vanney said pozuelo has put the league on notice, which can be good for his club - what is a smart

vanney said pozuelo has put the league on notice, which can be good for his club - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-24
vanney said pozuelo has put the league on notice, which can be good for his club  -  what is a smart board
You know there's going to be a lot of talk about this master in Windy City this week, and we're not talking about the guy who led the Chicago Symphony.
There is no doubt that every team in Major League football is now fully aware of Alejandro Pozuelo-
Or master, he is famous in football --
Can be done in MLS.
Pozuelo made his debut in four games in Toronto on Saturday, dazzling
The New York City FC failed 0 times at the BMO Stadium, scored two goals, added an assist and created many other scoring opportunities. (
His goal was also recovered).
He was nominated for the major league team this week.
The next game in Toronto is against Chicago at the BMO Stadium this Saturday, and TFC coach Greg Vaney is sure the fire is to figure out how to not be burned down by the little Spaniard yes.
"He made the whole league notice a little bit," Vanney said . ".
"I can assure you that there will be a plan in Chicago to try to deal with Pozuelo.
They won't wait to see.
They will try to build some kind of plan that will help manage him and Michael (Bradley)and Jozy (Atlidore)and whatever.
This is no longer a big secret. (So)
That's what we have to maintain our level as a team and make sure that with good teamwork everyone will get their space on the pitch.
Vanney said that basically comes down to: the better Pozuelo plays, the more competitors will try to find a way to control him.
The coach said it offered his unbeaten club (3-0-0 in MLS action)
Have a chance.
This is where the depth of the team should be rewarded.
"I think we have a lot of different people who can make a difference, so if you take the effort to deal with one person, then the rest will be free," the coach said.
"We have enough (quality)
On the pitch, if you're trying to play their guy-on-
Man or you try to deal with them in some way (individual)
Scene, then you give up something somewhere else.
From a team perspective, this is what we can do well.
No matter who they are, if they stand up, they will stand up now, and the next thing to do is to reduce the pressure on the next person and the next person . . . . . . This is the meaning of a good team.
When the Reds lost the Premier League
Sniper Sebastian giovenko and creative midfielder Victor Basquez on the sidelines
Season, there is a feeling that it may be difficult for TFC to score this season.
So far, this is not a problem because Toronto has scored 10 goals in three games and the score has been played out among seven players.
"A lot of people are worried about where our goals will come from," Vanney said . ".
"Our goal will come from our team.
Our team will create opportunities for each other.
"It's not a single person or two playing alone, it's a team that creates opportunities.
The same is true on defense.
You want to be a great defensive team, not a great defender.
It's about the team being a great defensive team and then you can be a good team.
"Of course, it's about the team, but the team will be better as Pozuelo joins.
"He's a smart player and he's a good fit and it's obvious over the weekend," Vanney said . ".
"He is in line with what we try to do well and he will be a great work ".
Another midfielder, Jonathan Osorio, who has three assists in three games, said that pozolo's greatness lies not only in his technical level on the roof, he has accepted the idea of the club and does not seem to be a chief spokesman. “He’s happy.
"He is happy to be here, he is happy to make his first appearance and he will only be more comfortable here," Osorio said . ".
"I think he's going to get better, and it's a terrible thing for the rest of the league.
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