V.
Lawyer Rudy Giuliani was sent to Ukraine and, among other things, tried to dig into the son of former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden, Delton Hunt Biden.
Obviously, another task for Giuliani is to investigate the origin of the Miller investigation.
Tonight, "politics" reported that in a conversation with Donald Trump, it was OK for the president to advise him to ask his attorney general to investigate the Democratic leadership candidate who opposed him.
With me is Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, and Tim O'Brien, longtime advisor to Hillary Clinton, who are very knowledgeable about Trump's slanderous strategy, contributors to the executive editor-in-chief BloombergOpinion and broadcast.
He has been covering Donald Trump for decades and has actually been sued and won by Donald Trump.
Normally I will go to the lady first but I want to go to Tim first because I want to know the answer to my question.
I mean, Donald Trump, really-I can't think of two more-I can't think of any more options than those two.
Maybe more.
Donald Trump is a terrible businessman.
His business is really bad.
Tim O'Brien, MSNBC contributor: Yes.
Rhett: or a liar. O`BRIEN: Maybe.
You know, there are positive answers to both things.
You know, he's trying to say that this "New York Times" tax story is wrong because he's just using tax laws to prevent his profits from getting into income tax returns, which makes him smart, it's just a devaluation, just a loophole to lower his tax bill.
This is not the purpose of it.
The report of The Times shows that in this 10-
He has run his own business for a year.
This is not because of his skillful use of tax laws.
Reid: I mean, if he's so smart, why is he the only loss of his father-I mean, the father is not a tax payer either, but a rich man.
The only time he loses money is to lend anything to his son Donald Trump.
O'Brien: in fact, Donald Trump himself would go bankrupt if his father were not present.
When he reported his huge losses in the 1990 s, he had to ask his siblings to provide him with a loan of about $30 million to avoid filing for personal bankruptcy.
Finally, they asked him to pledge his father's property to him in order to give him money. REID: Wow.
O'Brien: then he presided over the bankruptcy of six companies.
He is not a good businessman.
This has been known for a long time. REID: Yes.
O'Brien: I think the value of the Times report is just giving him real figures that he can't dispute. REID: Right.
This is the way he runs for president. he wants to run the country like he does business.
Well, you know, he might actually be-O'Brein. Yes.
Reid: he did.
When the attorney general William bar can't really answer Chris Cohen's question about whether the campaign is illegal or not, it's extraordinary, and at this point, Williams Bar's lies and the general.
But, I think it certainly gives the green light to the Trump campaign, and they can send Rudy out to look for more dirt.
What do you think about the scandal of looking for Joe Biden in Ukraine?
Neera tanden, president of the Center for American Progress: First of all, I want to say about the story of tax avoidance, which is such a huge story that we can't let go.
In fact, the president of the United States is basically using tax avoidance as an excuse, because it looks better, although I don't know, waitress, coal miner, construction worker, they are unable to avoid tax through massive tax programs.
But because they think he is very sensitive to being a terrible businessman, he would rather prove that he is a tax liar than the worst businessman in the United States.
So I am really happy and hope we will get his tax soon.
But what I think is really worrying, I know we use these words like "care" and "trouble", but what is happening now is not real-time, we see Donald Trump and his actual campaign agency and his personal lawyers basically trying to attract foreign help to re-election.
In fact, he basically wants to go to the Ukrainians because he's the president of the United States-they're a small country-to catch up with Joe Biden, currently a leading opponent in the national and state polls he needs to win, such as likenchgan, Ohio, and so on.
He also wants to use foreign governments to create a scandal.
I need to say that.
The New York Times itself reported that there was no evidence that Joe Biden had done anything for the benefit of his son.
So the whole thing is essentially a fake scandal, and the Trump campaign is arming a "New York Times" story to chase his opponent, which sounds familiar to me.
Reid: No?
TANDEN: But that should be a big concern for the American people, because the president is basically using the country's foreign policy to ensure he is re-elected.
This is a criminal act.
