utah city uses digital pen to dole out parking tickets - digital pen and pad-ITATOUCH-img

utah city uses digital pen to dole out parking tickets - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
utah city uses digital pen to dole out parking tickets  -  digital pen and pad
PROVO, Utah-parking law enforcement at Provo has achieved both digital and wireless.
The police are using a high
Record and transfer the data on the ticket to the court computer system within 90 seconds.
Made by Sandy.
The pen is based on Velosum and comes with a camera and a Bluetooth connection.
"When they go to the car, the tickets are already online," said law enforcement officer Brad cross . ".
The $25,000 electronic system allows officials to throw away laptops and digital cameras they use when writing parking tickets.
The city pays $100 per month for the operation of each electronic pen and pays 35-
The fee for processing each citation.
The Velosum system uses special coded tickets printed on the microdot pattern.
The camera of the pen reads the dot pattern and knows which violation box is being checked.
It then enters this information into the computer of the court.
The camera of the pen can also read the officer's handwriting.
Suzanne E, sales assistant at Velosum.
Viehweg said the system is being used in 12 cities across the country.
Provo issues approximately 1,200 parking tickets per month.
Court administrator Jody Meyer said the system has helped the city to make it easier to charge a parking fine and increase revenue.
Compared to 87% two years ago, Provo now collects 67% citations.
Meyer said the system is connected to a national database for cities to trackof-
State drivers have eliminated their ability to skip parking fines.
If someone has four unpaid tickets, the electronic system can inform the officer, which means the car must be towed away.
It also allows people to pay fines or appeal to hearing officials online.
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