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veteran battles hydro one over meter - electronic smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-01
veteran battles hydro one over meter  -  electronic smart board
Let's start with a quick quiz.
Do you think your home is your castle? Like you and yourself, protected by the common law?
Also, do you think you have the right to say who is going into your property and what terms they are going?
Answer "yes" to two questions "?
Maybe it's time to think about it again.
As found by Ontario householders, utility company Hydro One reserves the absolute privilege to enter your private property when the representative deems it appropriate.
The reason they want access is to install new electronic smart meters, which are now being promoted throughout the province as part of a multi-function meter
Million Dollar project funded by Ontario taxpayers.
For legitimate reasons such as health, privacy and security, many have opposed the mandatory installation of this new wireless metering system.
But they found there was no way for them to seek an exemption or opt-out.
Like World War II veteran Russell Owen. The 91-year-
Old said the company directly went against his will and replaced his Old meter with a new digital version without permission.
That's what Owen is.
"One day, people from the Hydro Company came for the first time and we told them to go out for a walk," Irwin said . ".
"The next Sunday morning they sneaked back and put the smart meter in anyway.
"They say they have every right to do these things, but they should first ask if we want a new smart meter.
"The answer is obviously no. ”Mr.
After that, Owen refused to pay more bills until the old meter was returned and the company apologized.
Hydro One's response was to inform him that he was ready to cut off power by Tuesday.
Owen is preparing for a long battle with the utility giant, and his personal history reveals why he is determined not to give in.
This is not his nature.
The former Canadian bomber served as a tank driver in World War II and was a member of the 22 Canadian Armored Regiment (CAR)
Unit 4 of Canada (Armoured)Division.
He was deployed to Normandy in July 1944, and from then until VE Day in May 8, 1945, he fought around France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Falaise pockets that eventually crossed the Rhine with 22 cars.
After he came back, Owen continued to serve in a different capacity.
He lived in Toronto, raised a family, and before retiring, as a firefighter caregiver, he dedicated 35 years of life to save others.
He said the last thing he wanted to do was fight the Hydro Company with the rest of the time, but as his son --in-
Fardwayne Huxted explained that he had no choice.
"Since the new meter was installed, two of my fathers --in-
"When the Internet is disconnected on a regular basis, Law's computer has stopped working," said law ted . ".
"None of this happened before.
"The intensity of the bell and balance problems in his ears has also increased significantly, both of which were initially attributed to his war service.
"Complaints have been made to the Ombudsman, Hydro One and the Ontario Energy Commission about forced installation and the impending power outage, but have not been successful;
Utilities are still committed to installing meters under any consumer resistance. Around 1.
4 million wireless meters are installed in homes and apartments throughout the province.
The objective of the McGuinty government initiative is to help reduce energy consumption by showing consumers how to save money off-sitepeak hours.
Smart meters for smart use are claims.
Opponents claim that the new meters are more than just monitoring their use, but in the future, it is possible to limit or cut off the power supply of individual appliances, and collect usage information shared without the consent or knowledge of the consumer.
In the case of Hydro One, it declined a request to disclose whether to seek direct permission to enter Mr.
To adapt to the new meter, Irving's rural property.
A spokesman responded to the investigation.
The Electricity Act (Section 40)
The service conditions of Hydro One allow us to maintain and replace the meter at the customer's premises.
Customers do not need to be at home in order to install.
"It's not good enough to say Dwayne Huxted.
He's worried about his father. in-
The law will be lifted off the grid on Tuesday, facing a winter without electricity.
He also maintains that the request for Hydro One to send a copy of the original contact has been rejected, and therefore it is almost impossible to determine their legal status.
"We say that the meter is installed without consent, it is a violation of privacy, it has the ability to collect information about us and our family, which we are alone and then communicate via wireless, probably in-
Sold to any number of anonymous organizations or companies.
"It also looks like an unnecessary Hydro Company bullying a veteran who is just trying to defend his rights and being served by a huge anonymous national service provider for his own troubles
"It looks bad because it's bad.
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