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viridian's smart floor plan brings spacious living to sage hill - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
viridian\'s smart floor plan brings spacious living to sage hill  -  smart
The A3 floor plan of Viridian is 869 square feet long, but the layout feels bigger.
It's 9-by being smart in space and using ventilation-
Its advantages are foot ceilings and spacious windows.
But the size is only part of the equation.
The first possible goal.
Time buyers are empty-
These two-
Bedroom and two bedrooms
The bathroom apartment will not leave anything on the table.
Victoria apartments-
Fashion apartment development in the Trico community, which has 20 floor plans to choose from, is now selling the fifth of the six buildings planned for the site.
The project is located on the Sage Hill Terrace in the northwest community of Sage Hill, a master
Plan the community in the scenic Simmons Valley corridor.
It is known for its proximity to various business developments including the Creekside mall.
A3 continues to maintain this value in attractive specifications, including the kitchen with full kitchen
High tailgate, softclose 42-
Inch high upper cabinets, granite counters, stainless steel appliance packaging with over-range microwave and double bowl under
Stainless steel sink installed.
The kitchen is U-
Under stylish pendant lighting, there is an extended meal bar that can accommodate three people.
It goes through an open dining area and a large room-
Concept design makes it easier for people outside the kitchen to feel connected.
There is also plenty of counter space, leaving a lot of places for chop, dice, mix and season.
The large room follows the large window with a door to the spacious deck or terrace.
It will be an attractive place on this warm summer night.
Both bedrooms are at both ends of the floor plan, matching various living arrangements including young couples, roommates and tenants.
Bedroom is big of is 10 feet 11 inch by 11 feet 9 inch. It has a walk-
By connecting to the close of the suite.
The other bedroom is 8 feet 6 inch by 12 feet with a large closet.
It doesn't have an ensuite, but it's only a few steps away from the rest of the apartment with a full bathroom and a linen closet.
Complete bathroom with modern plumbing, rain shower head and 12 by 24 inch tiles.
At the entrance of the apartment there is a laundry room with a stackable washer and dryer.
There is a study on the right, it works as well as the Home Office.
The apartment in Viridian also features a programmable thermostat 4-
Include some inch substrates with USB plug-in and the Decora switch.
What you need to know: the A3 floor plan has two bedrooms and a study.
Development: Viridian.
Builder: Community of Trico.
Developer: joint community.
Area: Calgary Hill is a community in northwestern Calgary.
Business hours: open sales center and exhibition suite from 2 to 8: 00. m.
From Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m. on weekends.
Directions: show suites at 101 and 103 San Shan Terrace 12W.
To get there, take Simons Valley Road and turn left at the San Shan Terrace.
It's on the right.
Source: viridiancondos.
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