university of phoenix redesigns jersey city campus, revamps tech (photos) - smart board sizes

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-19
university of phoenix redesigns jersey city campus, revamps tech (photos)  -  smart board sizes
The University of Phoenix last week unveiled the redesigned jersey city campus, which includes an overhaul of its space use and an enhancement to the interior space
Classroom technology.
Campus redesign, which started and completed in September, focuses on the optimization of personalized teachers
According to Gary Williams, director of the 100 city square Jersey City campus, student relations.
"What we do is design the entire campus around small classrooms, so in a conference room environment, the classroom actually has a maximum of 16 seats so that the faculty and students can sit on one side --by-
"No matter what topic they are, we have to be on the side," Williams said . "
In order to improve this more intimate learning experience of about 130 students coming to the campus on weekdays, the size of the classroom has been reduced.
The school is primarily an online university for students who work full-time or have a family.
At the same time, all classrooms are equipped with smart boards.
Interactive whiteboards for user input using touch detection allow the course to communicate more smoothly.
"Based on the research we do in our own institutions, we find that students learn best in small classes, and Williams says:" They learn best from teachers who actually practice their daily teaching, technology can make these two things better. ".
"We really decided to make a comprehensive upgrade of Space and Technology at the same time in order to provide an optimized environment for students," he added . ".
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