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upload screen captures with twitter tools - wacom graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-15
upload screen captures with twitter tools  -  wacom graphics tablet
There are many apps that can upload your photos to the Web, and many also offer shortened links to Twitter.
But what if you look at something on the desktop that you want to share?
Or a webcam?
This is the five best Twitter tools to upload images from your desktop.
Shoptoptweet is a great tool for capturing and sharing screenshots.
You just highlight the areas you're interested in, write a tweet, that's it.
The rest will be dealt.
You can choose from 7 photo upload programs. Skitch is a clever screen grabbing app for Macs.
With it, you can do screen capture from any part of the screen;
Then crop it, edit it, scribble in the blank space if you want.
Skitch is compatible with Wacom tablets, expanding your editing capabilities.
You can control the privacy settings when you are ready to share.
Not only will Twcam allow you to upload photos from your computer, but it will also allow you to upload photos from your webcam.
You can stitch them together to create animations that are saved. gif files.
It's a creative way to share what's happening around you.
Tweetshots take screenshots from a Twitter perspective.
This app uses bookmarks to capture screenshots of tweets and then share them on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.
You can also email them or embed them in your blog.
SparkBooth is a great service for producing classic vertical 4 photo strips.
Download the software and turn your computer and webcam into a photo booth.
SparkBooth provides automatic uploads to many social media sites and saves copies to your computer to print photos of all sizes.
This is a novel way to add fun and souvenirs to any party.
As you can see, there is no reason why you cannot share with your followers the project you are working on, some documents or the entire web page.
Whether you're looking for input or inviting your friends to check out a certain corner of your world, these apps that share screenshots are some of the best Twitter tools.
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