Reid: Tim O'Brien, you know, what the two stories are linked to, Donald Trump, you know, to Neera Tanden's point of view, for him, to some extent it is better to be seen as tax fraud than to be seen as a bad businessman, because he sits at the top of the administration and, according to his minister of justice, there is no law to control him.
He does whatever he wants.
He wants to break any law.
In this case, William Barr said, continue.
If you want to go, you know, play with foreign intelligence agencies and the government-O'Brien: Well, you know, when they say they won't hand over his tax return, they also gave him the same legal basis. REID: Right.
O'Brien: Steve Mnuchin says Congress has no right to receive these returns unless their actions are guided by some form of legislation, which completely ignores the fact that they have the right to supervise the administration.
They say now that he also has power in foreign countries, you know, the landscape can also do whatever he wants.
They are arguing at every intersection for the imperial president.
Reid: of course.
O'Brien: I think in all these isolated incidents, this is a bigger issue that people have to really care about.
You know, Bill bar is a complicated, disciplined, smarter version of Rudy Giuliani.
He has set up a smoke screen on all of these issues, whether it's the Mueller report, Donald Trump's taxes are creating an argument that the president's business is snobbish, the president's decision is the most important, and he should not be constrained by the constitutional power of Congress.
I think people should be very concerned about the direction of this issue.
Reid: You know, the single theory of execution, because it seems to be what we have.
Neera Tanden, talking to the media for a moment, because of this model-comes down to news from Ukraine, as a lever against americandidate, an American Democrat trying to run for president.
If, as expected, Rudy Giuliani and any other minions they decide to send around the world begin to provide stories to the New York Times or The Washington Post, "Would the US media try to hurt Joe Biden or other candidates if they became nominees?
I mean, look at the facts.
Like, if you have a situation like this, if the Democratic candidate is accused of doing something for their son by Rudy Giuliani or the Trump forces, you can't find any evidence, don't write the story.
I mean, what's happening with this story is that there's allegations, there's no evidence, and then, that's being "Breitbart" that's being weapon, and the Trump campaign is putting money into Facebook, basically, this is used as a campaign strategy to weaken Joe Biden.
Now, the truth is, I think people are relatively mature and Joe Biden is still doing well in the polls against Donald Trump.
That's why we have to be highly vigilant about what we think, basically, you know, the funnel between the Trump campaign and the media, the Trump Justice Department can then use its resources to chase candidates and/or candidates.
The challenge behind all this is that if you treat Donald Trump like you do with a regular candidate, and then, you're basically supporting his ability to weapon information, and using the authority of the Department of Justice to attack the democratic process, we have been watching it for two years and there is no excuse for it to pass.
Reid: The famous quote of Neila Tanden.
OK, Neera Tanden and timo 'Brien, thank you both.
Thank you very much for joining us.
Next, when it comes to the billion-dollar loser Donald Trump and his tax return, no one talks about the scandal.
But this is too outrageous. we will discuss this next. (
Business break)
Reid: Thanks to Donald Trump's growing trade war with China, Americans will start paying more for many of the things you buy.
As promised, the president today raised tariffs on $ 25% worth of Chinese goods by 200 billion and threatened more.
S. consumers will pay these tariffs.
You will pay them.
American farmers are expected to face more economic nightmares.
But in negotiating a trade deal, Obama tweeted, "There is absolutely no need to rush because China is now paying tariffs to the United States," and how the tariffs operate.
Americans impose tariffs on Trump.
The trade war has already brought $12 billion in aid to American farmers, and the president now expects more.
He wrote on Twitter, "we have imposed tariffs of more than $100 billion and we will buy more agricultural products from our great farmers than China. ”OK.
Remember, all of this happened after Donald Trump promised a good trade war and it was easy to win. Apparently not.
As Trump puts more economic pressure on struggling Americans, it is worth noting that he himself has never faced the same economic concerns as ordinary Americans.
Trump inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his father.
According to the New York Times, his business has lost more than a billion dollars, according to the IRS.
More than almost any other individual American taxpayer.
