using evernote on your computers to augment your memory - bamboo pen tablet-ITATOUCH-img

using evernote on your computers to augment your memory - bamboo pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-22
using evernote on your computers to augment your memory  -  bamboo pen tablet
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We all want to make some notes at some point in using the computer.
Almost all computers have an application or program that allows you to enter text.
The problem is that it will only be text and all the notes created are on the hard drive.
Depending on where you save the file and how you name the file, you may or may not find the comment again.
However, we can improve the text editor solution. some applications will give you a bunch of extra features, some for free, and some for your payment.
You should ask yourself what is the purpose of taking notes, whether it is for study or for business.
It's just the text you want, or the picture, audio, and video you want.
Of course, you can create a text note in any application, but, if you want to clip something from a web page, how easy and fast it is to click the button on the web page, or you have to copy and paste take notes in other ways and see all the features in apps like Yojimbo, devonth circus pony-
Notebook, then compare with Evernote.
Evernote does everything except tea.
They have a good reason to call this your memory missing.
It's a personal digital assistant that you can use anywhere.
I like to be able to capture text and pictures from web pages with any browser I use.
In Safari I can click a button that will import the entire web page directly into Evernote.
Or, if I only want a part of the page, it brings in what I select on the page.
You have a three-pane interface with all Evernote interfaces that you can use on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or web apps.
On the left you have all your notebooks, tags and saved searches.
On the right at the top, you have a list of notes in the top pane, along with the actual notes you selected in the lower right pane.
You can see the notes as icons if you want.
The most important feature of Evernote is Sync.
When I go out and create a note on my iPad, I know that when I go home, the note will also appear on my iMac, MacBook, and iphone.
If I had an Android device it would be there too.
How good it is to find the notes you make.
If you can't find anything after you bother taking notes, it's a bit silly.
Use Evernote, though you have a level of granularity that helps you find something. First -
You can put notes on different notebooks.
All notes of the topic in the correct notebook. Secondly -
You can use markers, which are easy to enter when you take notes, or if you want to enter later. Thirdly -
All the text in the notes can be searched, and even the text on the image can be searched.
Tell Evernote to search on all notebooks or choose to search for only one.
If you are searching for multiple words, you have the option to search for files with all the words or any words in them.
I just searched all the notebooks that match all the words, windows and house.
The search returned 22 comments.
I got 532 notes when I changed it to match any word.
Or, just look up word Window on all the notebooks and I get 104 notes.
I can check in my notes and see the highlighted words I'm searching.
By clicking on the tab in the left pane, I can improve the search to include only comments with a certain tag word.
Tagging is useful in OSX, and in evernote, you can add various types of things to your notes.
I can take the iSight note out of Evernote.
I can also record audio. note .
I can write text at the same time when I record audio notes.
I can also put the PDF file in it.
When I use Evernote on the road with my iPhone, notes are location aware.
If you want extra security in your notes, you can encrypt the text.
You can encrypt the text by simply selecting it and selecting "Encrypt.
Just make sure you don't forget the password or it will disappear forever.
In Evernote or Web app, share your notes by clicking the share button.
Then you can decide which notebook to share and who to share.
Either with everyone or with the individual you invited.
If you want someone else to be able to modify your notes, you have to be a premium user.
To increase security, you can have the recipient log in to Evernote first to access the notes you share.
Wacom Bamboo and innotesevernote allow you to create ink marks or recognize handwriting, as long as it is not a scribble crawling on a page like a spider.
You can search for this word, just like any word you enter.
Another trick is to use the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet to write notes on photos.
If your photo is already in Evernote, you can right-click on it and open it in photo editing software like Pixelmator.
Once saved, it will be updated in Evernote.
As you know, I'm a fan of Evernote and would love to tell people all about it.
Evernote is constantly getting better, adding new features and offering them on more platforms.
You can use it on Mac, Windows, Nokia, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre and Windows phones and even on the Web.
It would be great if you forgot to bring your own computer and have access to any other computer connected to the Internet.
Not only do I like Evernote because I heard the other day that they are getting millions of users quickly.
I have also used other note apps.
I love notrational Velocity, which syncs with SimpleNote on my iPad, and every article I write uses TextMate.
But in order to have the huge use of electronic memory on all my computers, Evernote can't be defeated.
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