uk festivals to set up free drug tests to reduce deaths - best tablet for artists-ITATOUCH-img

uk festivals to set up free drug tests to reduce deaths - best tablet for artists

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-27
uk festivals to set up free drug tests to reduce deaths  -  best tablet for artists
Festival viewers who want to carry drugs with them can test their substances in part of a controversial new plan this summer.
A charity is offering-
Conduct on-site laboratory tests on illicit drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy to ensure that they do not mix with potentially lethal chemicals.
The service promised at the Kendall call festival in Cumbria that users would not be arrested if they brought drugs to test.
Organizers claim malaria drugs, pesticides and even concrete were found in the pills sold.
Professor Loop director ham says the charity is offering a "pragmatic, harm-reduction initiative ".
"We accept that some people will get the medication on site and some will plan to take it, so we are working on any potential health issues.
"This is a concern for public health, not criminal justice.
Professor Measham said: "About one out of every five users asks the charity to process the substance after being tested.
But critics say it could lead to an increase in drug use.
David Raynes of the National Drug Prevention Coalition told Sky News: "This normalizes drug use.
Some people go to the festival for the first time and take drugs for the first time.
"The drugs they take will not be the ones that have been tested, because they will be destroyed during the testing process, so they will get other drugs.
"Testing does not ensure that the drugs people take during the festival are safe.
"A man who did not want to be named brought a Ecstasy for examination.
The results show that it is pure.
He said: "I read some bad reports about pills and some good reports, so I decided that the best way for me is to reassure me, know I'm here, test it, and know for sure.
"It gives me peace of mind to know that I am taking safe, not just anything.
"The test was carried out after some drugs --
Related deaths during British festivals in recent years.
On 2015, Christian Pay died after eating a table of ecstasy at Kendal call festival in Cumbria. The 18-year-
The old man was rushed to hospital for taking a blue pill, which police later said led to hospital treatment for several others.
Three men were eventually convicted of drug trafficking.
Six festivals are allowed in-
To highlight potentially lethal batches of drugs, a field drug test was conducted this year.
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