But Trump himself was able to lose all his money without facing the fact that if we wasted money belonging to other people, banks and bond investors, the consequences you or any one of us will face dear old father's wealth and continue to live like a winner.
Donald Trump actually applied for the presidency, and he can now make economic decisions that affect the country as a whole based on his business record. (
Start Video Editing)
US President Donald Trump: I'm a businessman.
I know what to do. I`m a world-
First class business staff.
I built an incredible company with very, very little debt, huge, some of the greatest assets in the world, huge cash flow, huge cash.
I was recognized by some of the greatest businessmen in the world.
We will use our great merchants to make these deals.
Take a break, businessman Trump told us about President Trump. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump: I remember one time my father and I were walking on Fifth Avenue and there was a homeless person sitting outside the Trump Tower.
I remember my father pointing to him and saying, you know, that guy was $8 billion more than me because he was in debt at the time, you know?
I'm really rich.
By the way, I didn't even say that for bragging purposes.
It's a mindset, it's a mindset you need for this country. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: If Donald Trump has any self
He might think, you know, I was in serious financial trouble even when I was a billion years old. dollar level.
I know what it feels like to be unable to pay off debt.
Perhaps I will at least try to fulfill my campaign promise to help ordinary Americans who are struggling financially.
But no, Donald Trump is Donald Trump.
He likes it now-he likes it now, because he has benefited from people like him, people like him have been strict with the system, and he just got away with it.
So he did exactly the opposite, and he was looking for ways to hurt Americans, who were just trying to dig out the hole that lost all their dad's money without creating it.
Now we are joined by Alexis Goldstein, senior policy analyst at US financial reform.
She is also a free black mother volunteer, an initiative to help black mother in time for Mother's Day.
It's really great.
It was Tim O'Brien who came back with us.
Alexis, this is-what I 've been bothering for the last few days is this "New York Times" story.
Donald Trump lost so much money.
He never paid any price for it.
But when you think about the consequences that people face every day when they don't pay small bills or phone calls, when they don't pay bank loans or mortgages, the consequences are real and terrible.
I would like to know if the rigged system that Donald Trump is talking about is a system that someone like him is manipulating for him?
Alexis goldstein, senior policy analyst at US financial reform: Yes, Joy.
Thank you for inviting me.
It was really interesting to watch him walk into the office.
Obviously he wants everyone to think he is rich, but all his policies benefit the rich, who spoil the rich.
Trump's tax plan has generated $28 billion in profits from Wall Street banks that have crashed our economy.
At the same time, all his policies are trying to crack down on the poor, on immigration, and on people of color.
You can see it anywhere you look.
Just this week, when it comes to debt, right, the ordinary people who borrowed the debt were chased by the debt collectors, something President Trump may have never experienced in his life, even though he is in debt.
The Trump administration has proposed that debt collectors can contact you seven times a week for every debt you have.
So, if you have three student loans, it's 21 contacts and 21 calls per week to borrow journalists.
So it's really a policy that will hurt almost everyone who has debt in the country, except, of course, rich people like Donald Trump. REID: Yes.
I mean, "Bloomberg" reported that there is a reason why the Trump administration is considering changing the way it sets the national poverty threshold, this means that people living on the edge will lose access to welfare programs such as food stamps.
In fact, they will really change the formula so that people can have fun from the things that support their families.
The pain that ordinary people are suffering is accompanied by the fact that he laughs all the way to the bank to withdraw the money of others, which he has never paid-to repay.
Goldstein: Well, yes.
You can see this in their budget proposal.
They want to cut funding for public housing.
They want to ensure that undocumented immigrants do not live in public housing.
They want to change the rules of the snapshot so that people living in a state that is largely unemployed will still be fired after a certain time limit.
All of these are well thought out steps.
Trump's tax is a good example.
It hurts many ordinary people.
It brings billions of dollars to businesses.
This is very thoughtful, and you can see in almost every department, from the USDA to the IRS, to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency under Trump's new leadership, Kathy gram.
Tim, you talked about this during your break.
There is nothing more to help Donald Trump become president than an "apprentice.
