us advertising marketing revenues up 32 in 2017 to $4705b, as dearth of even-year ad splurge offset

us advertising & marketing revenues up 3.2% in 2017 to $470.5b, as dearth of even-year ad splurge offset by rise of multiple dynamic new media platforms & channels - smart tech

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us advertising & marketing revenues up 3.2% in 2017 to $470.5b, as dearth of even-year ad splurge offset by rise of multiple dynamic new media platforms & channels  -  smart tech
November 21, 2017-
Advertising and marketing revenue in the United States is growing three times.
Growth in 2017 was 2% to $470.
5 billion, due to the lack of major political and sporting events, the growth of major traditional media channels has slowed and is being offset by strong growth in emerging numbers and alternative media, according to the new industry benchmark data released by PQ Media.
According to 3Q17, the growth of domestic advertising and marketing is mainly driven by mobile channels, such as smart technology, games, coupons and social media, mainly through alternative media content such as influencers, word-of-
According to the annual global advertising and marketing revenue forecast of PQ Media, 2017-21.
Annual splurge at global sporting events
The controversial U. S. political campaign has slowed growth this year, a healthy supermarket
The planned 2018 event in the domestic and international markets is expected to drive accelerated growth as major brand marketers are scrambling to take advantage of the large consumer targeting opportunities associated with the Russian World Cup, the Winter Olympics in South Korea and a series of controversial political matches in the United States caused great controversy in last year's presidential election.
The total number of digital and alternative media in the United States is growing at 11.
Between $ 6% and $179 in 2017.
6 billion, while traditional advertising and marketing are expected to decline by 1. 0% to $290.
9 billion, every time just-
The report released is the first of three in the annual global Media and technology forecasting series of PQ Media.
Of the 41 digital and alternative media channels, 28 will be released
Digital growth rates for this year such as mobile location marketing, digital billboard advertising, online video game advertising, TV and over-advertisingthe-top video.
Among the main growth drivers, brands are taking advantage of non-
Connect with young people through mobile beacons and proximity services in retail and hotel venues, traditional advertising and marketing channels, including sponsoring pop sports stars and emerging online video celebrities, and in the case of a surge in the number of original programs broadcast through OTT video services (such as Netflix), use product launch, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Business-to-
Meanwhile, business marketers are nurturing opinion leaders in niche industries to drive mobile, social and online media conversations through influencers and content marketing strategies such as creating new wordsof-
Mouth events and sponsored webinars.
One of the most popular trends is the amazing rise of intelligent technology marketing, brands leverage artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Internet of Things and other Internet to attract increasingly elusive young demos through emerging digital media platforms and channels.
Smart technology marketing has more than tripled for three consecutive years.
Digital growth, PQ Media specifically tracks and analyzes this phenomenon to produce the first
Global advertising and marketing revenue forecast full data set in New Version 2017-21.
"With the penetration rate of smartphones in millennials approaching 100%, marketers are exerting the greatest creativity through non-
"Traditional activities such as mobile search, games, social networks and videos that scale with internet channels," said Patrick Quinn, president of PQ Media . ".
"The most popular is the media channel without advertising --
Skipping technologies that can make these more difficultto-
Access to a variety of audiencesof-
Home environment such as event marketing for exhibitions and concerts, product placement in music videos, live broadcast
Streaming content marketing on social media and wordof-
Word-of-mouth marketing through influential brand ambassadors.
"While print media advertising has lost nearly half its value over the past 20 years, a similar pattern has emerged in Internet media channels as brands continue to shift their investments to other digital and alternative media
The number of several Internet channels has begun to hit a record low.
Numbers, even negative growth over the years
Digital revenue including e-commerce
Mail marketing and online search, Quinn added.
In addition, traditional marketing platforms such as consumer promotion, showing signs of decline, there is little hope to rebound from the major changes in the way many brand marketers think
Traditional marketing strategies and strategies.
For example, use point-of-
As more and more franchise stores are closed, fewer consumers access box stores to order through e-commerce, and the purchase display has declined
Business and every purchase to the mall includes fewer stores.
Despite such weaknesses in these traditional platforms, the potential shift to multiple digital and alternative media has led PQ Media analysts to predict that US advertising and marketing revenue growth will rise to 5 in 2018. 2%.
About the Report: PQ Media global advertising and marketing revenue forecast 2017-21.
Is the first of three reports released in 2017 as part of the annual global media and technology series
Reporting packages designed to make each report work individually and collectively as part of the series, providing users with smart data covering 100 consumers
Facing media departments, silos, platforms and channels including advertising, marketing and consumers
Digital media, alternative media and traditional media.
Download free executive summary and sample dataset access: PQ Media is the leading provider of actionable market intelligence and strategic guidance to the world's top Media and technical organizations.
PQ Media's proprietary approach, database, and opinion leaders Group prepares intelligent data and analytics for the management team that they need to make smarter business decisions.
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