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tutors become part of the app culture - interactive whiteboard lessons

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-13
tutors become part of the app culture  -  interactive whiteboard lessons
Tutoring is one of the oldest occupations in the world, but even such deeply rooted occupations cannot escape the rising "over-confidence" in daily life ".
Plato tutored dionius, the ruler of Syracuse, while Alex Dodd directed Alexander the Great.
But under the pressure of the exam season, modern parents can now turn to the tutoring industry using online technology.
Timothy Yu is the founder of Snapask in Hong Kong, a mobile app that allows students to ask questions with snapshots and then match questions with tutors in seconds in order to have oneto-
Instant learning at a time.
Launched last year, Snapask currently serves more than 100,000 students in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, and more than 5,000 qualified tutors from top universities receive thousands of questions every day.
"It's more like WhatsApp-
Instant messaging environment in style.
Users can communicate using images, text, or audio . "
It also benefits tutors to make the most of their time.
More stories from the BBC's Global Education Series, looking at education from an international perspective, and how to reach out to Mr Yu, say that private tutors work in person, not online, usually earn around $20 (£14)
However, due to time constraints and balance with other jobs, their earning capacity is limited.
But he said that mentors who work online, such as through his app, are able to work flexibly anywhere in any spare time and where a mentor may be, and can earn more.
Online technology has also changed the way parents choose their tutors.
There was a time when finding a tutor who relied on a friend's advice or browsing newspaper ads.
But now provide and review mentors online.
Mentor Hunter, who operates in the UK, allows parents and students to browse through the list of mentors in their area, communicate with them and arrange classes.
John Underhill of Hunter says more than 250,000 people have used their services to find mentors.
The job of finding a mentor has developed a long way from "browsing the yellow pages, or peeping at the window of news agents on numerous cards.
Like other tutoring services, they offer online tuition through Skype and other video services as well as interactive whiteboard software.
Mr. Underhill said that full online tutoring must be good, opening up a larger student base for tutors, while also giving students more choices.
"In the past, it was difficult to provide high-quality online courses because technology did not exist," he said . ".
"As online technology advances, things have changed over the past few years.
We found that more instructors use interactive whiteboards, usually with VOIP [
Speak on the Internet
Provide services for online courses.
"They become more proficient and skilled in using all the available online resources and integrate them fully into their courses.
"This trend is evident not just in developed countries.
In Egypt, for example, Tyro, a local startup, is testing its own whiteboard software that allows tutoring classes to be conducted entirely online.
Corporate mentor in Nigeria
Ng and Tuteria also allow separate online tuition fees, which marks the emergence of a real global trend.
But do you really need a tutor?
Is the tutor really a must?
It could be surprising, according to Murray Morrison, because he built a so-
Known as a "super mentor" as a mentor to celebrity families.
"Private tuition is a fundamentally flawed idea in almost every aspect," he said . " He justified the cost, lack of access and lack of supervision.
"In many cases, it will actively compromise the ability of students to learn independently or improve their understanding of the subject.
"Mr. Morrison compared the effectiveness of the private tutor to the effectiveness of the gym personal trainer.
They can point you in the right direction and show you how to use these devices, but after this impact is reduced.
"In terms of private tuition fees, the tutor is doing most of the work, while the student wants to learn through infiltration.
"The result is that a lot of money is spent on a learning method that works at best in the short term, but in the worst case it creates dependence on external help.
"Mr. Morrison has his own technical approach to the tuition fees for the exam.
His online service Tassomai helps GCSE revise by having students answer multiple questions
Select the question.
It uses this information to build an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of students for the development of personalized revision plans.
"This approach ensures that the student's understanding of each topic becomes stronger, and they also build confidence in the topic, making it easier to learn in the classroom," Mr Morrison said . ".
Another important issue that parents care about is protecting their children.
Mentor hunter needs a tutor to upload a high
A resolution photo of their passport or driving license and then check and verify it before listing the tutor.
Its terms of service provide that if the student is under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must be present at any time during the class.
Once the course begins, it also asks the student to leave feedback to the tutor and display it on their profile page.
That should mean bad.
The mentor being reviewed was pushed to the edge.
Mr. Morrison said that online tutoring software provides an alternative that is safer than private tuition, there is no direct connection between the student and the tutor, and all interactions are recorded and recorded.
It's the exam season, so there will be a lot of tutors to help in the last exam
I hope that the results will be improved.
Mentors will say that the personal help they provide can make a big difference --
But on the contrary, Mr Morrison warned that tuition was sometimes more of a joke about drunk wine and lampposts
"More dependent on support than lighting ".
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