He is a good businessman, so he will be able to manage the economy.
Even now those who have been hurt by his tariffs and are in trouble are believing, well, I think he will know what to do and he will do the right thing. O`BRIEN: Yes.
I think one of the big shenanigans he made during the 2016 campaign was that he was a friend of this little guy, he was a deep businessman, and he would come and shake Washington, make sure Washington works for forgotten Americans.
In fact, Donald Trump does not care at all about the average level of Americans.
You saw it when the government closed.
There are a lot of government workers who are unable to pay rent and buy groceries, and Trump and his family have thousands of reasons to explain how these people help themselves.
You have seen in the border crisis how immigrant families have been pleaded.
Now that you 've seen this in the past week, I think in both ways-rubber is in line with his tax and tariff policies.
He planned a sweeping overhaul of the tax law that benefited people like Donald Trump, and people in the real estate industry passed --
Through income, a lower tax rate is created than other Americans and ordinary American staff. REID: Yes.
O'Brien: on the tariff policy, he put the crazy Twitter-tweetstorm he went on with today in a bunch of theories about how tariffs work, with no economists, CEOs, or retailers going to agree.
From all aspects of his tariff policy, this will increase the price of ordinary American consumers.
I don't know if this will happen in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan that are the swing states he needs in 2020.
Voters in these states will be hurt.
Reid: that's great.
At the same time, we have no time.
But-you know, when Alexis is outside trying to release the imprisoned mother so that they can spend Mother's Day with their family, he is planning to use the Justice Department, as long as he sees the right political enemy, he will sue himself.
This is completely two strange scenes in the United States.
Tim O'Brien, thank you both.
Thank you very much for joining us.
Goldstein: Thank you.
Reid: come right away. thank you.
The war against women has entered a terrible new stage, which is indeed shocking. How far right-
Is the Republican Party willing to let the state control the lives of women?
But the opposition women, the law, the Republicans-are brewing-won't let them pass without fighting.
This is next. (
Business break)
Reid: Republican lawmakers across the country are waging a war on women's most basic rights, which could lead to a new Supreme Court battle against Roy v. Clinton
Wade is a landmark decision that has guaranteed women's choice since 1973.
Yesterday, the Alabama Senate postponed a vote on a bill that would make abortion illegal in the state and impose up to 99 years' imprisonment on doctors who carry out the procedure.
Chaos erupted on the floor as Democrats protested Republican efforts to deny exemptions for rape and incest cases. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: all those who approve say yes. Any opposed? Motionpasses.
The Committee amendment was submitted.
Man: Sir.
No motion, chairman.
Unidentified man: there is a motion.
He did an action.
Unidentified male: He did not file a motion. President.
He made no motion. (END VIDEO CLIP)REID: Wow.
The bill is expected to pass next week, becoming the most stringent
The national abortion law.
Lawmakers in Alabama have also introduced legislation that makes false allegations of rape or sexual assault a crime, with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
Earlier this week, Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed a bill banning abortion six weeks after pregnancy, before most women realized they were pregnant.
Think about it, for a moment.
But the law does not stop because the law gives the fetus personality.
Women traveling to other states with legal abortion may be prosecuted for leaving the state for crimes.
Even women who have miscarried may be investigated by law enforcement and may be charged with a crime.
Georgia is the fourth six states in Pasadena.
Abortion is banned for one week this year.
At the same time, in Ohio, Republicans have introduced a bill banning abortion by private insurance companies, but may also limit birth control.
The bill also provides for medical procedures for ectoppicpregnares women, where to get this, the embryo should be re-created
A program that does not exist is implanted into the universe.
As a gynecologist told The Washington Post, the treatment set out in the bill is science fiction and there is nothing to keep getting pregnant.
These laws have not yet entered into force and some have been challenged in court.
But some Republicans have shown their motives.
According to the post, Alabama Congressman Terry Collins, who initiated the bill, said the purpose of the bill was to trigger a lawsuit that forced the United StatesS.
The Supreme Court will reconsider Roe v. Wade.
