us army tests smart rifles that turn ordinary soldiers into extraordinary marksmen - smart board c

us army tests 'smart rifles' that turn ordinary soldiers into 'extraordinary marksmen' - smart board computer

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-28
us army tests \'smart rifles\' that turn ordinary soldiers into \'extraordinary marksmen\'  -  smart board computer
The US Army has confirmed it is testing a new high.
A technology rifle that combines "computer vision and object tracking technology" to allow "any soldier [to become]
An extraordinary shooter ".
A spokesman confirmed that expert equipment
Testers purchased six "range and trigger" kits made in Texasbased start-
Are following and will test them on XM 2010 sniper rifle.
The technology of TrackingPoint includes an on-
Computer and link trigger.
By measuring 16 different variables, including range, wind, temperature and humidity, the shooter first browses the range before the computer calculates the best shooting location, and then "marks" the target.
The mark on the range then indicates the correct "shooting solution" and locks the trigger until the shooter correctly aligns the line of sight with the target.
The tracking point emphasizes that there is no automatic shooting, "the only way to launch a round is through the human pull [on the trigger].
"In an interview with the Army Times, Lieutenant Colonel Sean Lucas from the Army project executive office (PEO)
The technology, he said, would help train soldiers to make "relatively small investments" and, by investing in advanced fire control, "significantly increase the strike probability and overall effectiveness.
However, Rusi, the British defense think tank, has been skeptical. he told the BBC, "This is not a revolutionary technology, but it is exactly the same as the laser "strike" system used in the "more complex weapon system.
"It won't create 'super Sniper, 'because it still can't do the really smart aspect of their skills --
"A comprehensive assessment of the weather and other conditions affecting the flight of the bullet requires a lot of calculations to determine adjustments to the target," said Rusi's Peter Quentin . ".
"But while this does not deepen the capability, it has the potential to expand the capability by enabling re-
Aim at the target instead of re-shooting.
"The system of tracking points costs civilians between $10,000 and $27,000 (
£ 6,030 to £ 16,280)
The company claims that the technology can provide the first five times the product.
Shooting success rate at a distance of up to 1,200 yards (1. 1km)
Compared to ordinary rifles. The start-
Up is not the only company dedicated to improving gun accuracy through technology, and the Darpa research department at the Pentagon and the US defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, are working on related systems.
When Darpa's "One Shot xg" range measures side winds to improve accuracy, Lockheed Martin is developing itself
Guided bullets using fins and on-
Let the computer guide itself to the laser
Mark target with a distance of up to 1. 2 miles.
Experts believe that these systems are becoming more and more popular, not only because of advances in technology, but also because of changes in the trend of war tactics.
Quentin said that in the environment in which military personnel such as Afghanistan operate among civilians, the most important thing is to correctly identify targets and avoid collateral damage.
"Operations in the population of Afghanistan and others need to be precise, where targets must be actively set to avoid civilian casualties at all costs," he said . ".
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