virtual lessons a boon for birmingham school hit by fire - interactive whiteboard lessons-ITATOUCH

virtual lessons a boon for birmingham school hit by fire - interactive whiteboard lessons

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-13
virtual lessons a boon for birmingham school hit by fire  -  interactive whiteboard lessons
A high school student who was shut down by the fire is learning online, which is called the largest virtual school experiment in Britain.
Dudley School in Birmingham was closed due to a fire in a nearby warehouse.
But students log in to the virtual school of Yardleys.
It allows them to take a video course --
Conference systems and online messaging networks.
Vice President David Pohl said the students quickly adapted.
Although virtual schools are necessary and not the result of the choice, Mr Pohl indicated that virtual schools demonstrated the potential to take classes using online technology.
He said that after 925, the use of online tuition fees may continue
The student school in teseli has been fully reopened.
It was closed due to concerns about asbestos contamination after the fire in September 29.
Young people are very familiar with using online technology, whether it's homework or leisure, and they don't have any difficulty with the idea of a virtual course, Mr. Pohl said.
Some professors
Time in a series of temporary settings, but they are able to get a wider range of classes from home through virtual courses, offering 80 classes a day.
About half of the students have signed up for the Virtual Academy, he said.
He said he didn't want a completely virtual school, but people reacted very positively as an extra service.
Yardleys Virtual College was created by Tute, an online education company.
Sean Gardner, the company's chief executive, described the way it works as a "mix-and-match "--
Between Facebook and Skype ".
The teacher offers an interactive video course with an online course equivalent to an interactive whiteboard.
Students can also use chat-
Style messaging system.
He said there could be 23 classes, teaching 500 students and running at the same time.
The system allows them to work together, Mr. Gardner said.
Virtual schools have become more and more in the United States, but in the United Kingdom, the use of virtual schools is often concentrated on specific groups, such as look-
After a child or after school
Yardleys Virtual College is considered one of the largest virtual school programs in mainstream education.
However, many schools and colleges in the UK have supplemented their courses with an online system --
Often referred to as a "virtual learning environment"
Students can find information to support homework at school or at home.
The online learning system is also a way for teachers and university lecturers to communicate with teenagers who may have a hard time reaching out through other means.
Social networks are a more effective way to communicate with teenagers.
South Stafford County College has its own "virtual engagement network" that provides students with a place to talk to each other and a way for employees to pass on course information.
It also aims to engage with students, receive further education and reduce school drop-outs.
"Institutions lose millions of dollars every year because students drop out of school three months ago.
This is largely due to the lack of initial contact between students, teachers and institutions, "said Harry javanda, chief executive of Wambiz, who created the virtual network.
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