After the break, we will discuss the Republican attack on women's rights and the fight to protect Roe v. Roy
Wade and former Texas Democratic politician Wendy Davis helped block the abortion bill in Texas. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Chris Matthews, MSNBC host: Yes, do you believe in the punishment for abortion?
This is a principle.
US President Donald Trump: The answer is that there must be some form of punishment.
Matthews: for that woman?
Trump: Yes, there must be some form. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: that's what Donald Trump told our own Chris Matthews during his campaign in 2016 that he thinks women should be punished for abortion.
Now, after appointing two conservative judges to the Supreme Court, Trump-led Republicans are trying to get it set up.
Now we are joined by Wendy Davis, a former Texas senator who is not acting in language, but in
Profits that make millennial women advocates in the community.
She stood on the floor of the Senate for 11 hours against the bill-against a bill that would limit the chances of abortion in Texas in 203.
Wendy Davis, thank you for coming.
Wendy Davis, former Texas senator: Thank you for inviting me, Joey.
I remember your pink sneakers.
After that, many women wore pink sneakers.
But you now have an organization that tries to empower young women.
The idea of whether young women are starting to connect with threats and even their control is that if you file a rape charge in Alabama, then the person is acquitted, then you can be charged with a crime. it's a bit scary to report it?
Is this attitude towards women related to young women?
DAVIS: That's true.
Specifically, lawmakers who are far away from life and the impact of these incursions on their lives try to make decisions about the institutions they have in their own bodies.
I am very encouraged by the fact that they picked up the cloak and I know that they can't wait to appear in the local decision --
National decision-making-
Decision-making and national decision-making
In the future, the integrity of their physical decisions, and the opportunities they can create with the possession of reproductive rights, they understand how these rights are threatened.
I am encouraged that they recognize their responsibility and strength and that they must move forward and act on it.
Reid: compared to some of the bills that we're seeing now, the bill that you're blocking in Texas seems a bit odd, which could hurt women for life and they're charged with murder for taking apill
I wonder if they have to monitor women's online activities.
How will they catch them?
How do they know who left the state for abortion?
Will they stop women at the border from driving out of the state and check if they are pregnant?
It did increase the number of maids-I talked to Rachel Maddo earlier about the number of maids, but it did raise this ghost, these people want the country to be responsible. you're a woman.
Davis: It's true.
In fact, when you think about it on a larger scale, happiness, it's a view that women are not equal to some extent, our autonomy, our actions may be subject to state and federal supervision.
It takes things to such extreme.
In some ways it looks so extreme that it is surreal, so we may not be too excited about it.
But on the other hand, we also understand that this is a march that takes us in a specific direction.
As you said, in 2013, the bill we put forward in Texas was as bad as the anti-corruption bill.
The abortion campaign is pale in comparison.
We cannot let ourselves be numb to what they are doing now, because we believe it is so absurd that it cannot happen.
Because a little bit, they are moving needles, so in contrast, there are fewer things that are considered ridiculous, and women lose their rights in this country.
I really think we need to get back to the conversation and they really want voters and the American public to think about it in the way they talk about it.
That's why when we talk about six, they especially choose to use the language like a heartbeat.
A constitutional ban on abortion
For us, I think we have to really prove that there is no credibility in their arguments.
When it comes to them doing this because they are trying to protect the sanctity of life, when we have the highest sanctity in this country in the developed countries, maternal mortality is one of the countries with the highest infant mortality rates in developed countries and we saw these parades and decided-
In the states where we have the largest number of women without insurance, do we have any health care children, and we have states that refuse to expand Medicaid.
They don't care about human beings, and I think we really need to make sure that we are moving this argument forward and calling on them to lack credibility.
Reid: of course.
But, boy, do they care about controlling women?
WendyDavis, thank you very much for joining us.
I really appreciate you. Thankyou.
This is "the last sentence tonight. ” I`m Joy Reid.
I will see you at 10: 00 tomorrow morning. m.
My show ". M.
I will make a big announcement here.
Big news will be announced tomorrow.
Brian Williams's 11 hours begins now.
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